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This page lists electronic and print facsimiles of illustrated medieval manuscripts held in University of Illinois Libraries at Urbana-Champaign by subject.  The facsimiles are of two types: full and partial.  Full facsimiles reproduce every part of a book, including images and possibly binding and container, and are usually the same size as the original. Partial facsimiles reproduce only portions of a book, such as a selection of images and text pages, and might not be the same size as the original.

Antiphonaries & Graduals
Bibles moralisés
Bible pauperum
Books of Hours
Devotional Works
Exultet Rolls
Medical Treatises
Hunting Books
Law Books
Literary Works
Saints' Lives
Travel Books



096 M72A (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.) (Main Lib. Stacks)
L'Apocalypse de Saint-Sever: manuscrit Latin 8878 de la Bibliothèque nationale (XIe siècle). Notice descriptive par Émile-A. van Moé. Paris: Éditions de Cluny, 1943.

746.39 L57A (Main Lib. Stacks)
L'Apocalypse d'Angers. Présentation de Hean Lurçat
. Historique de Jacques Levron. Angers: Au Masque d'Or, 1955.

091 B471A (Main Lib. Stacks)
Apocalypse (Bibliothèque nationale, Fonds français, 403): reproduction photographique en couleurs. Précédée d'une introduction de Félix Lecoy; publiée par Yorio Otaka & Hideka Fukui. Osaka, Japan: Centre de recherches anglo-normandes, 1981.

Q. 745.670943 H229B v (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Die Bamberger Apokalypse. By Ernst Harnischfeger. Stuttgart: Urachhaus, 1981.

096 F27B (Rare Books & Spec. Coll.)
Die Bamberger Apokalypse. Die Miniaturen der Apokalypse und des Evangelistars in der Staatlichen Bibliothek Bamberg, Bibl. 140 (A II 42). Wiesbaden]: Insel-Verlag, 1958.

091.6 W83B2 (Main Lib. Stacks)
Die Bamberger Apokalypse, eine reichenauer Bilderhandschrift vom Jahre 1000 (Bamberg, Statliche Bibliothek, MS. Bibl. 140). Heinrich Wolfflin. (Munich?), 1921.

Beatus de Liébana, Codex Urgellensis, Urgell Diocesean Museum in La Seu d'Urgell (Spain). An online partial facsimile.

228 B38I1962 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Beatus of Liebana, Sancti beati a Liebana in Apocalypsin, Codex Gerundensis. (Gerona Cathedral MS. 7). 2 vols. Olten and Lausanne, Urs-Graf, 1962.

096 B472C (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Cloisters Apocalypse. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1971. 2 Vols.

759.2H27D (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Douce Apocalypse. Introduction and notes by A.G. and W.O. Hassall. New York, T. Yoseloff, 1961.

228 B47L1932 Microform (Rare Books and Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Dublin Apocalypse
. Edited by Montague Rhodes James Cambridge: Printed for the Roxburghe Club at the Cambridge University Press, 1932.

228EL44 (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Elizabeth Day McCormick Apocalypse
. 2 vols. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1940.

228 B47LL1990 (Rare Book and Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Lambeth Apocalypse: Manuscript 209 in Lambeth Palace Library. London: Harvey Miller, 1990. 

F. 782.292 L616  (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Libro del Maestro: Codice 65. 3 Vols. Piacenza, 1997-99. 

Morgan Beatus, see Spanish Apocalypse: The Morgan Beatus.

745.67092 B38M (Arch. & Art. Lib.)
A Spanish Apocalypse: The Morgan Beatus Manuscript. Introduction and commentaries by John Williams; codicological analysis by Barbara A. Shailor. New York: G. Braziller in association with the Pierpont Morgan Library, 1991.

745.67T736 (Arch. & Art Lib. Desk)
Trinity Apocalypse
--cd-rom version

096 B471Y (Rare Books and spec. Coll. Lib)
The Trinity College Apocalypse (Cambridge, Trinity College, R.16.2). Introduction and description by Peter H. Brieger. 2 vols. London, Eugrammia Press, 1967.

XF. 096 B471T1909 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Trinity college Apocalypse; A Reproduction in Facsimile of the Manuscript R. 16.2 in the Library of Trinity college, Cambridge. Preface and description by Montague Rhodes James. London: Printed for the Roxburghe club, 1909.

092 M97U and 092 M97UPLATES (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Die Urausgaben der hollandischen Apokalypse und Biblia pauperum. Heinrich Theodor Musper. 3 Vols. Munchen, Prestel, 1961.

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Antiphonaries and Graduals, see also Cantigas de Santa Maria

BX1999.85 E44 (Music Lib.)
Albi, Bibliothèque municipale Rochegude, manuscript 44: A Complete Ninth-century Gradual and Antiphoner from Southern France. John A. Emerson; edited by Lila Collamore.Ottawa, Canada : Institute of Mediaeval Music, 2002.

Q. M780.82 ER192 (Music Lib.)
Antiphonale Pataviense: (Wien 1519), Faksimile. Herausgegeben von Karlheinz Schlager. Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1985.

M2154.4 C6 A585 (Music Lib.)
Un antiphonaire cistercien pour le sanctoral: XIIe siècle: Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, nouvelles acquisitions latines 1412. Introduction, table, index Claire Maître. Paris: CTHS, 1999.

Q. 783.24 C282AV (Music Lib.)
Antifonario visigótico mozárabe de la Catedral de León. Edición del texto, notas e índices por Louis Brou y José Vives. Madrid: Centro de Estudios e Investigacion S. Isidoro, 1953-1959. 2 Vols.

M2147 K27 Microfilm (Music Lib.)
Antiphonarium: Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. 60. Musik- und liturgiegeschichtliche Einführung und Beschreibung der Handschrift von Hartmut Möller. München: H. Lengenfelder, 1995.

FICHE M2148.L4 2001 (Music Lib.)
Graduale Alderspacense: Colour Microfiche Edition of the Manuscript München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 2541/2542. Introduction to the Gradual of Aldersbach and Cistercian plainschant by David Hiley. München: H. Lengenfelder, 2001.

M2.3 D26M87 (Music Lib.).
The Istanbul Antiphonal: About 1360. Edited by Janka Szendrei. Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 2002.

F. 782.292 L616  (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Libro del Maestro: Codice 65. 3 Vols. Piacenza, 1997-99. 

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XQ. 264.025 C285B1910 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The benedictional of Saint AEthelwold, Bishop of Winchester, 963-984. Reproduced in facsimile from the manuscript in the library of the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth. Edited and Introduction by George Frederic Warner and Henry Austin Wilson. Oxford : Privately printed for presentation to the members of the Roxburghe Club, 1910.

Q. 096 W893B1959 (Arch. & Art Lib.); Q. 096 W893B  (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Benedictional of St. Ethelwold. Commentary by F. Wormald. New York, 1959. 

