Piz Buin® Gletscher Creme

70 years since the PIZ BUIN® mountain inspired a man to invent the world's first sun protection cream

The PIZ BUIN® brand traces its origin back to the inspiration of Franz Greiter, a young chemistry student, who suffered severe sunburn while climbing PIZ BUIN®, a mountain on the Swiss-Austrian border, in 1938. In a small laboratory in his parents' home, he formulated a product that would protect the skin against the adverse effects of the sun, a product that would later become known as PIZ BUIN®.

A long string of firsts in the field of sun protection can be credited to the pioneering spirit of Franz Greiter, which subsequently made the PIZ BUIN® brand famous all over the world. These innovations were invariably accompanied by path-breaking campaigns that document the prevailing spirit of the times in an impressive way.