Slovakia reluctant to take part in Greek bail-out

Today @ 09:31 CET

As the Greek government awaits the first tranche of a €110 billion rescue loan, its socialist counterpart in Slovakia has said it will not immediately contribute its share, citing doubts over Athen's ability to push ahead with necessary reforms.

Merkel backs creation of European credit rating agency

Today @ 09:22 CET

Senior European politicians including Germany's Angela Merkel have indicated their support for the creation of a European credit rating agency.

Slovenia referendum may revive Croatia border dispute

Today @ 09:29 CET

Slovenia has decided to call a referendum on 6 June to approve or reject the settlement mechanism agreed last year on its border dispute with Croatia. A No vote would deal a fresh blow to Zagreb's EU membership talks.

Fresh ash disruption as EU ministers meet on air traffic control

Today @ 09:20 CET

Volcanic ash is disrupting air travel once again just as transport ministers are set to gather in Brussels to discuss air traffic management following last month's travel chaos due to ash from the same Icelandic volcano.

UK delays publication of EU farm subsidy details till post-election

03.05.2010 @ 18:11 CET

Britain's civil service has decided to delay the publication of farm subsidy payments until after this Thursday's general election. The deadline for publishing the data outlining who received what under the EU's common agricultural policy was midnight last Friday.

Anti-fraud investigators swoop on EU emissions traders

03.05.2010 @ 17:32 CET

Traders involved in Europe's flagship climate change programme, the Emissions Trading System - some of whom work at Germany's biggest banks and energy firms - were the focus of a series of raids and arrests by British and German prosecutors in part of a massive pan-European crackdown on CO2-credit VAT fraud.

US removes three EU states from piracy list

Today @ 09:24 CET

The US has removed the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland from its list of intellectual-property villains. But a number of other European EU member states - mostly from western Europe - are still in Washington's copyright dog house.

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Leaked tapes show EU leaders' frustration at climate summit

03.05.2010 @ 09:30 CET

Leaked tapes from the failed climate summit in Copenhagen published in German weekly Der Spiegel have documented a deeper rift between France, Germany and the US and China and India than previously thought.

May Day protests turn violent as Greeks turn ire on EU, IMF

02.05.2010 @ 16:26 CET

Traditional May Day marches turned violent in Greece as workers and youth vented their fury at austerity measures intended to deal with the country's ongoing debt crisis.

Euro area states agree €110bn loan for Greece

03.05.2010 @ 06:56 CET

Eurozone states and the IMF have agreed a three-year lending package for Greece worth €110 billion. The decision taken by euro area finance ministers on Sunday follows months of market turmoil, during which Greece's borrowing costs have risen to record highs, sparking fears of a sovereign debt default and breakup of the single currency area.

Jewish luminaries petition EU parliament over settlements

03.05.2010 @ 10:09 CET

The leader of the Green group in the EU parliament, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, and French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy are spearheading a new campaign for the EU to put pressure on Israel over settlement building.

Eurozone storm abates but politicians face disapproval

30.04.2010 @ 09:27 CET

European politicians faced a barrage of criticism on Thursday over their handling of the Greek debt crisis, even as signs emerged that the eurozone appeared to be stabilising after one of its most tumultuous weeks.

Top German Liberal in EU parliament wants Europe-wide burqa ban

03.05.2010 @ 09:29 CET

First the Belgian lower chamber votes to ban the burqa; soon France intends to follow suit; now the leading German Liberal in the European Parliament and a vice-president of the assembly has called for a Europe-wide ban on the face-concealing garment.

EU commission counters Ukraine complaints

30.04.2010 @ 17:44 CET

Ukraine does not have to choose between Brussels and Moscow and the EU is committed to helping it financially, the European Commission said on Friday (30 April) after Kiev voiced strong criticism of EU policy.

EU-China diplomacy fails to convince sceptics

30.04.2010 @ 09:26 CET

Some analysts doubt whether China sees the EU as an important player on the world stage despite Europe's diplomatic charm offensive.