Q.745.6709422B434b (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Benedicitonal of St. Aethelwold: A Masterpiece of Anglo-Saxon Art. Introduction by Andrew Prescott.  The British Library, 2002. 

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XQ.398.245B4651982 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.) FF
Bestiarium (Ms. Ashmole 1511) Vollständige Faksimile-Ausgabe im Originalformat der Handschrift Ms. Ashmole 1511--Bestiarium: aus dem Besitz der Bodleian Library, Oxford. Graz, 1982.

875 B632B:E (English Lib.)
Bestiary: Being an English Version of the Bodleian Library, Oxford M.S. Bodley 764: With all the Original Miniatures Reproduced in Facsimile. Translated and Introduction by Richard Barber. Woodbridge, England: Boydell Press, 1993.

De avibus, see The Medieval Book of Birds: Hugh of Fouilloy's Aviarium

875 H873D:EC (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Medieval Book of Birds: Hugh of Fouilloy's Aviarium. Edited and translated by Willene B. Clark. Binghamton, NY : Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, 1992

XQ. 223.2 B47L1921 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
A Peterborough Psalter and Bestiary of the Fourteenth Century. Described by Montague Rhodes James. Oxford: Printed for presentation to the members of the Roxburghe club [at the Oxford University Press, by F. Hall], 1921.

841 P613OB:E1992 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Pierre de Beauvais. A Medieval Book of Beasts: Pierre de Beauvais' Bestiary. Translated into English by Guy R. Mermier; followed by a diplomatic transcription of the Malines (Mechelen) manuscript of Pierre de Beauvais, short version, and with, in appendix, an English translation of the Cambrai Bestiary; with illustrations by Alexandra Eldridge. Lewiston: E. Mellen Press, 1992.

XQ. 881 AP56.L1964 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Physiologus Bernensis, voll-Faksimile-Ausg. des Codex Bongarsianus 318 der Burgerbibliothek Bern. Wissenschaftlicher Kommentar von Christoph von Steiger und Otto Homburger. Basel : Alkuin-Verlag, 1964.

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Complete Bibles

F. 222.11 B47:GRPL1988 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Die Bibel des Patricius Leo: Codex Reginensis Graecus I B. (Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, Ms, Latin 4922)(Known as the Bible of Queen Christine of Sweden). Einführung von Suzy Dufrenne und Paul Cannart. Zürich: Belser, 1988.

XF.096 B475BIIntrod. (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
La Bibbia di Borso d'Este: riproduzione integrale promossa e curata da Giovanni Treccani degli Alfiere (Modena, Bibliotecaestense, MS. V.G. 12). Con documenti e studio storicoartistico di Adolfo Venturi. 2 vols. Bergamo: Banca populare, 1961.

Q. 220.47 B471992 (Mod. Lang. & Ling.)
Biblia Latina cum glossa ordinaria: facsimile reprint of the editio Princeps, Adolph Rusch of Strassburg 1480/81. Introduction by Karlfried Froehlich and Margaret T. Gibson. Turnhout: Brepols,1992.

745.670942644 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Bury Bible. Commentary by R.M. Thomson. Rochester, NY: Boydell Press, 2001.

 XQ. 096 P191 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Bucher, Francois. The Pamplona Bibles (Amiens, Bibliotheque Municipale, MS. Lat. 108 & Hamburg, Prince Oettingen-Wallerstein, I, 2, 1st, 40, I5)). 2 vols. New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 1971.

096 N39C (Main Lib. Stacks)
Der Codex Millenarius (Kremsmuenster, Stiftsbibliothek. MS. Cim. 1)
. Willibrord Neumueller. Graz, In Kommission bei H. Boehlaus Nachf. 1959.

091 Ea76 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Dodwell, C. R. The Old English Illustrated Hexateuch (London, British Museum, Cotton, MS. Claudius, B .iv) Copenhagen, Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1974.

096 D66G (Main Lib.)
The Great Lambeth Bible
. Introduction and notes by C.R. Dodwell.New York: T. Yoseloff, 1959.

745.67 K48I (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Illustrated Bibles from Tours. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 1977.

091.6 OA4A1946 (Lib. & Info. Sci. Lib.)
Oakeshott, Walter Fraser. TheAartists of the Winchester Bible, with forty-four reproductions of details from their work, and an introduction by Walter Oakeshott. London, Faber and Faber, 1945.

091 OA4T (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Oakeshott, Walter Fraser. The two Winchester Bibles (Oxford, Bodleian Library. MS. Auct. E. Infra 1 and 2). Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1981.

745.6709495 W439M (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Weitzmann, Kurt. The Miniatures of the Sacra parallela, Parisinus Graecus 923 (Paris. Bibliotheque nationale. MS. GR. 92).Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1979.

Q.745.670942 D719W(Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Winchester Bible. Commentary by Claire Donovan. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1993.

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Old Testament/ Hebrew Bibles

Ashburnham Pentateuch, see The Miniatures of the Ashburnam Pentateuch.

XQ. 096 B6442 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
A Book of Old Testament illustrations of the middle of the thirteenth century: sent by Cardinal Bernard Maciejowski to Shah Abbas the Great, king of Persia, now in the Pierpont Morgan Library at New York. Described by Sydney C. Cockerell; with an introd. by Montague Rhodes James and notes on the armour by Charles J. Ffoulkes. Cambridge: Printed by W. Lewis at the University Press for the Roxburghe Club, 1927.

745.6709023 J782e (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Egerton Genesis. Mary Coker Joslin and Carolyn Coker Joslin Watson. London: British Library, 2001.

Q. 224.9 B471927 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Facsimile of the Washington manuscript of the Minor prophets in the Freer collection, and the Berlin fragment of Genesis. Introduction by Henry A. Sanders. Ann Arbor, Mich.: The University of Michigan, 1927.

Q.745.670944B771 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Illustrations of the Book of Genesis; being a complete reproduction in facsimile of the manuscript British Museum, Egerton 1894. Introduction by M.R. James. Oxford: Printed for presentation to the members of the Roxburghe Club, 1921.

Q222.2048J799 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Joshe-Rolle. (Joshua Rolle) Vollständige faksimilie-ausgabe im original format des codex Vatinicanus Palatinus Graecus 431 Bibliotheca Apostalica Vaticana. Graz, 1984.

Q. 221.44 B47l1998 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.) (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Leningrad Codex: a facsimile edition. General editor, David Noel Freedman. Grand Rapids, Mich.: W.B. Eerdmans ; Leiden ; New York: Brill Academic, 1998.

F. 741 G26M (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Miniatures of the Ashburnam Pentateuch. Edited by Oskar Leopold Gebhardt. London, 1883.

Q 096 B6441969 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.) (Main Lib. Stacks)
Old Testament Miniatures: A Medieval Picture Book with 283 Paintings from the Creation to the story of David. Introduction and legends by Sydney C. Cockerell; preface by John Plummer.. New York, G. Braziller, 1969.

