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The IDentifier is an easy to use hand-held radio frequency scanner which reads both the International Standard microchips (ISO) FDXB microchips and FDXA (FECAVA). Used by Dog Control Officers, Veterinary Surgeon, Animal Welfare Staff, Breeders, Grommers and Pet Owners Using the Pet Travel Scheme.

  • Reads multiple tags FDXB (ISO) and FDXA (FEVAVA)

  • from up to 7cms distance
  • Single button read

  • Large LCD display

  • USB socket for connecting to computer

  • Software accessory pack available

  • 9 volt battery (PP3)

  • Automatic power down and turn-off

  • Operates 125 kHz ?134.2 kHz

  • Weighs less than 250 grammes (with battery)

  • Size : 21cm long x 11cm wide x 5cm deep

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