LLANFAIR DISCOED Parish Register 1680-1812, Page 3

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Type Date Name Surname Rel. Parent Parent Surname Comment Original
Bu 17-May-1695 Mary NICHOLAS dau John NICHOLAS   Mary, dau' of John Nicholas
Bu 30-May-1695 Mary EDWARDS wife Sander EDWARDS   Mary, wife of Sander Edwards
Bu 15-Jun-1695 Martha EDWARDS dau Sander EDWARDS   Martha, dau' of Sander Edward
Bu 16-Jun-1695 Ann WILLIAM wife Harry WILLIAM   Ann, wife of Harry William
Bu 19-Jun-1695 Jane EDWARDS dau Sander EDWARDS   Jane, dau' of Sander Edwards
Bu 21-Jun-1695 Sander EDWARDS         Sander Edward
Bu 14-Jul-1696 George KEMEYS         George Kemeys, esqr
Bu 23-Oct-1696 Margaret O'BRIAN wife Tegg O'BRIAN   Margaret, wife of Tegg Obrian
Bu 26-Aug-1696 George KEMEYS son Edward KEMEYS   George, son of Edward Kemeys
Bu 12-Apr-1698 John MANSELL son William MANSELL   John, son of Wm Mansell
Bu 04-Jul-1699 Catherine GRIFFITH wife Edward GRIFFITH   Catherine, wife of Edward Griffith
Bu 05-Jan-1699 Robert WILLIAM son Christopher WILLIAM   Robert, son of Christopher Gwillim
Bu 24-Apr-1700 John WILLIAM         John Wm, buried in Shirenewton parish
Bu 26-Apr-1700 John KEMEYS son Edward KEMEYS   John, son of Edward Kemeys
Bu 14-May-1700 Water CHRISTOPHER son Nicholas CHRISTOPHER   Water, son of Nicholas Christopher
Bu 17-May-1700 John CHRISTOPHER son Nicholas CHRISTOPHER   John, son of Nicholas Christopher
Bu 30-May-1700 - CHRISTOPHER dau Nicholas CHRISTOPHER   ..., dau' of Nicholas Christopher
Bu 04-Apr-1701 Jane LLARGOE? dau Morgan LLARGOE?   Jane, dau' of Morgan Llargoe?
Bu 06-Apr-1701 Miles LEWIS         Miles Llewis
Bu 08-Oct-1701 Isabell MELLETON wife John MELLETON   Isabell, wife of John Melleton
Bu 30-Mar-1702 George KEMEYS         George Kemeys, esqr
Bu 21-Aug-1702 Blanch NICHOLAS wife Water NICHOLAS   Blanch, wife of Water Nicholas
Bu 13-Sep-1702 Bowles KUNVIN         Bowles Kunvin
Bu 10-Nov-1702 Martha LEWIS wife Miles LEWIS   Martha, wife of Miles Llewis
Bu 06-Dec-1702 Mary SANDERS wife Edmund SANDERS   Mary, wife of Edmund Sanders
Bu 05-Feb-1702 Edmund SANDERS         Edmund Sanders
Bu 25-Feb-1702 Elizabeth MANSELL wife Owen MANSELL   Elizabeth, wife of Owen Mansell
Bu 17-Nov-1703 Martha LEWIS dau James LEWIS   Martha, dau' of James Llewis
Bu 07-Feb-1703/4 William WALTERS son Howell WALTERS   Wm, son of Howell Waters
Bu 03-May-1704 Richard THOMAS         Richard Thomas
Bu 27-Aug-1704 Robert RICHARD         Robert Richard
Bu 01-May-1705 Edward BURN         Edward Burn
Bu 14-Jun-1705 Elizabeth ANDREWS wife Charles Howell ANDREWS   Elizabeth, wife of Charles Howell Andrews
Bu 27-Aug-1705 Samuell LEWIS son Jane/James LEWIS   Samuell, son of Jane [or James] Llewis
Bu 24-May-1706 Edward LEWIS         Edward Lewys child