Q.745.67094L578Q (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Quendlinburg Italia: The Oldest Illustrated Biblical Manuscript. Commentary by Inabelle Levin. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1985. 

Vienna Genesis, see Die Wiener Genesis

222.1147GRWG (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Die Wiener Genesis. Commentary by H. Gerstinger. 2 Vols. Vienna, 1931.

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Gospels (including evangelaries, lectionaries and pericope books)

Q745.67095662 M425A (Main Lib. Stacks)
Armenian Gospel Iconography: The Tradition of the Glajor Gospel (University of California, Los Angeles, Library, Arm. MS. 1). Thomas F. Mathews and Avedis K. Sanjian. Washington, D.C., Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and collection, 1991.

Book of Kells, see Evangeliorum quattuor Codex Cenannensis.

XF. 226 B47LL1921 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Der Codex aureus der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek in München. Hrsg. von Georg Leidinger. München: Hugo Schmidt, 1921-1925.

XQ.226.B47L1971A (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Codex Caesareus Upsaliensis (Uppsala. Universitats-bibliothek, MS. C93)
. By Carl Adam Johan Nordenfaulk. Stockholm, Almqvist & Wiksell, 1971.

X264.026B47C (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Codex Egberti der Staatbibliothek Trier, Vollfaksimilie-Ausgabe unter dem Patronat der Stadt Trier. Basel, 1960.

Q.222.048C648C (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Codex Purpeus Rossanensis. Commentary by G. Cavello et al. Rome, 1987. 

XQ. 264.032 C64C (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Codex Vysehradensis, 1085. Praefatus est Frantisek Kavka. Edidit Jirí Masín, recensuerunt Jaroslav Pesina [et] Josef Krása. Pragae: Sumptibus Pragopress, 1970.

XQ 096 W893E (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
An Early Breton Gospel book: A Ninth-century Manuscript from the Collection of H.L. Bradfer-Lawrence, 1887-1965. Francis Wormald. Edited by Jonathan Alexander. Cambridge: Printed for presentation to the members of the Roxburghe Club, 1977.

F. 745.67094792 E14 (Main Lib. Stacks)
Das Evangeliar Codex 697 der Mechitharisten-Congregation zu Wien: eine armenische Prachthandschrift der Jahrtausendwende und ihre spätantiken Vorbilder. Heide und Helmut Buschhausen. Berlin : Union Verlag, 1981.

Q.943.022Ev141 (Main Lib. Stacks)
Das Evangeliar Ottos III. Clm 4453 der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek Munchen
. Frankfurt, Herausgegeben von Florentine Mutherich und Karl Dachs. Munchen: Prestel, 2001.

226 B47e, 1988 Microfilm (Rare Books & Spec. Coll.)
Evangeliarum Epternacense : (Universitätsbibliothek Augsburg, Cod. I.2.4°2) ; Evangelistarium : (Erzbischöfliches Priesterseminar St. Peter, Cod. ms. 25). Introduction and codicological description by Dáibhí Ó Cróinín.München : H. Lengenfelder, 1988. 5 microfilms.

XQ226B47L1990 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Evangeliorum quattuor Codex Cenannensis, MS 58 Trinity College Library, Dublin. Laussane, 1990. 

XQ226B47LLu1960 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Evangeliorum quattuor Codex Durchamensis. Commentary by A. Luce et al. 2 Vols. Olten and Lausanne, 1960.  

XQ226B47OE1956 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Evangeliorum quattuor Codex Lindesfarnnsis. Commentary by R.L.S. Bruce-Mitford et al. 2 Vols. Olten and Lausanne, 1956-60.  

Q.091.6M56G: ES1957 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Golden Gospels of Echternach. Commentary by P. Metz. London, 1957. 

745.6709435 K122G (Main. Lib. Stacks)
Das Goldenen Evangelienbuch von Echternach. Commentary  by Kahsnitz et al. Frankfurt, 1982. 

XQ. 096 W24G (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Gospels of Matilda, Countess of Tuscany, 1055-1115 : nineteen plates in gold and colour and twelve in monochrome from the manuscript in the library of John Pierpont Morgan. Introduction by Sir George Warner. Oxford : Privately printed for presentation to the Roxburghe Club, 1917.

Gospel of St. Augustine, see The Miniatures in the Gospel of St. Augustine.

Q. 264.029 C28LE1982 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Lectionary for the Feasts of Saint Benedict, Saint Maurus and Saint Scholastica. New York: Johnson Reprint Corp.: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1982 (Baden-Baden: Franz W. Wesel).

Lindesfarne Gospels, see Evangeliorum quattuor Codex Lindesfarnnsis.

XQ226B47LBR (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Lorsch Gopels. Commentary by W. Braunfels. New York, 1967.

Q.091.6 C64M (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Die Miniaturen des Gerokodex: Ein Reichenauer Evangelistar des 10. Jahrhunderts (Darmstadt, Landes v. Hochschulbibliothek, MS. 1948). Leipzig, Karl W. Hiersemann, 1924.

745.670956J484M (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Les miniatures du manuscrit syriaque no. 559 de la Bibliothèque vaticane. Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, 1940.

Q. 741 W89M (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Miniatures in the Gospels of St. Augustine (Cambridge. Corpus Christi College. MS. 286). Francis Wormald.  Cambridge, [Eng.] University Press, 1954.

Q.226 B47:LNT1984 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Neues Testament: Codex Vaticanus latinus 39. Einführung von Giovanni Morello, Ulrich Stockmann
. Zürich: Belser, 1984.

Rossano Gospels, see Codex Purpeus Rossanensis.

226 Z6T (Main Lib. Stacks)
Das Tetraevangeliar des Zaren Ivan Alexandar (London, British Museum. MS. add 39627). Ljudmila Shivkova. Recklinghausen, Bongers, 1977.

F. 264.02034 C625T1997 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Towneley Lectionary Illuminated for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese by Giulio Clovio: The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations Manuscript 91. Described by Jonathan J. G. Alexander. London: Roxburghe Club, 1997.

940.3 C37WN (Main Lib. Stacks)
Das Wiener Fragment der Lorscher Annalen [Annales Laureshamenses]. Christus und die Samariterin. Katechese des Niceta von Remesiana. Codex Vindobonensis 515 der Österreicheschen Nationalbibliothek. Graz, Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1967.Facsimile-ausgabe. Einführung und Transkription: Franz Unterkircher.

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Bible moralisé

096.1 B471B (Arch. & Art Lib.) 
Bible moralisé: Codex Vindobonensis 2554, Vienna, Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek. Commentary and translation of Biblical texts by Gerald B. Guest. London: Harvey Miller, 1995.

Q.09V675B1973 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Bible moralisé (Österreiche Nationalbibliothek MSS 2554). Graz, 1973.

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Biblia pauperum

092 B47B:EL (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Bible of the Poor = Biblia pauperum: A Facsimile Edition of the British Library Blockbook C.9.d.2. Translation and commentary by Albert C. Labriola and John W. Smeltz. Pittsburgh, PA: Duquesne University Press, 1990.

