• 2010 Betfred World Snooker Championship

    Last 32 - Match 13 - Mark Selby 10-4 Ken Doherty

     Frame Scores 1st Session
    1-64(40), 107(103)-0, 51-75, 107(106)-14, 90(90)-0, 64(60)-56(54), 17-78, 87(41,46)-0, 78(70)-0,
     Frame Scores 2nd Session
    86(39,43)-0, 87(82)-24, 39(31)-71(61), 80(80)-44, 81(81)-0

    Selby has finished the session really strongly with 41,46, and 70 to leave Doherty trailing 6-3 overnight.

    Doherty will be kicking himself after losing frame six. Selby has punched the table in delight after producing a 60 clearance. Ken had opened with 54.

    Selby hits the front with a run of 90.

    They're level at the interval. Two great centuries by Selby and two tactical successes for Doherty.

    Selby hits top gear with a frame winning century break to take the second.

    Ken Doherty is first on the board. He did miss a frame ball red but got away with it.

    Good evening. Welcome to the start of this fascinating clash.

    Selby rounds off victory in style with 81, but he was on maximum course until he missed a black.

    Selby slots home another big break and needs one frame for victory after the interval.

    The writing is nearly on the wall for Doherty. Selby has cleared up with 82 to stretch his lead to 8-3 and there seems little the Dubliner can do about it.

    Selby carries on where he left off last night. Another toe tapping intro for Ken Doherty but it hasn't helped him at the table yet this afternoon.


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