This is a brief explanation page for people who want to subscribe to the OGRE. This is a free service which can be used to notify you when content on the OGRE site changes (both on and on


A blog (weblog) is like an on-line diary, which for the purposes of this website, will be used as a "What's New?" page. Whenever new content is added to the OGRE, a posting will be made on the blog, which will then appear as a new 'diary' entry.

You can find out what new items have been added by visiting the blog page directly and looking at the articles posted there. You can also add your own comments, or copy the articles, or just browse content. If you want to look at the blog, it can be found here: The OGRE blog.


Implicit in a blog publication is the ability to syndicate the article posts so anyone with newsreader software can see the latest article posts. This works just like the big news websites such as CNN or the BBC where the pages are mainly static in nature, but the content (ie., news articles) change whenever a new article is posted. Perhaps the simplest entry point to this is to look at a website called feedburner, where you can download a free newsreader, or take advantage of any of the blog feeds which are hosted by this service: The Ogre Blog.


The simplest way to be informed when an update occurs is to use an email subscription service. This will send you a mail whenever a new article is posted on the OGRE website. The service that the OGRE uses is feedblitz. Start receiving mails from the OGRE when the wesbite content changes:

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