Q. 655.132 B47B1859 (Arch. & Art Lib.) 
Biblia pauperum. Reproduced in facsimile from one of the copies in British museum; with an historical and bibliographical introduction, by J. Ph. Berjeau.London, J. R. Smith, 1859.

Q. 655.132 B47B1903 (Main Lib. Stacks)
Biblia pauperum : nach dem einzigen Exemplare in 50 Darstellungen (früher in Wolfenbüttel, jetzt in der Bibliothèque nationale). Herausgegeben von P. Heitz; mit einer Einleitung über die Entstehung und Entwicklung der Biblia pauperum unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der uns erhaltenen Handschriften von W. L. Schreiber. Strassburg: J.H.Ed. Heitz (Heitz & Mündel), 1903.

Q. 092 B47BEH (Arch. & Art Lib.); Q. 655.132 B47B (Main Lib. Stacks)
Biblia pauperum. Deutsche ausgabe von 1471. Weimar, Gesellschaft der bibliophilen. Berlin: Reichsdruckerei, 1906.

Q. 655.132 B47B1912 (Main Lib. Stacks)
Die Biblia pauperum und Apokalypse der Grossherzogl. Bibliothek zu Weimar, hrsg. von Hans von der Gabelentz, mit 42 Lichtdrucktafeln. Strassburg: Heitz, 1912.

Q.655.132B47BYC (Rare Books & Spec. Coll.) (Main Lib. Stacks)
Biblia pauperum. Henrik Cornell. Stockholm: Thule-tryck, 1925.

XQ. 092 B47BGE (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.); Q. 092 B47BEH (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Biblia pauperum. Budapest, 1967.

Q. 092 B47BB1989  (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Biblia pauperum: Codex Palatinus Latinus 871 in the Vatican Library. Yorktown Heights, N.Y.: Belser, 1989.

759.54 B471 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Biblia pauperum: dipinti dalle diocesi di Romagna, 1570-1670. Acura di Nadia Ceroni e Giordano Viroli ; con scritti di Grazia Agostini ... [et al.] ; introduzione di Andrea Emiliani. Bologna: Nuova Alfa, 1992.

Q. 092 B47B:GW (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Biblia pauperum = Armenbibel : die Bilderhandschrift des Codex Palatinus latinus 871 im Besitz der Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
. Einführung und Kommentar : Christoph Wetzel ; Transkription und Übersetzung : Heike Drechsler. Stuttgart : Belser, 1995.

232.92 H979G (Main Lib. Stacks)
Geburt und Kindheit Jesu in der Vorauer Volksbibel: mit der Wiedergabe von zwölf Bildern in Farbe und Originalgrösse aus Kodex 273 des Stiftes Vorau
. Commentary by Ferdinand Hutz. Graz, 1989.

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Books of Hours

091.0941 B127B (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Bedford Hours. Janet Backhouse. London: British Library, 1990

745.67B416 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Belles Heures of John, Duke de Berry. The Cloisters, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Introduction by Millard Meiss. Commentaries by Millard Meiss and Elizabeth H. Beatson. New York: G. Braziller, 1974.

745.67 B6442(Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Book of Hours Illuminated by the Master of the Breviary of Jean sans Peur
. London: Sotheby's, 1999.

745.67 B644 (Main Lib. Stacks)
Book of Hours: Illuminations by Simon Marmio: With an Introduction and Commentaries (Huntington manuscript HM 1173). By James Thorpe. San Marino, California: Huntington Library, 1976.

759.9492 P736B (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.) (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves. Commentary by John Plummer. New York, 1964.

Q.096M45B1974 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Book of Hours of Emperor Maximilian. Decorated by Albrecht Dürer and other artists. New York, Abaris Books, 1974.

264.02 H24C (Main Lib. Stacks)
Cursus Sanctae Mariae, a thirteenth-century manuscript, now M. 739 in the Pierpont Morgan library, probably executed in the Premonstratensian monastery of Louka in Moravia, at the instance of the Margravine Kunegund, for presentation to her niece, Saint Agnes. Introduction and description by Meta Harrsen. New York, The Pierpont Morgan library, 1937.

091 D719B (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The De Brailes Hours: Shaping the Book of Hours in 13th-century Oxford.  Clare Donovan. London, 1991. 

096SM68F (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Farnese Hours: The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. Introduction and commentaries by Webster Smith. New York, 1976.

268.432 V675G (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Gebetbuch Karls des Kühnen vel potius, Stundenbuch der Maria von Burgund. Codex Vindobonensis 1857 der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek. Kodikologische Beschreibung: Franz Unterkircher. Étude de l'enluminure: Antoine de Schryver. Graz, 1969. 

Q. 091.6 P82G (Main Lib. Stacks)
Les Grandes heures de Rohan. Commentary by Jean Porcher. Geneva, 1943. 

096 G763EB1971 (Main Lib. Stacks) (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Grandes heures of Jean, Duke of Berry, Bibliothèque nationale, Paris. Introduction. and legends by Marcel Thomas; translated from the French by Victoria Benedict and Benita Eisler. New York, 1971. 

 759.94931c286H (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Hastings Hours: A15th-century Flemish Book of Hours made for William, Lord Hastings : now in the British Library (Additional Ms. 54782),  London. Preface and commentary by D. H. Turner. New York, 1983.

091 K836H (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Les heures de Marguerite d'Orléans: reproduction intégrale du calendrier et des images du manuscrit latin 1156B de la Bibliothèque nationale (Paris). Introduction et commentaire par Eberhard König; traduction de l'allemand par François Boespflug. Paris, 1991. 

Q.096H4841967 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Heures de Turin. Quarante-cinq feuillets à peintures provenant des Très belles heures de Jean de France, duc de Berry. Comentary by Albert Chatelet. Torino, 1967. 

745.67 H816 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib)
The Hours of Albert Brandenburg: Illuminated Manuscript by Simon Bening. Amsterdam. London: Sotheby's, 2001.

242M393B (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Hours of Englebert of Nassau, the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Introd. and legends by J.J.G. Alexander.New York: G. Braziller, 1970.

ARC 096F82H (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Hours of Etienne Chevalier. Pref. by Charles Sterling. Introd. and legends by Claude Schaefer. Translated from the French by Marianne Sinclair. New York, G. Braziller, 1971.

745.670944 P877w (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Hours of Henry VIII: A Renaissance Masterpiece by Jean Poye. By Roger S. Wieck, William M. Voelkle, K. Michelle Hearne. New York: George Braziller in association with the Pierpont Morgan Library, 2000.

Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux, see Das Stundenbuch der Jeanne d'Evreux.

Q. 264.02 C28HO1994 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Hours of Lorenzo de Medici. (Book of Hours of Lorenzo de Medici, Duke of Urbino and Madeleine de la Tour D'Auvergne) Officiu[m] Beate Marie uirginis secundu[m] Romane curie. Commentary by Juana Hildago Ogayar. Madrid, 1994. 

