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<i>Glee</i> Scoop!
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Glee Scoop!
by William Keck  April 29, 2010 02:20 PM EST

I caught up with Glee’s Heather Morris just as she was about to join her family for a dinner to celebrate her character, dimwit Brittany, being upped to a full-fledged series regular on the hit Fox show. “I didn’t expect it at all since they have like twelve regulars already,” says Heather. “I didn’t think they would add more.” (Heather’s friend, Naya Rivera, who plays scheming Santana had heard a while back that she would be upped.)

How did you hear?
[Creator] Ryan [Murphy] said, ‘I really want to try and make you a cast regular. I know it might be a stretch but we’ll see what Fox says. And so I got a call from my agent. But we haven’t signed our contracts yet.

As the two of you were getting even more screen time than some of the regulars, it was getting confusing why you and Naya weren’t on the posters or on the main stage with the rest of your cast on Oprah.
Yeah. It was kind of weird for us too, but I figured that might happen since we weren’t main cast yet. But it didn’t hurt my feelings. Whatever. I can’t complain about one thing and my time will come.

How will you and Naya celebrate?
We’re probably going to have a weekend to ourselves in Santa Barbara.

More and more it seems like the show is implying that there’s something sexy going on between Santana and Brit. What’s the deal?
(Laughs) I get asked this over and over again, so I asked Ryan what really happened. He said, ‘It’s just a joke we like to tease, but our show isn’t like that really.’ We decided Brittany just loves everything and is exploring.

Now that you are a regular, what do you might hope for Brittany in season two?
You’re going to see her hang out with Kurt a little bit. And I’m a dancer, so I would love to showcase my dancing abilities and sing more. I told them I think it would be funny if she ruins Glee club somehow by maybe dancing with Vocal Adrenaline because they’re such great dancers.

And besides Santana, who would you like to see her hook up with?
“I know she has a little crush, but he’s taken by Tina. We just shot some promo images and they paired me up with Harry (Shum Jr.), who plays Mike Chang. We were pretending to be kissing at prom, so I’m wondering if they’re going to build a story around us. I do feel like Brittany and Harry have a lot to relate to. They could have a cute little romance.”

When the cast and producers gathered for a panel discussion at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, I picked up these other Glee scoops:

Though she won’t be touring with the young cast, Jane Lynch is making sure Sue Sylvester’s dark presence will be felt at the four-city Glee Live In Concert tour, kicking off May 18 in Phoenix. Jane tells me a video-taped “welcome” message will find the nasty Cheerios coach telling the sold-out auditoriums: “Why did you waste your money and time coming here to watch these little snot faucets?”

The first season wrapped production on April 26 with Dianna Agron shooting the emotional delivery of Quinn’s baby. Producer Brad Falchuk said he was so impressed by Dianna’s performance that he expected an actual baby to come out!

Jessalyn Gilsig tells me that despite what some might wish, her nasty character, Terri Schuester, will indeed be back to cause more trouble in season two. “Ryan’s told me a little bit about next season, and I’m very excited about it,” says Jessalyn. Unfortunately, upcoming scenes she shot revealing Terri in the arms of a new lover, have ended up on the cutting room floor due to time constraints. “The storyline got pushed to next year.”

An upcoming episode will reveal the inside of Sue Sylvester’s home, which is wall-to-wall trophies. Producer Ryan Murphy calls the set “sad” and indicative that Sue really has no life outside her career.
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