Baku International Jazz Festival has been opened in Azerbaijan

At the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic the solemn opening ceremony of Baku International Jazz Festival has been conducted on October 21, 2009. The Baku Jazz festival is an integral part of the Programme named “Baku is the capital of Islamic culture - 2009".

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Abulfaz Garayev said that last year for some reason Baku International Jazz Festival was cancelled. “If this year the Jazz festival would not have been organized, it would violate the tradition originated in Baku. That is why the state has allocated sufficient funds, and Azerbaijan again took on this important task”, said the Minister.

The festival was opened at Baku Jazz Center by a concert of Azerbaijani jazz musician Isfara Sarabskiy (piano), which won the first place at Jazz festival in Montreux. Along with Isfara Alexander Singer (drums) and Ruslan Huseynov (bass) have come out on stage.

The Baku Jazz festival invited “Richard Bona” band and “Branford Marsalis” from the United States, the duo Zihan & Kamien from Austria, the group “Jazzinho” from Portugal, “Hard Jazz Knights”, as well as members of the Baku international Jazz festival Mugam Vasumathi Badrinathan (India) and Amir Elsaffar (USA).

As said the rector of Baku Music Academy, People's Artist Farhad Badalbeyli, commenting on the openning of Baku International Jazz Festival, the Azerbaijani jazz posses its own place in the world. “Individuality of Azerbaijani jazz associated with mugams”, Farhad Badalbeyli said.
“Jazz of Brazil, Cuba, Poland and several other countries has its own specifics. Cuban jazz is more emotional. Azeri jazz is based on the Mugam, and this is its beauty”, said the musician.

“It is very good, that the Baku International Jazz Festival hold on the tradition this year. The biggest problem of festivals is that some of them have been held only once or twice, and then disappeared because of financial problems, or because of problems with the performers. Last year Azerbaijan jazz festival was not arranged, which had very bad effect on all of us. This year we are united, and organized the festival”, said Farhad Badalbeyli.

“We want to hold the Baku Jazz Festival regularly, then its credibility and respect for the festival will grow”, Farhad Badalbeyli said.

Organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, the Festival will continue until October 27, 2009. Baku International Jazz Festival will be closed by the concert of the U.S. band “Branford MARSALIS” at the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic.
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