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Amber Rudd

Member of Parliament for Hastings and Rye

Tel: 01424 850828 / Fax: 01424 853994 / Hastings and Rye Conservative Association, 383 Battle Road, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN37 7BE
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Amber Rudd

Amber is the prospective Conservative MP for the constituency of Hastings and Rye.  She lives in Hastings in the heart of the Old Town with her two teenage children.  

Amber is a committed local activist, focusing her energies on education, health and supporting local businesses.  “I’ve spent time helping in local schools and hospitals and fought to keep local NHS services and give more freedom to teachers so they can do their job. I’ve organised a fishing summit to help our local industry and I’ve called for lower taxes to help small firms and our tourist trade,” said Amber.

Locally, Amber is a Governor or Rye Community Primary School, President of Hastings Old Town Traders Association and Co-Founder of SHRIMP (St Leonard’s and Hastings Rail Improvement Programme).

Amber Rudd's Experience

Amber’s background is in finance and journalism.   After leaving Edinburgh University she joined a major US Bank, and then moved into venture capital, assisting small and growing businesses with start-up or expansion funding. Then she moved into recruitment, advising on hiring senior employees and how to retain them.  She combined this with writing about financial matters in specialist publications.

“My experience working with small businesses very much informs my commitment to Conservative strategy.  I feel strongly that Government needs to support and assist people setting up businesses – they provide employment and profit.  It is the private sector profit that pays for our vital public services,” said Amber.

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