• 2010 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship

    Semi Final 1 Neil Robertson 17-12 Allister Carter

    Best of 33 Frames over 4 sessions:

    Thursday 29 April 2pm Friday 30 April 10am & 7pm, Saturday 1 May 2.30pm.

     Neil Robertson
    Allister Carter

     Frame Scores: 
    1st Session: 60-7, 124(124)-8, 92(91)-11, 124(47,76)-0, 49(45)-64(40), 85(52)-27, 0-107(38,69)
    2nd Session: 140(140)-0, 74(36)-67(35), 32-55(35), 27-100(76), 12-82(33), 0-82(81), 84(59)-8, 104(104)-0
    3rd Session: 34-56, 92(48,43)-0, 117(116)-8, 79(78)-5, 98(51,38)-1, 21-65(41), 1-72(55), 62-51(50)
    4th Session: 40-88(64), 4-109(71,37), 62(35)-51(36), 37-69, 75(36,35)-4

     Match Notes:

    Robertson has done it and is the first overseas player into the final for twnety-eight years.

    Carter takes another and the match will go beyond the final interval.

    A big frame! And it's gone to Robertson with a yellow to pink clearance. Carter missed a red to centre, Neil missed a long attempt and it came down to the colours.

    It's a much brighter more chirper looking Carter today. He was laughing and joking back stage before the intros and now he's compiled 71 to pull another frame back. If ALi can win another frame it could start to look like a dream come back could be on the cards.

    It's the run to the line, the big step into the final. Robertson is an overwhelming favourite of course, but Carter won't be giving up. In fact he's opened the frist frame with a nice 64. Neil has comeback with 36 and now there's a long safety battle going on. Carter takes the frame, but he needs another one to get us beyond the interval and be spared a fill-in exhibition match!

    Robertson lets out a massive roar after pinching the last of the night.
    A little bit of hope for Carter fans, he's made 55 to take another frame. One more tonight and if he could win that they'd have shared today's 16 frames.

    There will be a final session as Carter digs deep to win a frame, but he's still 14-8 down.

    Carter scattered the reds far and wide in escaping from a snooker and Robertson plundered 78 to go 13-7 up at the interval. It's becoming increasingly likely that Robertson could wrap up the match tonight.

    Robertson is really motoring again now. Another brilliant century break to go 12-7 ahead. And that is Robertson's 43rd ton this season. He's mile ahead of the other players.

    It took visits, but Robertson closes out another frame.

    The first frame of the evening swings to one player then the other but Carter clinches it.

    Robertson finishes in style with a century and keeps his four frame lead after the 8 frames are shared..

    As if we didn't have enough politics in snooker, we are being treated to a visit by Nick Clegg today, who will be introduced to the audience before the afternoon session.

    Robertson knocks in 59 to go three ahead again. He's guaranteed to lead now going into tonight's session.

    It's good stuff form Carter now. He's got his tail up with a cracking 81 break.

    Carter's controlled that frame. He forced  Robertson to miss four times and has closed the gap a little more.

    That's a lot better from Carter, a frame winning contribution to trail 8-4 at the interval.

    Carter at last clinches a frame, a very low scoring frame..

    Drama in the second frame as Carter clears the colours to earn a re-spot black. Carrter first tried to double it full length to the yellow bag and then tried a thin cut to yellow pocket and left it on.

    Good morning, welcome back to the second of the four sessions of this match. Robertson has smashed in a long red from his first shot and made a 140 total clearance from it. Danger signs for Carter already this morning. He needs to do something in this match and quickly.

    Carter will feel a bit better after winning the last frame of the session. They return on Friday morning.

    Everything Carter has done this afternoon has gone wrong for him and it's always the same, that the player in front seems to get all the helpful little nudges and running.

    At last Carter breaks his duck, but Robertson is still bossing procedings out there this afternoon.

    Robertson goes further ahead and Captain Carter is off the radar this afternoon.

    Robertson pushes 4-0 ahead and Carter will be glad of the interval. He just hasn't got started yet today. Of course Ali had the dramatic late night finish last night while Neil had more time to rest and prepare for today.

    There's a brilliant century by Robertson to set the Crucible cheering and give him a 2-0 lead.

    A nervy start by both players, as expected, but it's Robertson who takes the first frame.

    Good afternoon and welcome to the first semi final of this year's Betfred.com World Championships. We're down to one table, the arena looks magnificent and the crowds are flocking in ready for this England v Australia clash.

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