i'm Emilie

UNCW class 2014

ask me questions


i usually am not a huge fan of delia’s but these dresses ARE SO CUTE which one should i get for graduation?

you’ve been surprisingly entertaining to talk to. i’ll take it.

time to go to bed and dread double physics tomorrow for no reason other than the fact that it’s physics.


ah. good emilie.

i was just informed that a few weekends ago at elissas, olivia asked me to help her find her camera. so we were walking around looking for it and apparently i was calling to it like it was a human or something that would respond..i was like “camera! CAMERA!!”

i really thought i remembered everything from this night. i guess not. 

The ironic quality in girls who complain about the men in their life being “too protective”


They can’t be trusted. 

i don’t agree with this. sometimes guys can be controlling but they play it off as protective. guys who don’t let you hang out with other guys or get mad if you do. that’s not protective, that’s controlling, and that’s what makes girls complain. 

one AP down, three to go.

i had a splitting headache and cramps throughout the entire test. awesome. 

now i have to go study for round 2 on wednesday