A Quick Look at a Jailbroken iPhone 3G

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The iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G

Ok, I’ll admit it. I like Apple products. There is something to be said for a product that you can pull out of the box and have it work right with out having to read pages of manuals or spend hours trying to figure out.

When Apple first released the original version of the iPhone I thought it was a neat concept, but the iPhone 3G is a serious expansion of an already cool product.

The iPhone 3G comes out of the box with Bluetooth, WiFi, Edge, 3G and GPS transceivers, making it an extremely connected device.

It comes with a very user-friendly version of Google Maps. It will happily surf the web, read email, send SMS and more. All of this is centered around a very well thought out touch screen interface.

Now I tell you what it does out of the box only to say that Apple has handed everyone a very nice little chunk of technology that’s easy and fun to use. However expandibility doesn’t stop at the app store. You can take it yet another step further.

For those that want complete control over their iPhone 3G, and want to turn it into the ultimate hacker toy, one can “Jailbreak” their iPhone. Jailbreaking a 3G iPhone is relatively simple, its a matter of taking a copy of the iPhone OS software bundle and modifying it with a program from the nice folks over at iphone-dev.org. Once modified simply load the software on to the iPhone and your ready to rock.

Once Jailbroken there are tons of themes and modifications that once can install. Everything from colored service indicators to video wallpapers to just making your apps look a little cooler. There are also several apps that a networking professional or a social engineer might find useful.

Things like terminal, ssh, and nmap are valuable tools to load, other things like a scobbler for last.fm or the expandable Jokes app make the iPhone a little more fun.

Mobile Finder gives you complete access to the unix backend of the iPhone for more tweaking fun.

There are a few more apps like cycorder that ads video recording or Qik that gives you the ability to stream audio/video from the phones mic and camera to the web.

All in all if you like your iPhone but you still want that little something extra out of it, Jailbreaking might be the thing for you.

2 Responses

  1. root  •  September 29, 2008 @8:34 pm

    Nice article, Axis. Glad you’ve gotten the new phone sorted out in time for Phreaknic. Looking forward to a great weekend when you come up.

  2. mastermind  •  September 30, 2008 @9:25 am

    Out of the box, the iPhone is evil. Jailbroken, it’s evilicious. ;)

    Great article - good to see you’re back Axis.

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