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H.264 Encoder ASIC and FPGA IP Cores with outstanding video quality.

  • H.264 real time encoding
  • Bit rate is 40% of MPEG2 for equal quality
  • Main Profile, Baseline Profile and High Profile
  • 4:2:0, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 color space and monocrhome
  • 8 bit, 10 bit, 12 bit or 14 bit color depth
  • Exceedingly fast CABAC module
  • Resolution from 640x480@30fps to 1920x1088@60fps to 8M-Pixels@30fps
  • Excellent objective and subjective video quality
  • Precise CBR with scene cut and multi-pass (optional)
  • Standalone solution, no extra CPU or software required
  • Small area
  • Very low power consumption
  • Maximum 600Mhz on 90nm process
  • Maximum 480Mhz on 130nm process
  • Maximum 300Mhz on high-end FPGA, e.g. StratixIII/IV, Virtex5/6
  • Support OCP, easy to be integrated into SoC
  • 1080p@30fps on CycloneIII/IV, Spartan6
  • 1080p@60fps on Virtex5/6 and StratixIII/IV
  • AVC Intra on CycloneIII/IV, Spartan6, Virtex4/5/6, StratixIII/IV, Arria
  • AVC Ultra on Vritex5/6 and StratixIII/IV
  • Ultra low power consumption, 98mw for 1080p@30fps on 90nm process, 20mw for 720p@30fps on 65nm process


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