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Perspectives' Davis getting noticed

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In basketball-crazy Chicago, it’s nearly impossible for a potential big-time prospect to go unnoticed the first three years of high school.

But by playing in the Blue-West for Perspectives and not playing club ball since eighth grade, 6-10 junior Anthony Davis has remained an unknown.

Undiscovered by the litany of talent evaluators and college coaches who frequent Public League gyms, Davis is playing with Mean Streets and has quickly gained recognition on the club circuit.

Syracuse offered Davis a scholarship this week and Bucknell, Cleveland State, DePaul and Xavier also have shown interest. In addition, Memphis stopped by Perspectives last week to meet Davis.

‘‘I put myself out there [on a club team] because I was capable of doing so,’’ Davis said. ‘‘Everybody should know who I am. I’m a high-caliber player up there with the best of them.’’

Joe Henricksen of the City/Suburban Hoops Report believes Davis will be a coveted prospect.

‘‘You just can’t help but be captivated by the upside of Davis, who is raw and a bit limited due to his lack of weight and strength but possesses such great potential,’’ Henricksen said. ‘‘Then you throw in the skill level for a player with those types of dimensions, and you start thinking big things as a prospect.’’

In a national class lacking big men, Davis could quickly see his stock rise even more, Scout’s national recruiting director Dave Telep said.

‘‘It’s the second year in a row that there is a lack of power forwards and centers,’’ Telep said. ‘‘There is good star power at the top of the class, but if a guy like Anthony Davis can have a breakthrough it would improve the depth of the class. This class is severely lacking big men.’’

Even with all the attention Davis has received, he will stay at Perspectives for his senior season.

‘‘I’ve been [at Perspectives] since sixth grade,’’ Davis said.

‘‘I stayed there for the academic program. I didn’t want to leave my team. They really needed some players, and other teams had good players already, so I couldn’t abandon my team like that.’’

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