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"It's a Tea Party revolt year, and taxpayers will be voting out career politicians like John McCain who voted for the billion dollar TARP pork bailouts." JD HAYWORTH V. MCCAIN NEWS

McCain calls Goldman Sachs "unethical" despite taking their money

JD Hayworth only US Senate candidate in Arizona to sign AFP's No Climate Tax pledge

Prominent Republicans seek refunds from Crist; McCain has close ties, refuses to

Hayworth re-issues debate challenge to McCain; 65 days since he first asked

Video: Have you met the two McCains?

Poll shows Hayworth leading McCain among conservatives

Margaret Carlson: McCain has entered witness protection program for politicians seeking to change their identity for election purposes

More speculation on whether McCain will run as an Independent like Crist

Video: JD Hayworth takes McCain and SB1070 on Fox News

Video: JD Hayworth responds to McCain's election year conversion on border security

Hayworth welcomes Gov. Brewer's signature on SB1070

Arizona Police Association endorses JD Hayworth for Senate

Michelle Malkin endorses JD Hayworth

Quid pro quo? Top contributors to McCain's campaign benefited from pork bailouts he voted for

McCain sends out desperate letter pleading for funds for radio & TV ads; pretends he doesn't support pork barrel spending

McCain's long history of flip-flopping on gay marrage

John McCain's whimsical world of conservatism

Left wing Salon admits Hayworth will also win a general election - yet still bashes McCain for flip-flopping

Tucson Border Patrol union denounces McCain's election year conversion on border security Young Conservative puts forth "My case for JD Hayworth"

Hayworth calls McCain's new immigration plan "Election Year Gimmick"

Which John McCain is the real John McCain? The maverick or someone who denies he's a maverick?

Syndicated Columnist Leonard Pitts: R.I.P.: Paying Final Tribute to John McCain's Deceased Integrity

Border Agents Accuse McCain of Being a "Sellout"

New Rasmussen Poll Shows McCain Collapsing

Rasmussen: McCain lead over Hayworth plummets to under 5 points

Video of McCain running from camera when asked about JD Hayworth!

Hayworth, Thomas and Schweikert among most prominent politicos at Tempe Tax Day Tea Party, McCain didn't even have a booth

Hayworth v. McCain: How to Put the Fear of God into the GOP

Hayworth Exceeds $1 Million in Donations in First Six Weeks - raising money faster than Rubio

JD Hayworth on Arizona's sanctuary city bill

McCain crude ad attacking Hayworth backfires; criticized by leading strategists on both sides

JD Hayworth calls on McCain to oppose possible Hillary Clinton appointment to Supreme Court; no response

Hayworth to McCain: Stop Stalling Debates

McCain campaign wastes time with goofy college kid ad attacking JD; ducking requests for substantive debate

Hayworth endorsed by National Association of Police Organizations

The Daily Caller: McCain should run as an Independent

Border-line Delusional: John McCain in his own words

Hundreds Attend Biggest AZ Republican and Conservative Events of the Year: JD Hayworth Keynote, McCain Missing

World Magazine: McCain's reputation for crossing party lines costing him with his base

Hayworth Pledges Obamacare Repeal, McCain Lags Behind

Former Attorney General refuses to apologize for violent remark: "A stake should be driven through Hayworth's heart"

Interview with Pajamas Media: JD drafted the tax cuts that McCain opposed

Jon Stewart's Daily Show documents McCain's flip-flops: Say Anything

New Non-Maverick McCain running for US Senate

Wall Street Journal calls McCain out on new flip-flop claiming he is not a maverick

Hayworth v. McCain analogous to Tea Party v. D.C.

More evidence of McCain flip-flopping on calling himself a maverick

McCain supporters inaccurately attack Maricopa GOP for hosting JD at event

Newsweek: Another McCain flip-flop - now denies he's a maverick

Samuel J. “Joe The Plumber” Wurzelbacher on JD Hayworth

Sarah Palin's Folly: Stumping for John McCain

The Terry Anderson Show features catchy folk song, "McCain's Gotta Go"

Another Tea Party group leaning towards Hayworth: Tea Party Express

Tea Party Express rally in Phoenix attracts thousands; JD Hayworth and Joe the Plumber main speakers with McCain nowhere to be found

Joe the Plumber and JD Hayworth headline Ax the Tax rally in Phoenix; McCain noticeably absent

McCain performing poorly in Fox News poll, "Can McCain save his seat?"

