Bombing Suspect Had No Known Ties to Local Muslim Community, Leaders Say

Associated Press via the social networking site

By Sumathi Reddy

Area Muslim leaders from Hartford to New Haven convened Wednesday to see if anyone knew anything about Faisal Shahzad, arrested late Monday in connection with the foiled Times Square bombing attempt. But the man who authorities say was driven to act in the name of his religion appears to have no known ties in the state’s Muslim community, leaders say.

Mongi Dhaouadi, executive director of the Connecticut chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations in Hartford, said he has been in touch with most of the state’s 42 mosques and no one has reported ever seeing or hearing anything about Shahzad. “I’ve asked everyone, ‘Have you seen this person, have you heard of this person.’ And the answer is no.”

Dhaouadi was one of about a dozen religious leaders who gathered with Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch for a press conference Wednesday afternoon. Earlier in the day, several Muslim leaders gathered for a meeting.

“To tell you the truth, it is odd,” said Dhaouadi, of the little that is known of Shahzad. “We’re waiting for answers just like everyone else. We’re all trying to make sense of this.”

Muslim leaders urged the public to distinguish between acts of violence and terror and Islam, a religion that they said encourages peace and love.

Hasan Abunar, imam of the Masjid An-Noor and the Bridgeport Islamic Society, said he lectured against violence at the mosque Tuesday and will give another such lecture on Friday. “As Muslims we condemn what happened and we reject it,” he said.

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    • Its sad that the acts of a few more often than not results in disgrace to the entire muslim community. I hope this stops, and peace and harmony prevails.

    • Linc- As a Muslim I know many people who disagree with CAIRs way of doing things, but hardly think they are a front for terrorism. Other than CAIR, American Muslims have few other organizations to speak for them, for the most part we are ok with what they say. BTW, you seem to think that the Muslim Brotherhood are a terrorist organization, where in reality they try to participate in the ‘democratic process’ in countries like Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, countries with dictators supported by our government, unfortunately. I disagree with the killing of innocents anywhere, whether Israel does it with advanced US weapons funded by our taxes or the crude missiles and bombs Hamas use. But to me, Hamas and Israel are the same.

    • As an American Muslim, I am indignant of the acts of this terrorist in Times Square on several levels. First, Islam absolutely condemns killing innocent civilians, and had this horrendous act been successful, many would have died. Second, he took an oath when he became a U.S. citizen, and again violated his oath. Third, a Muslim is required to respect the laws of the land where he resides–and again he violated this. This person and his accomplices (if any) should receive the maximum penalty under the law

    • I am a Muslim from Pakistan, however, I neither love Pakistan or Pakistanis nor give a hoot about them, those Fkrs are so corrupt they drove me out of the country simply because I refuse to participate in their holy every day corruption.
      Here is my take: this guy Shahzad is a loser a flunkee without morals. He was trying to kill everybody because he wanted to be known and probably impress local hoods and lead a Taliban Group.
      I suggest hold him in jail for ever and bring his wife to US and tell him that she has been sold to a local pimp. That would torture him like nothing else would.

    • Why can those people just become ” muslim light “. I am sure Allah won’t mind , he can fend for himself .

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