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Welcome to Last Planet Theatre!

Winner of the San Francisco Bay Guardian 2006 Goldie award for theater

Information on our 2007-2008 season coming soon...

READ THE CRITICS on our most recent production, The Censor:

"Last Planet Theatre's bold and sure Bay Area premiere is a smart, well-acted, and original take on this 1997 work by one of the best representatives of England's gleefully confrontational "in-yer-face theatre" crowd. Director John Wilkins's inspired staging casts our gaze through a variety of lenses (augmented by James Flair and Paul Rasmussen's telescoped scenic design, as well as the divinely sly and explicit porn-laden video assemblages created by elastic future), enfolding a coarse realism with stylized scenes that crack the sublime from the hard nut of the mundane." - Read the full San Francisco Bay Guardian review - scroll down as needed.

"The sex scenes between Glathier and Stillions are hot...a provocative venture on the near and far sides of intimacy." - Read the full San Francisco Chronicle review and see why the Little Man is Clapping

"The Censor is the ultimate sexual fantasy...'Four Glasses of Champagne' (Highest Rating)." - Read the full BeyondChron review

"Wilkins' hyperstylized staging serves to emphasize The Censor's message about looking beyond the 'scandalous' in a work of art to see the real meaning — in this case, the love story — below. With George Bush waging a purity war against the media (only a few weeks ago, he signed new laws aimed at curbing the amount of "unsuitable material" aired on TV), this production amounts to a topical sendup of the surface-centric prejudices that go hand in hand with most forms of censorship."...Brought to you by "one of the most audacious theater companies in the city...the place to go to have your world turned upsaide down." - Read the full SF Weekly review

"The play is fascinating and repelling; it also lingers in the mind long after the applause ends....Prigs, sexphobes, those who believe it is important to mask private truths with public lies - don't go!" - Read the full San Francisco Bay Times review

"Art, porn, love, and sex combine for a memorable night at the theater" - Read the full Flavorpill review

"The Censor: una obra muy fuerte y magníficamente bien realizada por el grupo Last Planet Theatre" Read the full SF Tribune review


"Last Planet is a company I admire for its boldness and intelligence. From their inaugural season in 1999 - an entire festival devoted to p laywright Wallace Shawn - to their recent productions of Brenton and Fassbinder, director John Wilkins and his cohorts have matched programming daring with theatrical ardor." - SF Weekly

"An oasis of culture...an outpost of the intellectual avant-garde that is unique in the region." - Marin IJ

"Against all economic odds, Last Planet Theatre consistently brings San Francisco audiences unique and thought-provoking plays." - SFist


"The play still resonates thousands of miles away from the suburban London in which it is set and after more than a quarter of a century in time -- testimony both to the power of the writing and to Last Planet's compact yet emphatic staging." SF Weekly on Sore Throats

"John Wilkins' seductively creative Last Planet staging provides intriguing tastes of Fassbinder's appeal as the drab curtain opens on an unexpectedly lush, faux-decadent set." Read the full San Francisco Chronicle review on The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant

"As Last Planet Theatre's cool and sultry production suggests, The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant remains a vital work for the stage." Read the full San Francisco Bay Guardian review

"Director John Wilkins stages with bold strokes. His visuals are theatrically commanding. And he suffuses every moment with erotic (and occasionally neurotic) energy, maintaining a relentless intensity." San Francisco Bay Times

"The company remains as brazen as ever, infusing Shawn's ferocious satire with a giddy exuberance all its own." San Francisco Bay Guardian on The Designated Mourner

"Matt Leshinskie plays Jack manically well." SF Weekly on The Designated Mourner