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Sarah Palin revives 'stupid conspiracy' of Obama's birth certificate [Updated]

December 4, 2009 |  6:41 pm

Sarah-palin-trig We're still scratching our head as to what exactly Sarah Palin meant by her four-sentence blog post Thursday night on Facebook.

The blip, titled "Stupid Conspiracies," starts out with a clear complaint about "conspiracy-minded reporters" during the election bothering her doctor and lawyer about whether her baby, Trig, was truly her son. She's of course talking about Andrew Sullivan's blog post, which sparked the nontroversy.

Then Palin triumphantly points out that she never "asked the president to produce his birth certificate or suggested that he was not born in the United States."

OK ...

Because The Ticket spent many months in 2008 attempting to decode various statements and allusions by Palin, we've got the experience to give this one a crack. We've narrowed it down to two possibilities.

Possibility A: She wanted to take a moment to highlight that she had reached the moral high ground.

See? She didn't question President Obama's legitimacy as an American citizen, unlike various conservative skeptics, pundits and conspiracy theorists. Or she had already seen the birth certificate when The Ticket posted a picture of it in June last year.

We're not really sure what point she'd be trying to make there. It's a nonsensical analogy. It's not like Barack Obama hosted a radio show and called her a baby faker.

Anyway, that's option A.

Possibility B: She fought tooth and nail to restrain herself from asking the crucial question of whether Obama could produce a legitimate birth certificate during the campaign. (Again, he could.) But no more Mrs. Nice Gal. It's time to ask questions. We demand to see the birth certificate! (It's right there.)

So, we're pretty stumped. Tell us in the comments: Is it option A or B? Or you can make up a completely incoherent statement and call it option C. It doesn't matter.

[Updated at 8:55 p.m.: To clarify, the issue of Palin's baby was raised on her blog in response to a radio interview question.]

-- Mark Milian

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Comments (70)

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I am taking the time to write this because I have nothing else to do looking at the news if you could call it that today is like watching cartoons. Nothing real and if they get a fact by the time it's on the screen it's been twisted five ways to sunday to portray their view. Which is the view of the political party they are in bed with.

now we see why the Times is down to two readers.

(And yet here you are as one of them. Welcome aboard!)

You are stumped because you do not think anymore by yourself.
If you would you would notice that Sarah Palin compares rumors about her son not actually being her son to rumors about Obama not being born on the US soil. The title of the article is deceptive too, it suggests that Sarah Palin has something to do with accusation against Obama birth place. LA Times, you should be ashamed.

Well maybe it's her way of throwing it back at the media..after all she had to show Trig's certificate.

It is vitaly important that Sarah Palin remain in good stead with the feeble minded Republican base all the way through to 2012. With the GOP metaphorically continuing to shoot themselves in their own feet, there is less chance any viable opposition from them in the 2012 presidential elections. In Dick Cheney's case that should read actualy shooting thier supporters in the head. Still applies.

Seriously? Those are your options. She is killin you guys on the liberal left who think you own the media. ROFLOL

Okay, option C: The Obama camp launched several researchers and "journalists" on her and her personal life. Which, considering the importance of the office seemed valid. It was his minions that launched such a "stupid conspiracy" about her. She has to constantly highlight the hypocrisy from the “news” media.

Option C: She's stirring up the Birthers simply by alluding to it. It has nothing to do with anything except to push the buttons of the birthers... and to encourage our military people, who've been through terrible trauma, to now question whether their Commander in Chief is legitimate. Soldiers know that whatever one's political leaning, the President IS the Commander in Chief. It's disgraceful of her to even hint that the birthers might be right.

How stupid do you have to be to see that the bleeding heart Libs did every thing that they could to try and show that Trig was not Sarahs, but did nothing to see if Oboma was for real.

Revives? Stupid? Conspiracy?

The issue of AKA Obama hiding his past is robust and growing stronger.

The only "stupid" aspect of the story is those non-birthers who have been taken in by a Chicago con-man.

Issues with solid research behind them are not conspiracies.

If you are not suspicious of a man who hides his history I have a bridge in the desert I want to sell you.

If you are unwilling to call for an investigation of a man who attempts to sell you a bridge in the desert I have some beach front property in Florida at the intersection of I75 and Florida # 29 that I want you to buy.

If you place a down payment on a contract for the bridge in the desert and the beach front property in the swamp I would conclude that you voted for Obama.

Can you pass the: Obama Eligibility Logic Test?

Or get educated and read:

Somehow, you know its coming. That OMG moment is just around the corner. You can feel the inescapable reality creeping up on you. Something will leak. Someone will spill the beans.

“For nothing is hid that shall not be made manifest, nor anything secret that shall not be known and come to light.” Luke 8:17

Obama “I have nothing to hide but I’m hiding it.”

Mark Milan

It doesn't surprise me that you're scratching your head. You obviously don't have a clue about much of anything. You referred to a picture of a birth certificate, but you failed to mention that the "birth certificate" had no doctors signature, no witness signature, no hospital name, etc. Have you seen a long form birth certificate with those characteristics, or are you referring to that blatantly photoshopped fraud?

In other words, that electronic fabrication was in no way official. Surely you're not so ignorant, or naive to not realize this? If not, that only leaves outright deceit on your part.

