Christchurch is a parish three miles to the east of the Borough of Newport. The parish church of Holy Trinity, restored in 1886, affords 500 sittings, and stands on an eminence from whence may be obtained magnificent and extensive views of the country around and of the Bristol Channel, with the Somersetshire coast beyond. Its registers date from the year 1666. The living is a vicarage, and is now held by the Rev. H. S. Rees. Churchwardens-Oswald Thomas and Captain Eaves. There is a Chapel-of-ease (Holy Spirit), opened 1898, in Caerleon village, where services are held every Thursday and Sunday evenings. A granite cross has been erected near the Church in memory of the men of the parish who were killed in the Great War. There is a new Lych Gate. The old Institution house adjoining the church has recently been restored.

CHRISTCHURCH DEMONSTRATION SCHOOLS(opened 1909).-Practical training given to students of Caerleon Training College. Headmaster, W. Llewellyn, B.Sc.

CHIEF COLLECTOR OF TAXES.-(Newport Area) 147 Commercial Street Newport.

A POST OFFICE for the parish has been opened on the Christchurch road. Boxes cleared at 8 a.m., 11.30 a.m., 2.30 p.m., 4.30 p.m., 7 p.m., 8 p.m., 9.30 p.m.-Sub-postmistress, Mrs. A. ]. Williams. There is also a sub-post office on the Chepstow road (near Royal Oak)-A. R. Barnes, sub-postmaster. Box cleared 11.45 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. Sundays, 7 p.m.

CAERLEON URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL.-COL. Blethyn T. Rees, James Dowden and Mrs. Griffiths Jones. Clerk-Major Mostyn Llewellin.

CHRISTCHURCH has been taken over by three different Authorities, Borough of Newport, Caerleon Urban District Council, and Magor Rural District Council.

Barnes A. R., post office Chepstow road
Barrell J., Newton House, Llanwern road
Baughan J., The Nest bungalow
Beynon Miss A. E., Coldra
Bickerton Wm. A., 1 Ashwell
Blight Howard J., Delta, Llanwern road
Bown B., The Bungalow
Brown Harry, Fairview
Butler R., county police officer
Colborne G. F., Dany-graig
Collett Edward, carpenter, Royal Oak hill
Mills Davies Albert c., Cosmo, Treberth Estate
Davies W., Hillside, Treberth Estate
Davies Wm., Elm villa, LIanwern road
Dyke John, Alma house
Ellis J. W., Hillcrest
Ford Chas., Mikela, Treberth Estate
Freebury James Allen, The Garage, Coldra
Fry Miss K. G. M., 10 Llanwern road
Fry Miss G. E. N., 10 Llanwern road
Gibson Lance H., Raeburn, Treberth Estate
Gwyther A. J., Zemindar, St. Julian's, Caerleon
Harris T. A., Ashwell
Hocking Arthur, 6 Llanwern road
Hollister Fredk. W., Glyn-yr-afon
Hopton Leslie N., Cherwell, Treberth Estate
Hopkins Wyndham Geo., Treborth Lodge
Horwood Ralph, Newland, Treberth Estate
Johns Harold, iron merchant, Windrush Christchurch road
Jones Mrs. Margaret, Southmead
Jones W. Griffith, Five Oaks
Kelly -., The Glen, Treberth Estate
Keyte Mrs. J., Porton house, Llanwern rd
Keene Edward, Briarcroft, Old hill
Lyne E. L., J.P., Clawdd, Bullmoor road
Miles P. A., Broadway, Treborth Estate
Morgan Mrs. C. B.
Morse Walter C., Sandelheath, Llanwern rd
Needs R., smallholder, Coldra Coch
O'Neil1 W. H., Clarinda, Llanwern road
Parry -, Rose Cottage, Coldra Estate
Parry Reginald E., Ashwell bungalow
Pell Godfrey L., The Barton
Perry Fredk., millwright, Llanwern Road
Perkins Wm. James, Ultra-Pontem
Prowse E. B. R, builder, Marlborough Treberth Estate
Rees R. 1. Treharne, Farmwood, Chepstow rd.
Rees Rev. H. S., The Vicarage
Richards W., Redroof
Rowsall G. G., Wansbeck, Llanwern road
Rowe Mrs. K. A., Woodville
Scott -, Countisbury,. Old Hill
Simmonds Albert, Christchurch house
Sivertson Peter, Trelleck house
Smith Herbert Charles, Springfield
Thompson -, Coldra Estate
Thompson E. J., butcher, Hendre
Venn W. J., Avalon, Llanwern road
Vincent Major I. C., Cairn-Cap
Walker Mrs., Coldra Estate
Ward C. F., Christchurch road
Webb, K. H., butcher, Tavistock
Wilkins J. R. builder, St. Anns, Llanwern rd
Williams -, The Laurels, Coldra Estate
Williams A. O., Bronydd
Woodhall Mrs. -., Tolcarne
Woodcock Danl. T., Clontarf, Treberth Estate
Woolley W. T., Sunnybank, Chepstow road
*Young N. J., Belle Vue