Palin unable to save McCain, only 2500 show up for rally in greater Phoenix area

Palin rally in Tucson full of dissenters and JD Hayworth supporters

Fox News coverage of the Sarah Palin Supporters for JD Hayworth facebook page

NY Daily News: McCain "fighting for his political life" against Hayworth

Hayworth endorses tough AZ immigration bill; McCain stays silent

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JD talks candidly with voters in Sierra Vista about his differences with McCain

Los Angeles Times: McCain facing toughest reelection battle in two decades

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Top 10 Reasons Conservatives Dislike McCain

McCain supporter leaves despicable comment insulting blue-collar workers

Right Wing News interview with JD Hayworth asks all the tough questions

Protest in Tucson against Sarah Palin campaigning for McCain gaining momentum

Prominent McCain endorser Grover Norquist funneled money from Abramoff

Joe the Plumber on collision course with McCain-Palin

Bad News for McCain campaign: National anti-illegal immigration group now raising money for JD Hayworth

McCain attacks Hayworth for voting for border security bill

McCain's millions buy typically misleading Washington ad

JD Hayworth trounces MSNBC's liberal Rachel Maddow

Tea Partiers produce powerful video for JD Hayworth

Tea Party movement finds McCain its least-liked Republican

New facebook group: John McCain Farewell Tour 2010

Even liberal AZ Republic slams McCain over flip-flopping

McCain claims amnesia then flip-flops on bill he proposed with Democrat

Arizona Vets for JD Hayworth

New Ad asks, "What has McCain done for Arizona?" Nothing

Border Patrol Council endorses JD Hayworth

Hayworth Opposes McCain's Anti-Small Business Legislation

Looks like Glenn Beck is endorsing JD Hayworth over McCain

McCain's false "birther" attacks on Hayworth

Tax Day Tea Party endorses Hayworth

McCain calls open borders opponents Nazis

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JD Hayworth: Sole conservative candidate for US Senate

Major endorsement: Gun Owners of America endorses Hayworth

With Hayworth, has McCain met his Waterloo

John McCain's TARP claim cowardly

Los Angeles Times compares Hayworth-McCain race to Rubio-Crist race

Major immigration group endorses Hayworth

McCain blames everyone else except himself for voting for TARP pork bailouts

Hayworth endorsed by Phoenix Law Enforcement Union

Conservative Radio Show Host Rush Limbaugh Breaks Down McCain’s “Rhino-Republican” Tactics Against U.S. Senate Candidate J.D. Hayworth

McCain's endorsements? Hardly

McCain criticizes Hayworth for voting for funding "Snakes in Guam" - yet voted for them himself

Meghan McCain opposing traditional marriage on Twitter

Joe the Plumber goes off on McCain, said he "screwed up my life"

Why JD Hayworth will beat McCain for US Senate

Letter to Sarah Palin from a Maricopa County Republican Officer

Senator Jim DeMint's Senate Conservative Fund backs conservative candidates - but not McCain

McCain refused to sign Grover Norquist's anti-tax pledge

Dick Armey's FreedomWorks clarification: He did not endorse McCain

McCain flip-flops on cap and trade, global warming

Don Goldwater urges support for JD Hayworth

Sheriff Joe Arpaio launches national fundraising appeal for JD Hayworth

Meghan McCain blasts Tea Party movement, Palin on The View

Graph contrasts Hayworth's consistent conservative record with McCain's sporadic spiraling record

Treasury Secretary Paulson calls out McCain's financial crisis bluff in new book

JD Hayworth: Why I will Challenge John McCain

Wall Street Journal: McCain "facing a surprisingly strong primary challenge from the right"

John Kerry McCain? AZ Senator flip-flops on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Ask him then, Ask him now, Two different answers

Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily predicts Hayworth will beat McCain for US Senate

Arguments I never expected: Hayworth is no more conservative than McCain

McCain drain on taxpayers: 2007 Amnesty Plan would have cost taxpayers $2.6 Trillion (Heritage Foundation)

McCain approval ratings drop to Keating-Five levels

McCain straight derailed: Taxpayer group ranks Hayworth better on spending

Cindy McCain and gay marriage

JD Hayworth tied with McCain in Senate race poll - and he hasn't even entered the race yet

David Schweikert calls on Harry Mitchell to join him in supporting SB1070

David Schweikert discusses illegal immigration and anchor babies

Jim Ward breaks pledge not to play dirty in AZ CD5 race; runs push-poll

Schweikert finishes quarter with highest cash on hand

Susan Bitter Smith falsely implies that Arpaio has endorsed her - AGAIN!

Join David Schweikert on May 4th for a fun evening of Dessert Deserts with gourmet chef Jan D'Atri, KFYI's Barry Young and Cruella Michella Buffy Lee Larson

David Schweikert is first Congressional candidate in AZ to turn in signature petitions

Arpaio issues statement: Has NOT endorsed Susan Bitter Smith

April 15 has been redefined

Best photo of a David Schweikert yard sign wins Starbucks!

Ever wonder why liberal Democrat Congressman Harry Mitchell voted for the Healthcare takeover?

