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Audit Record Repository (ARR)

Northwestern Radiology’s Imaging Informatics laboratory has created an open source ARR actor defined in the SEC profile of the IHE framework. ARR accepts and stores incoming audit records from all IHE actors. It is a central audit record repository, residing in an IHE-enabled environment, that is used to store user and system access, audit events of IHE and none-IHE related activities. For the complete project description and source code, you may download the ARR project files below.

  • ARR Project files (~ 9.3MB zip)
  • GE Enhanced ARR Project files (~ 10.5MB zip)

Download ARR files


IHE Portable Data for Imaging (PDI) Media Creator test application was implemented based on the IHE technical framework volume I chapter 15 and volume III Appendix E, revision 6.0 Final Text, dated May 20th 2005 and May 12th 2005 respectively. The test program runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and was not tested on Windows Vista. It is a simple to use application with graphical user interface. Users can choose a collection of tests or all tests to validate their PDI media.

  • IHE PDI Media Test App (~ 2MB zip)
  • IHE PDI Document (~ 0.2MB zip)
  • .NET Framework version 1.1 (~ 23.6MB zip)

Download IHE PDI files

  • IHE PDI Source (~ 24.7MB zip)

Download IHE PDI source

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