The Hours of Mary of Burgundy, see also Gebetbuch Karls des Kühnen vel potius.

242 C286H1995 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Hours of Mary of Burgundy: Codex Vindobonensis 1857 Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek. Commentary by Eric Inglis. London, 1995.

096 L88L (Main Lib. Stacks)
Libro de horas de Isabel la Catolica ; estudio preliminar. Matilde Lopez Sernano.
Madrid, Editorial Patrimonio Nacional, 1969.

242.802 C286b1996 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Libro de horas de la reina María de Navarra. Barcelona: M. Moleiro Editor, S.A., 1996.

745.67094 T723L (Main Lib. Stacks)
Livre d'heures; Handschrift 1855 der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek. Commentary by Ernst Trenkler. Wien, 1948.

XQ.09B12M (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Madresford Hours. Edited by Janet Backhouse. London: British Library, 1975.

&45.67H535m Cd-rom (Art & Arch. Lib. Desk)
Murthly Hours
: devotion, literacy and luxury in Paris, England and the Gaelic West.

242.6 C286p (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Les Petites heures du duc de Berry. Commentary by Francois Avril, Louisa Dunlop, Brunsdon Yapp. Luzern, 1988-89.

745.67094425W337P (Art & Arch. Lib.)
The Playfair Hours. Edited by Rowan Watson. London: Victoria and Albert Museum, 1984.

091P898 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Prayerbook of Michelino da Besozzo. New York, 1981.

Q. 091.6 R636EC (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Rohan Master: A Book of Hours: Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris (M.S. Latin 9471). Introd. by Millard Meiss. Introd. and commentaries by Marcel Thomas. Translated from the French by Katharine W. Carson. New York, 1973.

091.6 P82R (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Rohan Book of Hours. Commentary by Jean Porcher. London, 1959.

264.02 C28HO1991 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Simon Bening. Simon Bening Das Blumen-Stundenbuch = Le livre d'heures aux fleurs (Ms. Clm 23637 of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München). Luzern : Faksimile Verlag,

1991.XQ.745.67SP33s (Rare Book & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Sobieski Hours. Edited by Eleanor Spencer. London, 1977.

242.7 ST431989 (Rare Book & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Stephan Lochner Gebetbuch, 1451: Handschrift 70 der Hessischen Landes- und Hochschulbibliothek, Darmstadt. Kommentar von Eberhard König ; mit Beiträgen von Kurt Hans Staub und Beate Braun-Niehr. 2 vols. Lachen am Zürichsee; Stuttgart, 1989.

242.6 J343s (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Das Stundenbuch der Jeanne d'Evreux = The hours of Jeanne d'Évreux = Le livre d'heures de Jeanne d'Evreux. Luzern, New York, 1998.

091 Z62S (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Das Stundenbuch cod. 406 des Stiftes Zwettl. Charlotte Ziegler. Wien: Verlag Anton Schroll, 1983.

Stundenbuch der Maria von Burgund, see Gebetbuch Karls des Kühnen vel potius

264.02C28HO1980 (Rare Book & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Studenbuch Ludwigs von Orléan. 2 Vols. Leipzig: Ausgabe für Insel Verlag, in Frankfurt am Main, 1980. 

242 K836s (Main Lib. Stacks)
Das Stundenbuch: Perlen der Buchkunst : die Gattung in Handschriften der Vaticana. Einführung von Eberhard König, Gabriele Bartz. Stuttgart, 1998. 

091 EV16S (Arch. & Art lib.)
The Sforza Hours. Commentary by Mark Evans. London, 1992.  

Q. 096.1 K836t (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Die Très belles heures von Jean de France duc de Berry: ein Meisterwerk an der Schwelle zur Neuzeit. Einführung von  Eberhard König. München, 1998. 

XQ. 745.67 T7251984 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Très riches heures of Jean, Duke of Berry: Musée Condé, Chantilly
. Introduction and legends by Jean Longnon and Raymond Cazelles; preface by Millard Meiss. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.; Lucerne : Faksimile-Verlag, c1984 1989. 

XQ. 745.67 T7251984 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Très riches heures of Jean, Duke of Berry: Commentary to the facsimile edition of manuscript 65 from the collection of the Musée Condé, Chantilly. Raymond Cazelles with additions by Johannes Rathofer. Translated by Theodore Swift Faunce. New York; Luzerne, 1984.

264.027 C28HO1984 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Das vatikanische Stundenbuch Jean Bourdichons: Cod. Vat. Lat. 3781. Einführung von Eberhard König. 2 Vols. Zurich, 1984.

091G769V (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Visconti Hours. New York, 1972.

096 M314W (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Warncliffe Hours. Edited by Margaret Manion. Sydney, 1972.

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82c. Q.745.67 G881A (Main Lib. Stacks)
Arbeit und Feste im Reigen des Jahres; Bilder aus dem Leben des Mittelalters nach dem Breviarium Grimaniin Venedig. Zwölf farbige Tafeln, mit einer Einführung von Hans Bloesch. Bern, Iris verlag, 1935.

091.6 P82B (Main Lib. Stacks)
Le breviaire de Martin d’Aragon. Jean Porcher. Paris, 1962.

Q.741 L559B (Main Lib. Stacks)
Le breviaire-missel du prieure clunisien de Lewes. Victor Leroquais. Paris, G. Andrieux, 1935.

79a 264.02 C28BRE (Arch. & Art. Lib.)
Le Breviarie de Philippe le Bon. Paris, 1929.

81a. 091.6 G881B1903/4 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Le Breviaire Grimani a la Bibliotheque Marciana de Venise. Venezia, 1903.12 vols.

82b. 091.6 G881BEP1974, (Lib. & Info. Sci. Lib.)
The Grimani Breviary reproduced from the illuminated manuscript belonging to the Biblioteca Marciana, Venice. Pref. by Giorgio E. Ferrari. Introd. by Mario Salmi, commentaries on the plates by Gian Lorenzo Mellini. Translated from the Italian "Breviario Grimani" by Simon Pleasance, Linda Packer and Geoffrey Webb. Woodstock, N.Y., Overlook Press 1974, c1972.

096 M45B (Arch. & Art. Lib.)
The Breviary of the Mayer van den Bergh Museum at Antwerp
. Introduction by Camille Gaspar. Brussels, C. Weckesser ; New York, G.E. Stechert & Co., 1932.

745.67094931 B1271 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Isabella Breviary. Janet Backhouse. London: British Library, 1993.

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Cantigas de Santa Maria

The Cantigas de Santa Maria

This site contains images of Codices TO and E of the Cantigas de Santa Maria written during  the reign of Alfonso X "El Sabio" (1221-1284) and generally ascribed to the king.

XF. 783.9 AL28CFACSIM (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Alfonso X el Sabio. Cantigas de Santa Maria. Edición facsímil de codice T.I.1 de la Biblioteca de San Lorenzo el Real de El Escorial, siglo XIII. Madrid: Edilán, 1979. See below for introductory volume.

