Marvel Bullpen Bulletins

Dec Marvel Bullpen Bulletins!
Jan More Nutty News and Notes From One Marvel Madman to Another!
Feb Another Mighty Hot-Line Report Featuring Earth-Shaking Items of Monumental Inconsequnce!
Mar The Latest Gossip, Gags, and Gizmo's from Your Bullpen to You!
Apr More Mirthful, Monumental, Mind-Staggering Memoranda from Your Marvel Madmen!
May Naturally Nifty, Newsy, Nondescript Nonsense About Our Nutty Non-Entities!
Jun Greater, Groovier, Goofier Goodies than Ever, Gathered From the Four Corners of Marveldom!
Jul Incredible, Indubitable, Interminable Items to Startle Your Sense and Soothe Your Soul!
Aug Items of Lasting Insignificance from the Four Corners of Marveldom!
Sep Capricious Commentaries, Carefully Cooked-Up to Confuse and Confound You!
Oct Newsworthy Notes and Nutty Nonsense from Your Friendly Neighborhood Bullpen!
Nov Sensational Secrets and Incredible Inside Information Guilelessly Guaranteed to Avail You Naught!
Dec Earth-Shattering Essays, Eloquent Epithets, and Exaggerated Endorsements Which You Can Easily Live Without!
Jan Pulse-Pounding Pronouncements, Passionately Philosophical, Preposterously Profound, and Particularly Prepared for Permanent Oblivion!
Feb The Latest Low-Down on Marvel's Light-Hearted Luminaries for Literature Lovers at Large!
Mar Nutty Notes and Nonsensical Name-Dropping, Featuring Naturally Non-Essential News of the Nation's Top Non-Entities!
Apr A Batty Barrage of Bombastic Bulletins; Burstin' with Bi-Partisan Banter, Bare-Faced Banality, and Unabashed Bull!
May A Profound Potpourri of Perplexing Pronouncements and Preposterous Philosophy, all Portending Practically Nothing!
Jun Dazzling Data, Dizzy Dispatches, and Dangerous Declarations of Rather Dubious Distinction!
Jul More Mixed-up Madness from Marvel's Mighty Masters of Mysticism, Magnificence, and Misinformation!
Aug Fabulous Facts and Frivolous Fables For Frantic Fans, Faithful Friends, and Fiendish Foes!
Sep Awe-Inspiring Announcements for You to Yawn With!
Oct A Sagacious Smattering of Scuttlebutt, Scoops, and Space-Wasting Small-Talk!
Nov Welcome to the Wonderful World of Marvel Madness!
Dec Instant Info, Insanely Inspired by Irrelevant Items of Incredible Inconsequence!
Jan Who Says This Isn't the Marvel Age of Batty Bulletins?
Feb Face Front! Hang Loose! 'Nuff Said! (It's Easier Than Thinking Up aNew Title!)
Mar More Batty Bulletins to Bewilder, Bewitch, and Bedazzle Thee!
Apr Come 'N Get It, Tiger - Here's Our New Year's Gift To You!!
May Here it is! Proof Positive that the Biggest Brains at Marvel - - Don't Know What They're Doing!
Jun The Senses-Shattering Surprises Go On and On - !
Jul The Second Golden Age of Marvel is Here (and You Didn't Even Bake a Cake!)
Aug Gangway, World! Marvel's Marching On!
Sep More Hysterical Hoopla and Hangups from Your Howlin' House of Ideas!
Oct Items of Incredible Import to Illiminate Your Interest, Invigorate Your Imagination, and Intoxicate Your Id!
Nov Stop the Presses! Here's Some Scoops and Scuttlebutt to Knock You Outta Your Teepee!
Dec A Plethora of Pronouncements Up for Grabs!
Jan A Titanic Treasure-Trove of Traumatically Tempting Tid-Bits Tastefully Tossed Together to Tease and Tantalize Thee!
Feb Sensational Scoops to Startle, Stun, and Soothe You!
Mar Brilliant Bit of Block-Busting Bombast Straight from Your Blushin' Bullpen!
Apr Fabulous Facts and Frivolous Fables for Frantic Fans, Faithful Friends, and Fiendish Foes!
May Irrelevant Items of Lasting Inconsequence!
Jun "Awe-Inspiring Announcements to Yawn With!"
Jul A Sagacious Smattering of Space-Wasting Small-Talk!
Aug Welcome to the Wonderful, Way-Out World of Marvel Madness!
Sep Batty Bulletins to Bewilder, Bewitch, and Bedazzle You!
Oct The Latest and Greatest Goodies from Maniacal Marvel!
Nov Marvel Bullpen Bulletins
Dec Marvel Bullpen Bulletins
Jan A Sagacious Smattering of Somewhat Senseless Small-Talk!
Feb Mixed-Up Mementos Modestly Garnished with Machiavellian Memorabilia!
Mar Incredible Items and Inconceivable Info of Inestimable Importance!
Apr Awesome Announcements Calculated to Rouse You into a Seething Sea of Lethargy!
May Mighty Marvel's on the Move Again! and When We Say We're on the Move Again, We're Not Just Garglin' Hamfat, People! Here's Why -
Jun Mini-Bulletins to Skim, Scan and Savor!
Jul Candid Comments Calculated to Amuse and Confuse You!
Aug Twice the Excitement in Only Half the Space!
Sep Lesson One: How to Fill a Page When You've Nothing to Say!
Oct A Pandemonious Plethora of Perplexing Pronouncements, Passionately Prepared and Philosophically Proferred!
Nov An Item a Day Keeps Us Groovin' Away!
Dec A Pride of Pronouncements for a Frenzy of Fans!
Jan "Tellin' it Like it Was, Is, and Oughtta Be!"
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