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By Toxic Groups, Abusive Churches & Cults

John M. Knapp, LMSW
John M. Knapp, LMSW

Having difficulty with your job, your relationships, your family, your life — even years after leaving your toxic group, abusive church or cult?

I am a licensed therapist and cult recovery counselor. Since 1995, I have worked with more than 2,000 former members from a variety of toxic groups: Christian, Eastern, New Age, multilevel marketing, psychology, and other cults.

Initial Consultation Available

Many of my clients tried working with counselors before. But they felt judged or disbelieved by counselors inexperienced with cult veterans. I spent 23 years in a cult myself — I know what you are going through. I'll never judge, blame, or disbelieve you.

You may notice that I offer no lists of cults. Labeling groups as cults remains controversial — and can cause clients to feel like victims. I give every client the space to decide whether he or she experienced cultic abuse or not.

I believe in brief therapy, helping clients build on their own strengths to make changes that will lead to more comfortable, productive lives — quickly. But every group and individual is unique, so I work with clients at their own pace.

In the first four sessions, I educate clients about cultic processes. Next we move on to simple, practical techniques to overcome life challenges — in the here-and-now. You decide how long this phase lasts — perhaps four to eight sessions. Finally, we move on to recovery: structuring a new life — with new goals and values — free of cultic influence.

Because there are few experienced cult recovery counselors, I work by phone or Internet with clients from Hawaii to Europe in addition to office visits with local clients.

You may not realize the problems former cult members share. I recommend you review my Symptom Checklist.

Know that you are not alone. You can get support that leads to change. Together, my clients and I have worked successfully create new lives.

Please read my qualifications, then contact me to discuss your needs or ask questions. You can reach me at or 1.518.651.6490, or use this form.

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