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May 9, 2010
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May 9, 2010
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May 9, 2010
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May 9, 2010
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  FFXIII Tops 1 Million Units Day One
by Leigh Alexander
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December 18, 2009
 FFXIII  Tops 1 Million Units Day One

Square Enix says the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XIII sold in excess of one million copies on its launch day yesterday in Japan.

The title quickly pushed to the top of the Japanese PlayStation 3 charts -- though it'll be a multiplatform release in the U.S. and Europe when it launches in the West in March 2010, it's PS3-exclusive in Japan. The company revealed that FFXIII first-day sales "exceeded one million", according to consumer weblog Kotaku.

Square Enix had initially prepared to ship around 1 million units for the big day, but ultimately ended up shipping closer to 2 million. That's a similar shipment to prior-generation Final Fantasy XII -- even though the PlayStation 2 has a considerably larger userbase than the PS3.

Alongside the game's launch, Square Enix has launched a themed space in the PlayStation 3's Home world, where users will be able to purchase FFXIII-themed virtual goods and accessories as part of Home's first strides into the "freemium" model.

Kevin Jones
profile image
That 1 million FF XIII sold doesn't even include the the FF XIII PS3 "Lightning" bundles, of which Square Enix shippped 200,000. They have been selling like hot cakes as well.

By itself alone, the 1 million FF XIII first day sales, already make FF XIII the highest selling 3rd party game in Japan, on any home console this generation (not including handhelds of course). It outsells the highest selling 3rd party game on the Wii (MH3), which has still not sold a million units yet, even after 4 months on the market (LTD MH3 sales : 939,707).

Also, FF X III first day sales, make it the highest selling game on the PS3 ever.
The top 5 selling games on the PS3 LTD before FF XIII launched were:

1 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot : 705,772
2 Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (aka Yakuza 3) : 493,032
3 Resident Evil 5 : 475,799
4 Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds : 410,052
5 Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 : 396,136

Anwar Wilkerson
profile image
Its PS3 exclusive in Japan?!? Who would have though they would do that to Microsoft. Looks like I as wrong and Kevin was right.

Fiorentino I
profile image
Man those white PS3 were SWEET!

Can't wait till this hits the states! I'll be getting the 360 version.

Christian Keichel
profile image
deleted post with question, that could be easily answered, if I read the Kotaku link before asking.

Allen Danklefsen
profile image
Ill be getting the 360 version.

Ed Alexander
profile image
I believe the reason that Sony went with PS3 exclusive in Japan was likely a response to Microsoft trying to encroach on Sony's home turf. Microsoft has been paying Japanese developers for exclusivity on the 360 to drum up more interest on the gaijin console and I'm pretty sure Square Enix got a little somethin' somethin' from Sony for keeping it to strictly the PS3. I mean, let's face it, Final Fantasy is a console mover, no matter what country you're looking at, but in Japan it's a bigger deal. Keeping it PS3 exclusive there probably negates Microsoft's effort to try and gain a better foothold in the Japanese market.

But Imperial Hot decided to go multiplatform outside of Japan because they're working really hard at digging Square Enix's roots into the West. They're poised to do a lot, actually. Acquiring Eidos was just a portion of their overall plan to expand. We'll probably see more Square Enix titles hit the 360 in the future as well as begin to find Square Enix in social games, a la Facebook.

Joe Elliott
profile image
I buy japanese games on a japanese console of course

Andre Thomas
profile image
"We'll probably see more Square Enix titles hit the 360 in the future as well"

When I it come to the main FF(and Front Mission) titles, I doubt it. FFXIII on the 360 IMO was nothing but a small, rather than major gesture to Microsoft especially given how small the PS userbase was at first.. Other than that because that things have gotten better on Sony's side I could imagine future main FF's going to the PS platforms as exclusives.

On the western front though, I do expect the PS3 to be favored though even with multiplatform titles and we're now seeing it...Just Cause 2 is a prime example.

Mark Harris
profile image
Honestly, Andre, I really don't see SE going back to platform exclusivity. Of course, if FF XIII sells terribly on the 360 then they could rethink that plan. As Ed mentioned, SE is highly focused on becoming as much a household name in the West as they are in Japan. They're doing it for very visible, very logical business reasons. Japan is only a fraction of the gaming population across the planet, and they are buying consoles and console games in decreasing numbers. For SE to survive they need the world's gaming market, not just Japan's. For that to happen they have to take advantage of every profitable avenue for their games, and based on install base, the 360 is very attractive. They will continue to bring their games to the widest audience possible, releasing on every console and hand held available. Good business, good strategy, hopefully it pays off. I'd like to see SE stick around for a long time.


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