Adams W., dairyman, Royal Oak
Anstee Edgar L., Farmwood gardens
Attewell L., farmer, Lower Lakes farm
Barnes Mr., Post Office
Cox Charles, insurance agent, Pleasant view
Cox Sidney V., Pwlpan farm
Davies Mrs. E. A., Llanllecha farm
Evans George, Ashley house
George Wm., Old Barn Farm
George Wm. Rupert, Little Milton farm
Haime John F., farmer, Upper Lakes
Haines A. G., Little Bullmoor farm
Herbert & Son, sculptors, Daintry
Jones -, Kings Arms
Leigh Tom, shop, 3 Augustus place, Royal Oak
Llewellyn Mrs. F. H., Royal Oak, Chepstow rd
Pen-y-lan park (see Whitstone road, Christ church road, and Diana street and Gibbs rd
Phillips Chas. Fred, farmer, Bryngwyn
Rixon Bros., motor engineers, Belvue garage'
St. Julian's Park (see Cacrleon road
Smith Joseph, coal merchant
Watkins George, Dranllwyn farm
Watkins J., Royal Oak hill
Watkins Mrs. K. L. H., Greyhound Inn
Webb F. J., builder, Grove cottage
Perry Deane White H. E., Bell Inn
Williams Alfred, farmer, The Coed
*Williams Arthur, Priory farm
Williams Mrs. A. J., p.o., Christchurch road
Williams Roland, Chepstow hill farm
Williams Stanley, Treberth Farm
Marked * in Caerleon postal delivery

BISHPOOL From Chepstow Road
Attewell Clinton, butcher, I Hartridge farm
Britton Herbert, Rosebank
Cording ----, Hatridge Farm
Davies William, The Firs
Jones Theophilus H., The Dale
Lewis J. W., Mervale farm
Rixon J. F., 2 Hartridge farm.
Taylor c., Hillfield and Hillside farm
Thompson T. H., Hartridge farm
Waters Wm. J., Alway farm
Watkins J., market gardener, Little Bishpool
Willett Thomas, milkman, The Common
Williams Sidney John, Milton
The above are in Newport. See also under Magor

Ballinger Alfred, Southfield
Beven ---, Vanburgh
Billing Wilfred T., Maes-yr-haf
Burton G., Chiffa
Cheshire W. H., Greenfields
Crockford W., Caversham house
Davies A. J., Coldra lodge
Edwards David, Arosta
Elliot Roy G., Lydford
England F., Jesmond
Fairclough James R., Nijiliat
Green William, gardener, Woodgate Chime
Hamilton Leslie, Glentworth
Harris Capt. J., Lorraine
Healing Mrs. E. B., Highfield
Hill J. E., Lyndhurst
Hodges Albert E., Par brook
Hughes, F. E., St. Ninian
Humphreys VV., Northenhay
James Daniel, clerk, Woodlands
Jones A. S., Milverton
Keene J., Oaklands
Kitchel Rowland R, Denewood
Leigh Kenneth D., Moira
Lewis -, Northboro
Lewis Edward J., Wyverne
Main S. S., Denbre
Morrison F. J., Glynarthen
Munson Henry K., Clevedon
Nash J. H., Brynderwyn
Owen R., Pembanchor
Panting R, Lonicera
Parker Talesin, Hainault
Pearce E. R, The Chines
Phillips C. D., Rand
Phillips Ernest J., Bedevere
Price T., Lomond
Price William, St. Merryn
Pugsley Percy L., Buckland
Richards Mrs. Sarah, The Woodlands
Rixon Bernard J., Finchfield
Rixon J. F., Gwentland
Saunders J. G., Gorwin
Shepherd --., Roseville
Thompson Wm. A., butcher, The Grove
Todd -., Rawdon
Tugwell E., The Glen
Tugwell J. E., The Dell
Walker Mrs. M. E., The Knoll
Welford Isaac M., Whitburn
Welford Wm. S., Deerfield
Williams I., bus conductor, Woodgate Chime
Williams S., The Laurels
Woolley Jack, Meriden

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