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Friday, May 14th 2010

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Craven Cottagers!!

David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Maggie Thatcher, Lady Di. Your Boys Took One Hell of a Beating!!
For the next 12 months, no Real Madrid fan is going to be able to get a shoeshine, a pizza delivered, or a happy ending, because all of these mundane and menial tasks will run the risk of an [...]

Especial School

Mourinho was give the Catalans a Brazilian!
I am sure you was all saw the Champions League semifinals match on Wednesday night, played in Spain’s seventh most important city, Barcelona (after Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Toledo, Oviedo, and Pontevedra). I am only now this morning come round from my stupendous party, which have been going on for [...]

Only the Good Die Young!

Why did you take him, Lord? He was only 89.
Of all the terrible appalling news that there have been in recent weeks, such as the small earthquake in China, the volcano in irrelevant Iceland, the discovering of life on Neptune, the decision by Dublin Bus to change many of its routes, surely they are [...]

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be the Jews!

That Outfit is Sooooooo Last Year!!
Until very recent, I was labour under the misapprehension that a Syllagism was a dessert with sperm in, but it transpire that, for the first time, I was wrong. Is not a syllagism, but a syllogism, and what it is is a logical argument which is construct in such a [...]

The Hole She Bangs!

Is Not How It Looks. She is Just My Assistant
The appalling latest news in the world of celebrity “entertainment,” which was come out of the blue only this week, is the confession from Latin heart-thrub and all-round croner Randy Martin that he has been leading a double-life all this time. In secret, and behind everyone’s [...]

Have You Seen This Dog?

He is not easy to miss!!
I am think I was mention last week in my post that my next-door neighbours, the Mengeles, have been in a state of self-impose quarantine for the last six weeks. But I was not specify the reasons, which is that they were carrying out very important secret domestic science esperiments. [...]

Look! Is My Mate!

Spread it on your Bread of Heaven!
Did you see the story on the communist liberal BBC about the family in Wales that are find the image of Our Lord on the lid of something call Marmite? No? Neither did I. But thanks to Daphne’s sharp eyes, we can all now see what can only be [...]

Give Ireland Back to the English!

Welcome to Sunny Crete. Don’t Not Forget Your Beach Towels!!
Did my title get your attention? Si! Are you like it? Of course! Is my entry suggestion for the new competition Your Lovely Pissing Country, Your Call, which have been set up by the husband of the president of lovely pissing [...]

Not Every Wound Heals

Don’t Call Me Scarface!!
Si, is the very lovely late actress Vanessa Redgrave, who I think was die last week because I see a tribute to her on the BIFTAS. Here in this picture she is also dying, but just pretend dying, in the role of the socialite Isadora Dunkin, who was invent not just the [...]

Between a Rock Salmon and a Hard Plaice

Seriously, though, who is going to read all that?
I think it was the ancient Greek philosopher Epididymis who was said, “Woe be unto him who is know not what he has got. For his neighbour will be livid when he catch it off him.” At the time, he was talking about the pneubonic plague that [...]

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