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Tuesday, 01 May 2007
Rat PackFor some strange reason there is a public fascination with the contents of the Australian one-man ration pack. In order to reduce the volume of e-mails and inquiries, here is a 4 page PDF document describing in great detail the contents of the Aussie Rat pack.

Gone are the 10 packs of Wild Woodbine cigarettes and cast iron ceral blocks. The SNAG, new issue rat pack is a feast of tasty wholesomeness.

It even has some fibre, Tabasco sauce and 10 sheets of toilet tissue. Classic inclusions are the FRED (Fucking Ridiculous Eating Device), and the can of processed cheddar cheese (which doubles as a Claymore if left in a fire - point top towards enemy, or CSM).

Download the 2.5 Meg PDF file here.
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