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Best news ever for nonmotivators set to EAS in the next few months: FY10 VOLUNTARY ENLISTED EARLY RELEASE PROGRAM (VEERP)

Day 1,282 as a Lance Corporal...

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From Guest on 7:13:07 PM Thursday May 6th 2010

Almost there... EAS... so close... must... make it...

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From Chains on 2:21:05 PM Thursday May 6th 2010

I was in the MC, now im in the Army. Whatever you do don't changeover, same shit, same problems, same NCO's... just different names for them

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From tajiguy on 11:35:58 AM Thursday May 6th 2010

how bout i'm getting ninja-punched for something i didn't even do. i was signed out in Korea with this dude who was underage and he got caught in a bar. now, they're saying that i'm getting njp'd because i signed out with him. listen by the time he was caught i was already twisted off soju. i told security forces (the stupid air force pigs), that i was busy hitting on the ladies. i didnt pay attention to him. he even told them that he would only drink when me and my boy weren't looking. i didnt find this out until he told me. well turns out, my fuckin piece of shit msgt (who looks like jabba the fucking hutt) wants to push me to njp. my ssgt recommends me for suspension of rank. im saying fuck it all, imma take it to court martial. get that shit dropped. o and my ssgt said the only reason im getting njp'd is because they need someone to point the finger at. FUCK YOU, point it at your fat fuckin self.

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From rawkus on 8:00:41 AM Thursday May 6th 2010

I hate fat dependent wives who carry digi purses, make their kids get high and tights and dress their babies in stupid ass digi clothes. I also hate all the stupid ass bumper stickers on their car that say "my husband defends your freedom" So does everyone else's husband on the base. You aren't special.

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From Dubya on 3:07:05 PM Tuesday April 27th 2010

7th ESB: Fuck this Place!

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From Guest on 12:30:51 PM Monday May 3rd 2010

Scott, not trying to troll your forum or anything, but i've got to ask this. Do the folks in the civilian towns surrounding Lejeune such as Wilmington and Greenville, NC still hate Marines? I only hung out in Wilmington a couple of times while I was in, but quit after some guys in my unit said that the civilian folks didn't like Marines. I am originally from right outside of Cherokee, NC on the opposite end of the state (western NC) and never knew this kind of resentment of Marines existed in NC until I myself got stationed there. In all honesty, If I had it to do all over again I would have joined the Air Force or Army as a last resort. The "real Marine Corps" is nothing like the recruiting commercials would have you to believe. Unbeknownst to me though, I got out of the suck, got a manufacturing job in Colorado Springs, Colorado, got laid off, and started going to college here. Unfortunately, since the Army has moved in an entire new division to Fort Carson this place has turned into another Jacksonville, NC and all of the women are married to soldiers here. F*** this place! Austin, TX or any other major college town sounds good about right now!

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From Guest on 12:59:44 PM Saturday April 17th 2010

Just an idea: Would it be possible to get this site better organized? As it stands now, this is all a bunch of jumbled rantings, but if we could figure out a way to organize everything, perhaps by individual units, people might begin to take notice which could spur change.

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From Guest on 2:42:36 PM Saturday April 24th 2010

When I'm a civilian again, I will cut my cammie bottoms into shorts. I will wear them proudly and wait for the first person to try to chew my ass about it. I'll then ask politley what their rank is? Before they can even respond I'm going to yell "I DOSEN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR FUCKIN RANK IS"... The Rock!

F U USMC, you can suck my cock!

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From Guest on 10:44:47 PM Saturday April 24th 2010

Once a Marine always a Marine... SO WHY RE-ENLIST!?

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From Guest on 9:14:54 PM Saturday May 1st 2010

I'm gettin an oth and I can't fuckin wait. Fuck the marines. Fuck you gunny fuck you ssgt fuck every single one of you faggots. The closest I'm comin to the corps wen I'm out is playin call of duty while smokin a fatty.

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From tommyt on 7:12:00 AM Tuesday May 4th 2010


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From Guest on 8:12:11 AM Thursday May 6th 2010

S=sleep all day
H=hide from Staff
I=i didn't do it
T=time til chow
B=brain dead
G=go home early

and they say being a shitbag was a bad thing...

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From rawkus on 7:28:06 AM Saturday April 10th 2010

Why do these stupid fucks always feel the need to stick their nose in my business. God forbid I try to have a social life without them interfering. FML....

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From Guest on 12:55:28 PM Wednesday May 5th 2010

i need to get the fuck out of Doge. im out in hopefully a month! God please help me just roll with it. these people are so irrationa,l. my veiws dont line up with theres. help me deal with bullshit a little longer!

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From Guest on 8:06:06 AM Thursday May 6th 2010

So i wake up in the morning look outside my blinds guess what? the "Warriors" returned back from deployment. oh Shit. immediately disatisfaction feeling begin to take over my body, i feel light headed and like something in very wrong thats going on. So im already freaking out and psit off about the whole thing.I step foot outside of my door of my room, Hey! Some stinky nasty breathe mother fucker wants to yell, at me Blouse your boots..it's like adleast have the GOD damn scommon fuckin courtesy or be Man enough to walk upto the person and correct the issue. Fucking DUMB MARINE! prime example ,right there. its like i showered this morning, what about you?..take a shower smelly Fucker!

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From Guest on 7:49:58 AM Thursday May 6th 2010

Sometimes I wish, I was a little butterfly . . .

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From Guest on 10:52:51 PM Tuesday May 4th 2010

Have any of you guys out there found that college is basically just high school number two after getting out of that bullshit organization known as the Marine Corps. I go to a community college in a major Colorado city and have found that the people that go there will only talk to you and hang out with you ONLY if they know you from high school. Unfortunately, I have noticed the same thing with respect to finding a girlfriend at the community college as well. These so-called ladies only want to hang out with and/or date guys that they grew up with and/or met while in high school. I was under the impression that college was kind of like the Marine Corps in a sense where people from all over kind of just meshed together and made friends with people from all over. Is it just because I am at a stupid community college or can I expect the same stupid shit whenever I get to the university?

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From Guest on 8:53:10 PM Tuesday May 4th 2010

Guys,I think I may have found mendoza


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From Guest on 6:26:17 PM Wednesday May 5th 2010

the way i see it, marine corps is dead. I would stand in front of a recruiting office and tell each person that tries to enlist that they are signing a contract that will fuck them over for the next four years of their lives.

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From Guest on 11:54:19 PM Monday May 3rd 2010
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