Preserved Alco and MLW-built Centuries

Updated: 23 November 2006 Photograph by: Scott Arentzen
Roster Compiled by John Komanesky -
Model Preserved As Original RR & No. Owner & Location
- - - -
C415 Fundidora Monterrey Steel 25 Southern Pacific 2406 On display - Monterrey, Mexico
C415 Hammersly Iron 1000 Alco Demonstrator 415 Pilbara Railway Historical Society (Australia)
C415 MC 701 Monongahela Connecting 701 Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
C420 VLIX 2064 Lehigh Valley 408 Southern Applachia Railway Museum (Oak Ridge, TN)
C420 LV 414 Lehigh Valley 414 Southern Railway of New Jersey (Winslow, NJ)
C420 Nacionales of Mexico 220 Long Island 220 Yucatan RR Museum
C420 L&N; 1310 Louisville & Nashville 1310 Southern Applachia Railway Museum (Oak Ridge, TN)
C420 L&N; 1315 Louisville & Nashville 1315 Southern Applachia Railway Museum (Oak Ridge, TN)
C420 NdeM 5700 Nacionales of Mexico 5700 Yucatan RR Museum
C420 Cuyahoga Valley Scenic 365 Seaboard Air Line 124 Cuyahoga Valley Scenic
C424 Adirondack Scenic 4243 Spokane Portland & Seattle 303 Adirondack Scenic RR
C424 CP 4237 Canadian Pacific 4237 Canadian Railway Museum
C424 Rdg 5204 Reading 5204 Reading Co. Technical & Historical Society
C424 Wabash B-905 NdeM 8105 Southern Applachian RR Museum
C430 GB&W; 315 Green Bay & WEstern 315 National RR Nuseum, Green Bay, WI
C628 D&H; 610 Delaware & Hudson Yucatan RR Museum, Mexico
C628 FCP 606 Ferrocaril del Pacifico 606 Yucatan RR Museum, Mexico
C628 Hammersly Iron 2000 Hammersly Iron 2000 Pilbara Railway Historical Society (Australia)
C630 Arkansas & Missouri #? Union Pacific #? Arkansas Railroad Museum; unit is priviately owned
C630 N&W; 1135 Norfok & Western 1135 Viginia Museum of Transportation (Roanoke)
C630 Rdg 5308 Reading 5308 Reading Co. Technical & Historical Society
C630 Cartier 34 Union Pacific 2901 Arkansas RR Museum
M420W St. Lawrence & Atlantic 3569 Canadian National 2569 MLW-built; Canadian Railway Museum
M424W NdeM 9550 Nacionales of Mexico 9550 MLW-built; Yucatan RR Museum, Mexico
M630 Canadian Pacific 4563 CPR 4563 MLW-built; Canadian Railway Museum
M636 CP 4723 Canadian Pacific 4723 On display - Furnham, Quebec (Canada)
M640 CP 4744 Canadian Pacific 4744 MLW-built; Canadian Railway Museum

Preserved Alco Cab Units

Updated: 23 November 2006 Photograph by: Roberto Yommi
Roster Compiled by John Komanesky Photo information at bottom of this table
FA-1 CN 9400 Canadian National 9400 MLW-built; Canadian Railway Museum
FA-1 New Haven 0401 NH 0401 Railroad Museum of New England
FA-1 New Haven 0428 NH 0428 Danbury Rwy Museum (Connecticut, CT)
FA-1 Spokane Portland & Seattle 866 SP&S; 866 Privately owned (Portland, OR)
FB-1 BC Rail RCC1 Spokane Portland & Seattle 868B Privately owned (New Jersey)
FA-2 Canadian Pacific 4090 CPR 4090 Canada Museum of Rail Travel (Cranbrook, BC)
FA-2 Lehigh Valley 596 Louisville & Nashville Anthracite RR Historical Society
FA-2 L & N 314 Louisville & Nashville Illinois Railway Museum
FA-2 NYC 1102 New York Central 1102 Western NY Chapter, NRHS
FA-2 Western Maryland 302 WM 302 Western Maryland Historical Society
FA-2 Western Maryland 303 WM 303 Privately owned - at West Virginia Central
FPB-2 BC Rail RCC-2 Canadian National 6854 Privately Owned, Bridgeton, NJ
FB-2 Canadian Pacific 4469 CPR 4469 Canada Museum of Rail Travel (Cranbrook, BC)
FPA-4 Canadian National 6765 CNR 6765 MLW-built; Canadian Railway Museum
FPA-4 Canadian National 6789 CNR 6789 MLW-built; Monticello Railway Museum, Illinois
FPA-4 Baltimore & Ohio 800 Canadian National 6780 MLW-built; Cuyahoga Valley Scenic
FPB-4 Canadian National 6861 CNR 6861 MLW-built; Wainwright Railway Museum (Alberta)
FPA-4 New York Central 1390 Canadian National 6786 Danbury Railway Museum (Danbury, CT)
FPB-4 New York Central 3399 Canadian National 6867 MLW-built; Danbury Railway Museum (Danbury, CT)
FPB-4 Canadian National 6862 CNR 6862 Monticello Railway Museum, Illinois
BBD LRC VIA 6921 same Canadian Railway Museum(Delsen, Que.)
PA-1(PA4) Delaware & Hudson 16 Santa Fe 59L To be restored as Santa Fe unit for Smithsonian
PA-1(PA4) Delaware & Hudson 17 &19 Santa Fe 60L & 66L Puebla Museum, Mexico
PA-1(PA4) Nickel Plate Road 190 Santa Fe 62L Undergoing restoration by Doyle McCormack
PA-2 RFFSA 7601 & 7602 Paulista Ry 901 & 902 Narrow gauge; Historical group?, Brazil

Argentina is the only place in the "Americas" where Alco-built cabs are still used in 
daily freight service. Pictured here is an example of Alco's "World Locomotive",  
1800-horsepower cousin to Montreal Locomotive Works's FPA-4 passenger power. Introduced 
in 1953, most "World Locomotives" were powered by Alco's 251B V12 engine and rode atop 
six-wheel trucks. America Latina Logistica (ALL) #8414 is coupled with RSD-16 849 at
atVilla Constitucion Junction (Buenos Aires) on New Year's Day, 2005. (Photograph 
by Roberto Yommi)

Preserved Early Alco-Ingersoll Rand-GE Box Cabs

Updated: 23 November 2006 Photograph of Big South Fork Scenic S1 by: Bill Johnson
Roster Compiled by John Komanesky -
Model Preserved As Original RR & No. Owner & Location
Box Cab Baltimore & Ohio 1 B&O; 1 Musuem of Transportation (in St. Louis)
Box Cab C of NJ 1000 AGEIR demo 9681 Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
Box Cab Foley Bros. Const 110-1 Foley Bros. Const 110-1 Western Pacific RR Museum in Portola; only surviving twin 300-hp, 108-ton Box cab
Box Cab D L & W 3001 Delaware Lackawana & Western 3001 (then I-R #91) Illinois Railway Museum
Box cab Ingersoll Rand 90 IR 90 Henry Ford Museum (Dearborn, MI)
Box cab Union Carbide 3 Union Carbide 11 North Alabama RR Museum (Chase/Huntsville, AL)
Concept idea and much of the data for "Preserved Diesels" roster provided by John Komanesky. Additional information from Larry Bogert, Ed Cooper, Peter Nicholson and Joseph Petaccio.

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