Philosophy  i.e.
Frequently Asked
Our Philosophy-School of Thought
We believe that nothing is either good nor bad.
Sort of Like the premise of the Zen school of thought.


Are you religious?

Why are there Bible verses on the site if you’re not religious?
Interesting question. For centuries people, especially those in need have
looked onto outside things to give them comfort. Thus these scriptures are
listed to do such. Other sacred texts are also listed e.g. Torah.

If you accept transgendered persons and even account for them on
your surveys how can you talk about God?
Ahhhhh, another interesting question. The simple answer is we believe that
God is all knowing
and all loving.

What is Community Service 101?
Facing Future Hope taught Jennifer how to do various things. She came
through the organization just as you might due to an infraction and the court
asked her to do community service. During her time with Facing the Future
with Hope she was taught many things in hopes she would change her
ways. The objective was to give her some new skills, so that she would
think twice about stealing again. Among these new skills included learning
to write a press release.
When writing one of several press releases for our organization which she
posted on the web we noticed she chose to put her own email address as
a contact. She then allegedly enlisted her family and others to create the
website Community Service 101. The trick was to put it in someone else’s
name so the feds  wouldn’t catch on.
Also, she thought that by using her associate’s names the website
operation wouldn’t easily be connected to her, since she was already
considered a thief.  

Similar to her past crimes, Jennifer allegedly started depositing the funds
in personal bank accounts. Strangely, Facing the Future with Hope was
affected by this. Many people would call for these forms "she" would create
thinking we were them, yet we are not!

When facing the judge to show proof she completed her community
service hours through our organization--Jennifer actually told the truth
(partly). She told the judge that the form she had submitted was one she
created herself. The form even included the state seal!

Why do good people steal?
Desperation and ignorance.  Jennifer was released as of April 9, on
$75,000 bond which may change by which additional charges shall be
added to her record:
charged-with-stealing-231000-from-employer.html — her desperation may
increase. She has been officially charged  by a grand jury, for
embezzlement and identify theft. When she came through our organization
she had a lower related charge in association with theft.