XF. 783.9 AL28CFACSIM.INTROD (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Alfonso X el Sabio. El "Codice rico" de las Cantigas de Alfonso X el Sabio: ms. T.I.1 de la Biblioteca de El Escorial. Madrid: Edilán, 1979.

F. 783.9 Al28c21989 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Alfonso X el Sabio. Cantigas de Santa María: edición facsímil del códice B.R.20 de la Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale de Florencia, siglo XIII. Madrid: Edilan, 1989-1991.

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Q . 972.018 M428cfacsim (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Códice Moctezuma, o, Matrícula de tributos. Graz, Austria: Akademische Druck-und Verlaggsanstalt; México, D.F.: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1997.

Q 985 M84h204 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Murúa, Martín de. Códice Murúa: historia y genealogía de los reyes incas del Perú del padre mercenario Fray Martín de Murúa: códice Galvin / estudio de Juan Ossio. Madrid: Testimonio Compañía Editorial, 2004.

Q. 943.02 G767m (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Die Miniaturen zum Triumphzug Kaiser Maximilians I. Commentary by Franz Winzinger.
Graz, 1972-1973.

T096 M664EA (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Miniatures of the Chronicle of Manasse by Ivan Dujcev (Codex Vaticanus Slav II.). Translated by Marguerite Alexieva. Sofia, Bulgarski Houdozhnik Pub. House, 1963.

Q. 973.16 N92r1996 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.) (Main Stacks Lib.)
Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar. Historia en español de las Indias del Nuovo Mondo (Naufragios): Codex Vindobonensis 5620, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Viena. Introduction and notes by Miguel Nieto Nuño. Madrid: G. Blázquez, 1996.

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Devotional Works

XQ.096 H759I (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
An Illuminated Manuscript of La somme le roy, attributed to the Parisian miniaturist Honoré. With an introd. by Eric George Millar. Oxford, Printed for the Roxburghe Club, 1953.

246 SP311972 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Speculum Humanae Salvationis. Graz, 1972.

Q.246 SP31YH (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Speculum Humanae Salvationis. Leipzig, 1930.

242 C766b (Main Lib. Stacks)
Constanza de Castilla, Sor. Book of devotions = libro de devociones y oficios. Edited by Constance L. Wilkins. Exeter, Devon : University of Exeter Press, 1998.

Q. 232.91 IA5M (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Jakobos, Mönchs. Das Marienhomiliar des Mönchs Jakobos von Kokkinobaphos: Codex vaticanus graecus 1162. Irmgard Hutter und Paul Canart. Zurich: Belser Verlag, 1991.

Q.741 M364I (Main Lib. Stacks)
John Climacus. The Illustration of the Heavenly Ladder of John Climacus (Vatican Library, Cod. Vat. Gu. 354). John Rupert Martin Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1954.

Q. 096 M58M1885 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Miélot, Jean. Miracles de Nostre Dame collected by Jean Miélot, secretary to Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy. Reproduced in facsimile from Douce manuscript 374 in the Bodleian library for John Malcolm of Poltalloch. Text, introduction, and annotated analysis by George F. Warner, M.A. Westminster: Nichols and sons, 1885.

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Q. 944.01 C6481962 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Codex epistolaris Carolinus: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Codex 449. Einleitung und Beschreibung, Franz Unterkircher. Graz, 1962. 

85. 096 G439B (Main Lib. Stacks)
Giovanni da Gaibana. L'epistolario miniato di Giovanni da Gaibana (Padua, Tesoro della Cattedrale, MS. 1259). 2 v. Vicenza, N. Pozzi, 1968. 2 vols.

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Exultet Rolls

F.745.670945 C28e (Rare Books and Spec. Coll.)
An Exultet Roll Illuminated in the XIth Century at the Abbey of Monte Cassino, Reproduced from Add. ms. 30337. London, Printed by order of the Trustees, 1929. Introduction signed: J. P. Gilson.

745.670945 EX93 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Exultet: rotoli liturgici del medioevo meridionale. Direzione scientifica, Guglielmo Cavallo; coordinamento, Giulia Orofino, Oronzo Pecere.
Roma: Istituto poligraficoe zecca dello stato, Libreria dello stato, 1994.

264.027 Ex931988 (Rare Books and Spec. Coll.)
Die Exultetrolle : Codex Barberini Latinus 592.
Einführung von Guglielmo Cavallo ; wissenschaftliches Resüme von Lucinia Speciale. Zürich : Belser, 1988.

XQ. 745.67 AV38E (Rare Books and Spec. Coll.)
The Exultet Rolls of South Italy. Myrtilla Avery. Princeton, University press; London, Oxford University Press,1936-.

Q.745.670945 C314R (Arch. & Art)
Cavallo, Guglielmo. Rotoli di exultet dell'Italia meridionale. Exultet 1, 2, benedizionale dell'Archivio della cattedrale di Bari. Exultet 1, 2, 3 dell'Archivio capitolare di Troia. Contributi sull'exultet 3 di Troia di Carlo Bertelli. Prefazione di Armando Petrucci. Bari: Adriatica, 1973.

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X 296.02 J55H1963 (Rare Books and Spec. Coll. Lib.) ; X 296.02 J55H1967 (Undergrad. Lib.)
The Sarajevo Haggadah (Sarajevo. MS. Haggadah Sel pesah). Text by Cecil Roth. New York, Harcourt, Brace & World: 1963; 1967.

Q. 296.437 H122R (Hist. Lib.)
The Rylands Haggadah: A Medieval Sephardi Masterpiece in Facsimile: An Illuminated Passover compendium from mid-14th Century Catalonia in the collections of the John Rylands University of Manchester, with a commentary and a cycle of poems (Manchester. John Rylands Library. Hebrew MS. 6). Translation by Raphael Loewe London, Thames and Hudson, 1988.

XQ.296.14204 AS35A1985 (Rare Books and Spec. Coll. Lib.)
XQ. 296.14204 AS35A1985A ( Main Lib. Stacks)
The Ashkenazi Haggadah: A Hebrew Manuscript of the Mid-15th Century from the Collections of the British Library (London, British Library Add. MS. 14765).
New York, H.N. Abrams, 1985.

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XQ 881 D95512 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Dioscurides. Codex Vindobonesis Graz, 1970.

X.871 A42H1925 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Herbal of Apuleius Barbarus from the early twelfth-century manuscript formerly in the Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds (Ms. Bodley 130). Described by Robert T. Gunther.

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Hunting Books

Gaston Phoebus's Book of Hunting

091.6F84L (Main Lib. Stacks)
Gaston III Phoebus, Count of Foix. Livre de la chasse, par Gaston Phébus, comte de Foix. Reproduction réduite des 87 miniatures du Manuscrit français 616 de la Bibliothèque Nationale. Paris : Imprimerie Berthaud frères, Catala frères, succrs, 1909.

