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Galactic Gazetteer

Hoth and the Greater Javin

"You have any idea how to fly this contraption, sa kasik?"

"Who you calling 'old,' pal?"

The gold-skinned Nothoiin showed his palms in a gesture of peace. "Just stating the obvious."

Solomahal harrumphed and turned back to the YV-888's controls. "Don't you worry 'bout my piloting. We'll be outta here 'fore First Dawn."

"And where exactly are we going?"

"You said you needed to get away; I'm taking you away. Far away."

The Nothoiin narrowed his eyes and cast a cold look at the old Lutrillian scout. "How far?"

"Back to the Javin."

"Are you crazy? That's the first place they'd look --"

"-- for a Nothoiin? Let 'em try. Imperials can't tell your people apart, Covah. It's the best place for you to go."

"But I can't go home."

"Don't worry, there are plenty of places to hide out. You don't have to go planetside."

"What'd you have in mind?"

The thrusters of the Corellian freighter kicked up the Mos Espa sand in the warm pre-dawn glow, and Solomahal guided her gently over the squat desert buildings. "Maybe the Mataou fuel station . . . they'd never look for you there. Or Hoth, if you --"

"No, thanks."

Solomahal smiled. "Pull up the charts and pick one, then. Like I said, the Javin's got plenty of places to hide . . ."

Hoth. Bespin. Key worlds in galactic affairs, they nonetheless reside in a relatively backwater region of space, known collectively as the Greater Javin. Long a haven for smugglers, pirates, and those looking to avoid any entanglements (Imperial or otherwise), this region boasts scores of exacting locations, is home to a number of sentient species, and offers worlds of every clime for the ready traveler.

You're about to explore a region of space that runs the gamut from Echo Base's frozen corridors to Darlyn Boda's seedy alleys to the secluded Anoat System (where there's more than a certain princess thought). Welcome to the Greater Javin!

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