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Know, Reduce, Offset, Inspire - Building Carbon-Neutral Games

“Climate change is an enormous threat, but it’s also an opportunity,” said Niclas Svenningsen, Head of Sustainable United Nations at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). >>>

Out of the Rain and into a Fork Lift

David Laing had been out of work for months. “I’m an older gent,” said the14-year Downtown Eastside (DTES) resident. “And finding work when you’re 55 is a little tough especially when the economy has gone oops.” In addition, he had physical problems from years of all-weather outdoor construction work. >>>

Star-studded Games

Star-studded Games VANOC celebrates leading examples of innovation in sustainability with the launch of the Vancouver 2010 Sustainability Star program. The program recognizes initiatives by Games partners, sponsors and VANOC that demonstrate positive and measurable social, economic and >>>

Lost - and Found Again as an Olympic Inner-City Community Legacy

As more than a million spectators pass through the venues of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, somebody is bound to leave their umbrella behind. >>>

Animated about Sustainability

What is sustainability? Communicating a complex notion that means different things to different people isn’t easy. But in order to inspire action towards a more sustainable world, it’s important to share experiences and ideas, locally and globally. >>>

TravelSmart - Change Habits, Cut Greenhouse Gases

Business as UNusual — that’s a good way to describe Metro Vancouver and the Sea to Sky region during February and March 2010. Because it shakes things up, a departure from normal can be an opportunity to change habits for the better. >>>

Victory Bouquets Change Lives

Margitta Schulz was a little frustrated as she listened to a 2010 Commerce Centre orientation session for prospective suppliers. What they were suggesting seemed impossible. >>>

Sustainability in Action

Sport Events get SSET to Make Change: Sport events inspire and influence people all over the world, every day. But how can they help demonstrate smart event operations, engage people to live more sustainably, and even help to advance the global transformation towards sustainability? >>>

Raising the Bar with VANOC’s Sustainability Initiatives

Every Olympic and Paralympic Games tries to raise the bar on performance. Sustainability at The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) is no different. We continue to learn from past Games and best practices. >>>

Powered by the Internet

When Dana Aweida’s Grade 4/5 class from Vancouver’s Queen Victoria Annex participated in a Paralympic School Day in March 2008, they didn’t know they would share their experience and inspiration with other schools across the country. >>>

Putting out Fires

This story begins with an effusive phone call to Keith Spodek, group director Quality Assurance and Sustainability for Birks. “Keith you saved my life.” This was the owner of one of Birks’ external factories. Keith couldn’t think what he’d done to deserve such credit. “What are you talking about?” he replied. >>>

Protecting tailed frogs

VANOC developed an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for protecting both the tailed frogs and their in-stream habitat as part of its Environmental Assessment (EA) commitments. >>>

Partnering on Pathfinding

The Environmental Assessment process for the new freestyle skiing venue, in Cypress Provincial Park, revealed that a section of the popular Baden-Powell Trail went through the proposed site of the freestyle competition area. Neil Turner, VANOC's manager for project and environmental approvals, recalls how a local group, Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society, came up with a solution. >>>

Northwest BC Tour

In November 2005, Chief Executive Officer John Furlong led a team from VANOC, the Four Host First Nations Secretariat and 2010 Legacies Now across northwest British Columbia to promote Aboriginal and community participation in the 2010 Winter Games. >>>

Mills Basics delivers more than the basics

In 2005, Mills Basics Office Supplies and Printing, a family-owned business operating in Vancouver’s inner city for more than 50 years, won an open competition to provide VANOC with office supplies. Although it met typical price, service and quality criteria, Mills’ competitive advantage was its leadership in social and environmental performance. >>>

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