799.2 G219P1971 (Main Lib. Stacks)
Gaston III Phoebus, Count of Foix. Livre de chasse. Stockholm : Almqvist och Wiksell, 1971.

248.3 G21L1975 (Main Lib. Stacks)
Gaston III Phoebus, Count of Foix. Livre des oraisons : les prières d'un chasseur. Edité avec introd., glossaire et reproduction d'une miniature du manuscrit 616 de la Bibliothèque nationale de Paris par Gunnar Tilander. Stockhol : Almqvist & Wiksell ; Paris: Crépin-Leblond & C : Librairie d'Argences, 1975.

745.670944 G219H:E (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Gaston III Phoebus, Count of Foix. The Hunting Book. Text by Gabriel Bise after Gaston Phoebus; translated by J. Peter Tallon. London: Regent Books, Hightext, 1984.

799.2944 G219l:E (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Gaston III Phoebus, Count of Foix. The hunting book of Gaston Phébus: manuscrit français 616, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale. Introduction by Marcel Thomas and François Avril; commentary by Wilhelm Schlag. London: Harvey Miller, 1998.

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Law Books

342.43 H74B:G (Oak Street)
Die Goldene Bulle
: d. Reichsgesetz Kaiser Karls IV. vom Jahre 1356. Weimar: Böhlau, 1978.

XQ. 349.432 SA11970 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Die Heidelberger Bilderhandschrift des Sachsenspiegels. Frankfurt am Main: Insel Verlag, 1970.

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Literary Works--arranged by author, if known

Boccaccio, Giovanni

XQ. 851 B63ODECSP1951 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Boccaccio, Giovanni. De las ilustres mujeres, en romance (Zaragoza, 1494) Sale nuevamente a luz reproducida en facsimile por acuerdo de la Real Academia Española. Madrid: [n.p.], 1951.

851 B63OT1989 (Main Lib. Stacks)
Boccaccio, Giovanni. Von Minne, Kampf und Leidenschaft: die Bilder der Wiener Théséide : Faksimile-Wiedergabe aller 17 Miniaturseiten aus Codex 2617 der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek in Wien.  herausgegeben und kommentiert von Felicitas Brachert. Graz: Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, c1989.

Q. 745.670944 B862B (Arch. & Art Lib.)
 Buettner, Brigitte. Boccaccio's Des cleres et nobles femmes: systems of signification in an illuminated manuscript. Seattle: Published by College Art Association in association with University of Washington Press, 1996.

Q. 769.944 M317M (Main Lib. Stacks)
Michel, Henri. L'imprimeur Colard Mansion et le Boccace de la Bibliothèque d'Amiens. Ouvrage accompagné de XI planches en phototypie. Paris: Pour la Sociéte française de bibliographie chez A. Picard, 1925.

Chretien de Troyes

Q. 841 C46l1993 (Mod. Ling. & Lang. Lib.)
Les manuscrits de Chrétien de Troyes / edité par Keith Busby ... [et al.] = The manuscripts of Chrétien de Troyes.
Edited by Keith Busby ... [et al.]. Amsterdam : Atlanta, GA : Rodopi, 1993. 2 Vols.

745.670943 C648 (Mod. Lang. & Ling.)
Codex Manesse: die Miniaturen der Grossen Heidelberger Liederhandschrift. Herausgegeben und erläutert von Ingo F. Walther, unter Mitarbeit von Gisela Siebert. Frankfurt am Main : Insel, 1988.


Dante Alighieri

XQ. 851 D23OD.LA1939 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Alighieri, Dante. La Commedia, col commento di Jacopo della Lana dal Codice francofortese arci-ß, hrsg. von Friedrich Schmidt-Knatz, mit Unterstützung des Oberbürgermeisters der Stadt des deutschen Handwerks, Frankfurt am Main, der Deutschen Dante-Gesellschaft und der Società Dante Alighieri in Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt am Main, 1939.

Q. 851 D23OC1932 (Main Lib. Stacks)
Alighieri, Dante. Il convivio, riprodotto in fototipia dal Codice barberiniano latino 4086 per cura della Biblioteca vaticana. Città del Vaticano: Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, 1932.

FILM 851 D23OD.BIA (History, Philosophy, & Newspaper Lib.)
Alighieri, Dante. La Divina commedia nella figurazione artistica e nel secolare commento, a cura di Guido Biagi et al. Torino: Unione tipografico editrice torinese, 1924-39. 2 Vols.

XQ. 851 D23OD.H (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Aligheri, Dante. Divina commedia: Codex Altonensis. Berlin: Gebr. Mann Verlag, 1965.

Q. 851 D23DB76 (Mod. Lang. & Ling. Lib.)
Brieger, Peter et. al. Illuminated manuscripts of the Divine comedy. [Princeton, N.J.] Princeton University Press [1969]. 2 Vol.



Q. 821 C391997 (English Lib.) (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The works of Geoffrey Chaucer and The kingis quair: a facsimile of Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Arch. Selden. B. 24. Introduction by Julia Boffey & A.S.G. Edwards and an appendix by B.C. Barker-Benfield. Rochester, NY: D.S. Brewer, 1997.

F. 821 C39C1997 (English Lib.)
Chaucer, Geoffrey.
The Canterbury tales: the new Ellesmere Chaucer monochromatic facsimile (of Huntington Library MS EL 26 C 9). Edited by Daniel Woodward and Martin Stevens. San Marino, Calif.: Huntington Library; Tokyo : Yushodo, 1997.


Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Muen

Q. 841 R661OR1987 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Guillaume, de Lorris. Der Rosenroman des Berthaud d'Achy: Urb. lat. 376: Entstanden Ende des 13. Jahrhunderts. Zürich: Belser Verlag, 1987. 2 Vols.


Gyron le Courtois

Q. 841 G953OG1977 (Main Lib. Stacks)
le courtois, c. 1501 / introductory note by C. E. Pickford. London : Scolar Press ; New York : British Book Centre, 1977. (check ill)


King Rene

745.670944 UN8K1980 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
René I, d'Angou, King of Naples and Jerusalem. King René's book of love = le cueur d'amours espris. Introd. and commentaries by F. Unterkircher: translated from the German by Sophie Wilkins. New York: G. Braziller, 1975.

842 R29201:E
René I, d'Angou, King of Naples and Jerusalem. The Book of the Love-smitten Heart. Edited and translated by Stephanie Viereck Gibbs and Kathryn Karczewska. New York: Routledge, 2001.


Oswald von Wolkenstein

XQ. Q.831W834K1977 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.); Q. 831 W834K1977 (Main Lib. Stacks); M3.1W64 082 (Music Lib.)
Oswald von Wolkenstein : Handschrift A : vollständige Faksimile-Ausg. im Originalformat des Codex Vindobonensis 2777 der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek. Commentary by  Francesco Delbono. Graz, 1977.


