• 2010 Betfred World Snooker Championship

    The Final - LIVE:

    Graeme Dott 13-16 Neil Robertson

     Frame Scores:

    First Session: 87(80)-10, 55(38)-65, 93(45,48)-1, 62(31)-35(33), 56(52)-68(62), 56(31)-62, 73(57)-24, 74(36)-47(46)

    Second Session: 5-66(61), 6-90(90), 72(72)-79(34)(rsb), 53-79(79), 11-52, 71(56)-4, 70(53)-27, 23-113(70)

    Third Session: 87(79)-23, 56(38)-69(49), 1-82(82), 66(52)-31, 12-89(51), 116(112)-2

    Fourth Session: 81(36)-12, 13-116(55,51), 72(57)-36, 15-69(55), 49-63, 78(42)-53(31), 23-74

     Match Notes:

    Fourth Session: 

    Frame 29: The nerves are really showing now from both players, and the exhaustion. That was the longest frame of the match at 48 minutes. A string of misses from both players but Robertson won't mind because he's eventually won it.

    Frame 28: Dott missed a red, but Robertson missed a black and Dott madd 42 and a late 30 to close the gap again.

    Frame 27: What a massive frame in the context of the match that could be. It lasted a mind-tingling 44 minutes and Robertson let out a huge roar as he sank the final pink.

    Frame 26: Robertson regains his two frame lead at the final interval, but having missed an easy red to centre he had to endure a nervy ten minutes as Dott laid one absolutely brilliant snooker, before clinching the frame.

    Frame 25: It's tit for tat and it's tense! Dott wins that frame with a best effort of 57 and yet again gets within one frame.

    Frame 24: Neil regains his two frame advantage with a run of 55. And then Dott left the last red on and Neil added another 51.

    Frame 23: Dott takes the first of the night, helped by a mid frame 36. So he's just one frame behind. Everyone is predicting a late night thriller, possibly a VERY late night thriller!

    Here we go then. The run to the line. Who will become the 2010 Betfred.com World Champion

    Third Session:

    Frame 22: Dott finishes the session in style with a fabulous century.

    Frame 21: Robertson regains his three frame buffer with a 51 break and they will now only play one more frame in this session so he's guaranteed a lead before the dramatic conclusion later tonight.

    Frame 20:  Shot time four and a half minutes for a shot by Robertson. Dott ironically applauds him as he comes back to the table, having grown a full beard in the mean time! Dott rallies with 52 to take the frame though.

    Frame 19: Robertson gets his potting boots on and whistles in 82 and now goes three frames clear. Dott needs to win the last before the interval or he could see the match begin to get away from him.

    Frame 18: A tense 36 minute frame goes to Robertson, after a long safety battle on the colours.

    Frame 17: A great start by Dott. Robertson opened with a pulsating long red but missed an easy pink and Dott ran in 79.

    Good afternoon and welcome to the final day of the final at the Crucible. A simply fabulous atmosphere in the arena. It's Scotland versus Australia and both sets of fans are in good voice.

    Second Session:

    Frame 16: Robertson started the night two frames down but he's finished it two frames up. Dott looks like he needs a good night's sleep before tomorrow final day. Join us again at 15.00 BST on Monday for the day of decision and see who will be crowned the Champion.

    Frame 15: Dott missed a red to the centre on 53 but it did no damage and he's back within a frame with one more to play tonight.

    Frame 14: Dott digs deep to win his first frame of the evening with a gutsy 56.

    Frame 13: Robertson goes further ahead, winning a low scoring frame. Dott is looking very tired and rather fragile so far tonight.

    Frame 12: Another frame where Dott was in first, but missed the black and Robertson powered in a 79 clearance to go two frames up at the interval.

    Frame 11: We have a re-spot. Dott potted a brilliant long red, made 72 but missed a double on last red. Robertson got the one snooker he needed and made a 34 clearance for the respot. And Robertson slots a long black and punches the air as he takes the lead for the first time in the match.

    Frame 10: It's early morning in Australia and Robertson has woken up and got a spring in his step now. That 90 was his best run of the match so far and he's drawn level.

    Frame 9: Robertson takes the first of the night after play started 20 minutes late. Apparently due to the 'slow' runners in the Edinburgh Marathon!

    First Session:

    Frame 8. Dott takes the last of the session. They'll be back on at 8pm BST.

    Frame 7. A run of 57 takes Dott back in front. This final hasn't really kick started yet. Robertson needs to take the final frame now to finish level.

    Frame 6. Robertson levels with a colours clearance.

    Frame 5. Dott was going nicely until he missed the black on 52. Robertson stepped in with a 62 clearance.

    Frame 4. Dott clinches the fourth frame despite leaving the last red on, but Robertson left the yellow for Dott.

    Frame 3. Two scoring visits of 45 and 48 take Dott back into the lead.

    Frame 2. Robertson clears yellow to pink to pinch the second frame, which was rather scrappy.

    Frame 1. A great start for Dott. After a short safety bout Dott gets in and makes a nerve-calming 80 break.

    A wonderful reception for both players and plenty of Aussie support for Robertson, including his mother's first visit to see him play at the Crucible. The sponsors Betfred.com arranged to have her flown over.

    Welcome to THE FINAL of the 2010 Betfred.com World Championship. A fairytale weekend for one of the two finalists. Arguably Robertson and Dott have produced the best snooker frame by frame throughout the championship and richly deserve their places in the final.

    Neil Robertson carries the hopes of an entire country and has the support of many international viewers. Graeme Dott has battled his way back to the pinnacle of the sport, in an almost unbelievable turnaround in his form, from being in danger of dropping out of the Top 32 and suffering form severe depression, to regaining his Top 16 place and playing better and better throughout the tournament.

    Now is the time to put aside everything that has happened 'off-table' in the last 12 hours and focus all our attention on the final.

    Stay with Global Snooker as we bring you all the scores and drama as the final unfolds.