Photos of the Iran Hostage Crisis

74 photos included on the "Espionage Den" CDs

Click here for the gallery

>>> Earlier this week, we posted the English-language material from the 2-CD set, "Documents From the US Espionage Den" [here]. Included on one of the discs are 74 photos which show the storming of the US Embassy in Tehran, the taking of hostages, the inside of the Embassy, and, apparently, demonstrations and negotiations that took place during the 444-day situation.

I don't know anything regarding the provenance of the photos - who took them, where (or even if) they've been published, etc. They were simply on the Iranian CD as an Acrobat file called pic.pdf. A few of the photos are below; all of them are at the gallery link above as clickable thumbnails.

"Iran Hostage Crisis" at CBS News | "The Hostage Crisis in Iran" at the Jimmy Carter Library & Museum | "Iran Hostage Crisis" at Wikipedia | "Timeline" at







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posted 01 Sept 2005
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