AZ Right to Life PAC endorses David Schweikert

Concerned Women PAC endorses David Schweikert

Who is Chris Salvino for Congress in CD-5?

Obamacare: The Truth About Mitchell's Vote

Harry Mitchell voted for Obamacare

Mitchell's "Yes" Sells Out District for Obama and Pelosi

Harry Mitchell's State of the District Address AKA an Excuse for Doing Nothing

Nancy Pelosi Rewards Harry Mitchell with $15,000

'Pelosi INdex' synchs Mitchell with Pelosi 67%

Polls show David Schweikert would easily beat Harry Mitchell

Harry Mitchell Watch

IC Editor Rachel Alexander on Twitter

A Farewell: God and William F. Buckley, Jr.

The memorial mass for William F. Buckley, Jr., was held April 4, 2008 at the spectacular St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. Around 2,200 guests filled the church, a fascinating who's who of notable conservatives and political celebrities from Henry Kissinger to Chris Matthews to Tom Selleck. It was a beautiful full Catholic mass reflective of Buckley's many years of Catholic apologetics, lasting almost two hours.

Henry Kissinger gave a moving eulogy, choking up at the end, possibly only the second time ever he has done so in public, the first time being at Richard Nixon's funeral. He began by saying that WFB began four score and two years ago, a subtle way of putting WFB – particularly his verbal ability – in the same league as Abraham Lincoln. Next Kissinger contrasted WFB to Mozart, saying he wrote the way Mozart composed, using words to put cracks in an empire. When Kissinger declared there can be no common ground with evil, one wasn't sure whether he meant WFB or was adding his own opinion.

Kissinger correctly characterized the essence of Buckley by describing how his faith in God formed the foundation of his political greatness. For WFB, secularism was like charity without a cause. Unlike others who had narrow political agendas, WFB's ultimate goal was the delivering of the human spirit. And although WFB never claimed it for himself, only for some of his friends, Kissinger said that WFB had achieved both intellectual and spiritual fulfillment.  One of WFB's many Biblical references was that we are like little black sheep who have lost our way – but this was said with insincerity since he never lost his way.

Siblings James Buckley and Priscilla Buckley read from the Bible, Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 and Psalm 121:1-8, and Reverend George Rutler gave the homily (sermon to us Protestants), but unfortunately the acoustics in the church were poor and they were difficult to hear.

WFB's son Christopher, famed humorist in his own right, brought some lightheartedness to the service in his eulogy, observing that the beautiful music (which included some of my favorites, Bach's Air on the G string, the breathtakingly somber Albinoni Adagio, and of course concluding with Firing Line's Allegro Assai from the Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F major) was meant as a dress rehearsal for the pope's visit later that month – although WFB would have preferred the order of events the other way around.

Christopher told of his terror growing up as a child on daring family sailing excursions with the "world's coolest mentor." He shared some anecdotes revealing the level of WFB's immense achievements both verbally and literarily. After WFB's show Firing Line show ended, he appeared on Nightline. The host said at the end of the interview "We have only a minute left, would you care to sum up your 33 years on Firing Line in one minute?" WFB's response was simply, "No."

Christopher noted that a man must do three things in his life; write a book, plant a tree, and have a son. While he wasn't sure whether his father ever planted a tree, he was certain he had destroyed many trees with all of the books (55) he'd written. But he'd also planted many seeds.

For those of us who have always been disturbed that WFB permitted Playboy to interview him, Christopher assured us that the article included a scripture reference at the end, "I know that my redeemer liveth" – something only WFB could get included in a Hugh Hefner adult magazine.

At the burial, Christopher put three things into his father's casket: his favorite rosary, the TV remote control, and a jar of peanut butter. WFB had a fondness for peanut butter (the only thing I dare boast I have in common with WFB). Christopher shared one of the political cartoons about WFB's death, featuring St. Peter at heaven's gates saying he was going to need a bigger dictionary.

Not surprisingly, Christopher revealed that WFB was working on another book the day he died. WFB is finally home from sailing. God and WFB at last.

With former H.W. Bush speechwriter and IC contributor Michael Johns outside St. Patrick's cathedral 

Notable guests included Rich Lowry, Bill Kristol, Ed Koch, Ward Connerly, John Fund, Lee Edwards, Rep. John Shadegg, Mona Charen, Jonah Goldberg and Lucianne Goldberg, P.J. O'Rourke, Morton Blackwell, Tom Wolfe, Charlie Rose, and George McGovern

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  • vdkhanna

    I too attended WFB's memorial service, and was quite taken aback by the capacity crowd. The jokes cracked by his son Christopher (e.g. dad would've wanted for this to be a dress rehearsal for the Pope's visit) certainly lightened the mood, and certainly reminded us all of the irresistible Buckley wit and charm.

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