Another World Today

Welcome to Another World Today, the only viewer directed, TeleNext Media sanctioned sequel to the Emmy Award winning Daytime Drama.

Another World premiered in 1964 and aired on NBC for 35 years before going off the air in 1999.

Ever since then, fans have wondered what became of their favorite characters. Another World Today not only gives you the chance to learn what they’ve been up to, but to also actually help guide the hand of fate in the lives of Bay City's beloved characters.

You'll read updates, see classic clips from Another World's award-winning run and, at the conclusion of each weekly webisode, get the chance to vote on where you want the story to go next!

That’s right, the company that invented soap operas is taking storytelling to the next level, asking our fans for their input and advice!

As Another World Today progresses, you’ll be able to contribute original story ideas, write dialogue, create (or bring back) characters and win prizes for doing so!

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