These projects are the work of students from HSTY3080 American History on the World Wide Web II, the second part of a two semester Honours seminar taught by Dr. Stephen Robertson, in the Department of History at the University of Sydney, in 2002.

The project required students to create an on-line hypertext centred on primary sources relating to a topic in American history of their choice. They had to provide contexts for the sources that they chose, and to develop a design that made use of the unique character of hypertext, and of links in particular, to promote understanding and interpretation of that material. A site currently being developed by Stephen Robertson, centred on The Social Evil in Chicago, an early twentieth century investigation of prostitution, provided an example for the students.


Sam Indyk

Ilse Scheepers

Alison Leung

Robert F. Kennedy's Frozen Legacy

Amelia Toy

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Elizabeth Shute