• 2010 Betfred World Snooker Championship

    Last 32 - Match 12 - Ryan Day 8-10 Mark Davis

     Frame Scores 1st Session
    63(34)-49, 97(97)-6, 18-84(84), 1-85(85), 26-80(37,30), 52(39)-72(52), 54(46)-11, 17-78(46), 88(76)-5
     Frame Scores 2nd Session
    74(32,36)-0, 74(58)-11, 32-78(41), 62-51, 53-54, 69(33)-23, 10-71(56), 25-81(62)

    Ryan wraps up the last frame in style so only a frame between them after an absorbing session.

    Day pulls one back but Davis maintains a two frame advantage. The last frame of the session is a vital one for Day.

    It's all going a bit wrong for Day at the moment. A run of 52 by Davis and he's won four frame on the spin now.

    Mark Davis has stormed to 2-2 with runs of 84 and 85 in the third and fourth frames.

    A lot better in the second as Day fires in 97.

    Day wins a scrappy 34 minute opening frame after Davis missed the blue trying to clear up.

    Good morning. Welcome a bright and sunny Sheffield. First session of this match is just getting under way.


    Davis has made 62 but missed the match ball red. Last chance for Day.

    Day has missed an easy red on 24. The balls are spread wide and this could be Davis' chance to clinch the match.

    A handy run of 56 takes Davis to within a frame of victory.

    Davis steals on on e the black to go ahead again.

    At the rate these two are going now, they could get pulled off if they don't get finished before 2pm! But things have brightened up off table with the arrival of the ebulliant Barry Hearn in the media centre!

    This match is far from pretty. There's so much riding on it for both players that it's hardly surprising that the nerve endings are showing.

    Now Mark Davis wins back to back frames to lead 7-6 at the final interval.

    A good start for Day this morning. Two frames gives the Welshman the lead again.

    Good morning, I hope every one is half awake after last night's late finish!
    Ryan levels the match with two scoring visits.


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