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Welcome to Our New Nevada

Dear Fellow Nevadans,

Thank you for visiting our site. You are one step closer to taking back Nevada for Nevadans. Nevada was a place once where families flocked seeking good jobs, a great place to raise their kids, and a place to call home that they could feel proud about. Now, people do not want to raise their families here anymore. They do not like what our a state has become. Many Nevadan have lost their jobs and their homes. Some Nevadans are even leaving for greener pastures in other states.
Unemployment is high, enrollment in our public schools is down, and businesses are closing their doors. The sales tax has increased and there has been an increase in taxes for automobile registration for new cars and old cars that have almost doubled. All of this money that is being paid by Nevadans and what do we have to show for it? A state that is now dead last in per pupil spending in education. A state that has slashed hundreds of millions from education, social service programs and other vital programs necessary to ensure the well being of our people. Where is all this money going? The governor and his administration as well as our legislature have been running Nevada into the ground. Nevadans deserve better and you can be part of the change for the better right now.
Now is the time for change. The challenges that Nevada currently faces can and will be solved. I stand for bringing more businesses to Nevada to diversify our job base and create more opportunities for our workers.
I have met with many parents, teachers and concerned citizens who are hopeful that I will succeed in this extremely crucial endeavor. They are very enthusiastic about my campaign. They also admire and respect that I am running as a true Independent/Non-Partisan candidate. This campaign is as close to grassroots as you can get. The children of Nevada and the workers of Nevada will be my top priorities after being elected.
Please do not feel like you are having to vote between the lesser of two evils. This time you have a clear choice on November 2, 2010. I promise that my main concerns will be my constituents as I have no special interests or allegiance to any industry. Let us work together to make Nevada the place that we want it to be. It needs to be a place where people live, retire, prosper and raise a family in a safe and secure environment.

Mr. Aaron Y. Honig, M.A.T.

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