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12/20/2009 Update

  • This Week's Best iPhone Apps – the week in iPhone apps – Gizmodo

    Raytheon: This is a company that’s actively developing iPhone apps for military field use; that they’re making a Flight Control-esque iPhone game for us civvies is compelling, for sure. Alas, this app does not exist yet. …

  • 12 Days of iPhone Apps – Day 9: Animoto | MyTechOpinion.com

    On the 9th Day of iPhone Apps MyTechOpinion blogged to you… Animoto on the go, Create & share a cool slideshow! About the Animoto app: It should.

  • Top 7 Best Green iPhone Apps | Inhabitat

    NASA Unveils Chemical-Sniffing Device for the iPhone. Is there anything the iPhone can’t do? Researchers at NASA’s Homeland Security Cell-All program have brought the latest mind-boggling application to Apple’s phone in the …

  • Developing iPhone Apps with Top iPhone Development Company ~ Web

    Developing iPhone apps has become a quick way to both accomplish a few added dollars and to get your name out in the world. But, it isn’t an “instant on” process. Let’s face it, with over 85000 iPhone apps already available, the aboriginal affair that … One aspect of the accomplished development action that bears befitting in apperception is Apple’s guidelines for accepting into their online store. Apple doesn’t let just any app in, as has been acclaimed in the news. …

  • A holiday Apple advert promotes 12 iPhone apps, including app that

    Dec. 18, 2009 – Apple has posted a new holiday-themed advert Thursday, twisting the classic Twelve Days of Christmas theme by flipping between twelve apps that your.

  • DJCline.com » Blog Archive » Dec 17, 2009 SVCWireless iPhone Android

    Instructors from Samsung, AppCelerator and Rhomobile talked to engineers and programmers about developing for the Apple iPhone and Google Android. Because of demand, more classes are planned for 2010. Special thanks to Adam Blum, …

  • How can *anyone* view 100000 iPhone apps!?! | Connecting the Dots

    As a shareholder and iPhone user I’m delighted that there are ~100000 apps for the iPhone. As a consumer of these apps, I’m overwhelmed with the sheer.

  • Roy Greenslade: Papers flock to launch iPhone apps | Media

    Newspapers, national and regional, are going iPhone app crazy. Apple must be overjoyed. It will surely encourage people to discover the wonders of their mobile product, or, in their terms the “iPhone.

  • Google Analytics for iPhone Apps | iPhone Development Blog

    Earlier I had toyed with the idea of adding a small UIWebView to each screen in an iPhone app to make use of Google Analytics. Since that would have been a kludge, I was happy to see that Google has introduced a native iPhone library …

  • New iPhone apps make wargames a reality – MOBILE.BLORGE

    At the moment it appears the firm will stick to creating apps for Apple devices rather than rival systems. That’s because it has worked closely with the firm to ensure compatibility with the iPhone and iPod touch. …

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