2010 Paralympic Torch and Torchbearer Uniform

Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Torch

The 2010 Paralympic Torch, like the 2010 Olympic Torch, is designed and manufactured by Bombardier in collaboration with the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC). Both torches feature the same design — the Paralympic Torch is blue, the Olympic Torch is white — and were inspired by Canada’s open land, vast potential and smooth, fluid lines left in the snow and ice from winter sports.

Paralympic Torchbearer Uniform

The torchbearer uniform for the Paralympic Torch Relay consists of several pieces, including a jacket, pullover pants, toque and red mittens. Designed and manufactured by the Hudson’s Bay Company, the 2010 Paralympic Torchbearer uniform is blue to represent ice and accented with bright bursts of blue and green on the jacket’s left arm. Silver reflective elements, including “Vancouver 2010” on the right jacket sleeve and right back pant leg, have been added for prominence and visibility.

The uniform features the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Torch Relay emblem on the chest as well as the agitos on the back. From the Latin word for “I move,” the agitos are the Paralympic symbol and are composed of three elements (red, blue and green) representing the International Paralympic Committee’s role in bringing athletes from all corners of the world together to compete.

The uniform has been designed with the comfort and safety of the torchbearers in mind and makes a beautiful commemorative keepsake.

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