It is option C. Palin is starting to get very nervous about the whole issue of Trig. She has given three differend versions of her "birth story", once in her book and two other times in an interview with 2 reporters, both of which are archived. Why are all three different? Regardless of the different stories, it doesn't add up. She got on a plane with broken membranes after she claims she talked to her doctor (how many docs examine their patients over the phone?) without even a check with a doc in texas. Palin, a woman with 4 other live births and 2 serious miscarriages was considered a high risk pregnancy and her baby a high risk infant, got on a plane with broken membranes, with signs of labor (her words) with a preemie down's baby with a known heart defect (if he had been born in the air he would have died) AFTER waiting several hours to give a speech, gets on two flights across a continent, bypassing the only NICU hospital in the state to deliver in a small hospital where her doctor (a gen practitioner with no liability coverage for high risk delivery) has only delivered a handful of babies. Option C is really bad for Sarah because she has NO explanation for her irresponsible CHOICE to get on the plane in the first place. But option C is bad enough when one considers how that baby could have died. Option C is REALLY bad when you consider that Sarah, a woman SO preoccupied with perceptions of her and just how embarassing would it be to report the Gov of AK delivered a baby in the aisle of a plane (a baby that later died on a plane) that you can clearly see that she NEVER flew across country pregnant in the first place. She would NEVER have risked ruining her image. She is scared that people will either think she's a reckless mom or a liar. Which is it Sarah?

Sorry, but that is NOT a birth certificate. It is in fact a "certification of live birth" which is also issued to children in Hawaii that are not actually BORN in Hawaii. Children born in Hawaii are always issued a "Birth Certificate"........we have yet to see such a document from Barack Hussien Obama.

see here:


How come Obama is the only President, ever, who has been requested to produce his birth certificate?

Can't you read? Are you, finally, so programmed that you are, now,
unable to decipher plain English? What is wrong with you? You are
a writer who cannot read. How incredibly useless.

Option C: Sarah Palin never "asked the president to produce his birth certificate or suggested that he was not born in the United States" during the 2008 Presidential campaign although she really, really wanted to ask. The McCain campaign promised her if she didn't ask this question, they would let her make her own concession speech on Election Eve, before McCain spoke. Once she realized that this was just a fake promise, it was too late, until she realized she could bring the birth certificate up all over again by reminding us she never spoke on the issue. It's all part of her plan to make the McCain campaign look bad. Palin also has promised to produce all prenatal care records, hospital and birth records, and original, unamended birth certificates for all the Palin children, as part of her good faith effort to encourage President Obama to show his real birth certificate.

I dont know about this birth certificate........but I do know he's an incompetent fool.

Your swating at flies for ratings in the public arena , this is an academically weak paper full of unsupported premises and syntax that is all over the place..I quit this paper......go back to logic 101 or maybe take lessons from a local high school or jr. college on thinking the great reporters or read GIBBONS or Toynbee If you can't get into Oxford then better take up flipping hamburgers and amaze the uneducated.....

Where is the birthcertificate?
Where is the college trnzscrpt?
Where is the congress, when they take oath to serve and protect the Constitution?

"Sorry, but that is NOT a birth certificate. It is in fact a "certification of live birth" which is also issued to children in Hawaii that are not actually BORN in Hawaii."

What utter nonsense. First of all the place of birth would indicate a different place of birth if a person wasn't born in Hawaii. Yes, it is possible to get a American birth certificate for those not born in America, such as children of military personnel or embassy staff where both parents are American citizens. Certificate or Certification. It seems that some have to learn what those words mean. The words mean the exactly the same thing, but the difference is the usage of the words.

Many Americans were so fed up with President Bush and wanting "change" that they were not willing prior to the presidential election, or are they are they willing at the present time to objectively look at the matter of Obama's eligibility to serve as president. In 3 clear ways he is ineligible: 1) He was born in Mombasa, Kenya; 2) He was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather and he became an Indonesian citizen. At the time Indonesia, did not have dual citizenship. He attended a school as a child in Indonesia in which only Indonesian citizens can attend. He visited Indonesia duing 1981, at a time when our state dept. was not allowing U.S. citizens to go there. 3) His father was a British citizen at a time when being such automatically made his chidren also to be British citizens.
If Obama is eligible, he would easily pay 10.00 and have his LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE examined (the one that states the hospital one was born in, the name of the delivering physician and the witnesses. Since he hasn't, it should be more than apparent to any objective person that he was not born in the U.S. That doesn't require a lot of reasoning to understand.

Obama is hiding something about his birth. And to Commenter Stevie: McCain's birth was highly questioned and even taken before Congress. Obama is not being treated differently by being questioned, he is being treated differenty by NOT being forced to release all of his past historical records.

This guy is the President of the United States Of America, the constitution plainly states that in order to be eligible to run for the office of the President, the person must be a natural born citizen. If logic follows, which it most certainly does, and there are any doubts him not being a natural born citizen, then he, at least should be made to produce an actual original birth certificate. So, far, he's only been able to produce a birth certificate of live birth, which is not the same as an original. Why does he need to pay his lawyers almost 2 million dollars in an effort to conceal the fact that he doesn't really have a true birth certificate, or that he was really born in Kenya.

She and her supporters are clearly brain-dead. McCain should burn in hell for bringing this yokel to the national stage.

I think it would be fitting as hell, for Palin to come out on stage waving a copy of her "Long Form Birth Certificate",and saying,...see America, they do exist,and unlike Obama that spends your money to keep his from prying eyes,here's mine.

No, Anthony, those are NOT the same words. A "certification" of live birth is issued as opposed to still born. "Honolulu" is listed simply as where foreign-born babies are registered in-State. It would never list "Kenya" there. It is a fact that out-of-State births ARE noted in exactly the same way. Keeping spinning though.



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