Queste del saint graal

X 841 Q38OQ.F (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
La queste del saint graal: in the French prose of (as is supposed) Maistres Gautiers Map, or Walter Map. Written by him for the love of King Henry his lord. Ed., from mss. in the British Museum (Royal ms. XIV. E iii ), by Frederick J. Furnivall. Printed for the Roxburghe Club. London: J.B. Nichols and Sons, 1864.


Roman de Fauvel

F. ML96.5 R65 (Music Lib.)
Le roman de Fauvel in the edition of Mesire Chaillou de Pesstain: a reproduction in facsimile of the complete manuscript, Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds français 146. Introduction by Edward H. Roesner, François Avril, and Nancy Freeman Regalado. New York: Broude Brothers, 1990.



Q. 871 V9.X1945 (Classics Lib.)
Virgil. Fragmenta et picturae Vergiliana codicis vaticani latini 3225: phototypice expressa, consilio et opera curatorum Bibliothecae Vaticanae [Contains fragments of Georg, books 3-4 and Aeneid, books 1-6.]. Citta del Vaticano: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, 1945.

096R727I (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Virgil. The Illuminations of the Vergilius Romanus (cod. lat. 3867): A Stylistic and Iconographic Analysis. Commentary by E. Rosenthal. Zurich, 1972.

X 871 V9G1980 V9G1980 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Virgil. Vollständige Faksimile-Ausgabe im Originalformat von Codex Vaticanus Lat. 3225: aus dem Besitz der Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana. Graz, 1980.

Roman Vergil, see The Illuminations of the Vergilius Romanus.


Wolfram von Eschenbach

Q. 831 W83OWIYSCHMI (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Wolframs von Eschenbach. Die Handschriftenillustrationen des "Willehalm" Wolframs von Eschenbach: Dokumentation einer illustrierten Handschriftengruppe. Von Ronald Michael Schmidt. Wiesbaden : L. Reichert, 1985. 2 Vols.

Q. 831 W83OPYWO (Main Lib.)
Wolfram von Eschenbach. Wolfram von Eschenbach, "Parzival" : die Bilder der illustrierten Handschriften. Herausgegeben von Bernd Schirok. Göppingen : Kümmerle, 1985.

XQ. 831 W83OP1970FACSIM & XQ. 831 W83OP1970 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Wolfram von Eschenbach. Parzival; Titurel; Tagelieder: Cgm 19 der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München. Transkription der Texte von Gerhard Augst, Otfried Ehrismann und Heinz Engels; mit einem Beitrag zur Geschichte der Handschrift von Fridolin Dressler. Stuttgart : Müller und Schindler, 1970.


Winchester Anthology

808.8 W72 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Winchester anthology: a facsimile of British Library additional manuscript 60577. Introduction and list of contents by Edward Wilson and an account of the music by Iain Fenlon. Woodbridge, Suffolk : D.S. Brewer ; Totowa, N.J. : Distributed in the USA by Biblio Distribution Services, 1981. 

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Medical Treatises

Q. 091 Ea76 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Cotton Vitellius C III. The Old English illustrated pharmacopoeia: British Library Cotton Vitellius C III. Edited by M. A. D'Aronco, M. L. Cameron. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1998.

704.94961 IB5TER (Undergrad. Lib.)
Ibn Botlân. The Medieval Health Handbook Tacuinum sanitatis. Edited and with text by Luisa Cogliati Arano. New York: G. Braziller, 1976.

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Q. 745.67 SW2B (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Berthold Missal. The Pierpont Morgan Library MS. 710 and the Scriptorium of Weingarten Abbey. Hanns Swarzenski. New York, Pierpont Morgan Library. 1943.

264.025 R42R (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Reconstructed Carmelite Missal; An English Manuscript of the late XIV Century in the British Museum, MS. 29704-5, 44892). London, Faber and Faber, 1952.

Q.745.670942B127s (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.) (Main Lib. Stacks)
Sherborne Missal
. Janet Backhouse. London: British Library, 1999.

XF.264.025C28SH1920 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Sherborne Missal: Reproductions of Full Pages and Details of Ornament from the Missal Executed Between the Years 1396 and 1407 for Sherborne Abbey Church and Now Preserved in the Library of the Duke of Northumberland at Alnwick Castle. Introduction by J.A. Herbert. Oxford: Printed for presentation to members of the Roxburghe club [at the University Press, by F. Hall, 1920.

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264.028 C281C1935 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Canterbury Psalter (Eadwine Psalter)(Cambridge, Trinity College, R. 17.1). London, Lund, Humphries and Co. Ltd., 1935.

FILM 75269 (Main Lib. Stacks, Microfilm Rm.)
The Canterbury Psalter: An Edition with Notes and Glossary. Edited by Bruce Lynn Liles. 1967.

Chludolv Psalter, see Minjatury Chuldovskoj Psalytyri Greceskij Illustrirovannyj Kopeks Ixveka

264.028 G565 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Der Goldene Psalter (Codex Vindobonensis 1861): facsimile & commentarium. Commentary by Kurt Holter. Graz, 1980. 

XF. 745.67 C645G (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Gorleston psalter, A Manuscript of the Beginning of the Fourteenth Century in the Library of C. W. Dyson Perrins. Described in relation to other East Anglian books of the period, by Sydney Cockerell. London, Printed at the Chiswick Press, 1907.

091 B127LU (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Luttrell Psalter. Janet Backhouse. London: British Lib., 1989.

264.028 C283M1457FACSIM & XF. 264.028 C283M1 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Mainzer Psalter von 1457. [Dietikon-Zurich: Stocker, 1968-1969]. (2 vols.)

062 WAR
The Miniatures of the Paris Psalter; A Study in Middle Byzantine Painting (Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale, MS. graec 139). Hugo Buchthal. London, The Warburg Institute, 1938.

Q.745.64787SCH2M (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Minjatury Chuldovskoj Psalytyri Greceskij Illustrirovannyj Kopeks Ixveka. Commentary by M. Schepkina. Moscow, 1987.

Q.091 Ea76 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Paris Psalter: Ms. Bibliothèque nationale fonds Latin 8824. Pref. by various contributors; collected by Bertram Colgrave. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1958.

Q.096 SA56P (Main Lib. Stacks)
The Peterborough Psalter in Brussels and other Fenland Manuscripts (Bruxelles. Bibliotheque Royale de Belgique, mss. 9961-62. Lucy Freeman Sandler. London, H. Miller; Greenwich, Conn.: New York Graphic Society, 1974.

XQ. 223.2 B47L1921 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
A Peterborough Psalter and Bestiary of the Fourteenth Century. Described by Montague Rhodes James. Oxford: Printed for presentation to the members of the Roxburghe club at the Oxford University Press, by F. Hall, 1921.

Q.745.670942 SA56P1983 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Psalter of Robert de Lisle in the British Library (London, British Museum, Arundel, MS. 83 II)
. Lucy Freeman Sandler. London, Harvey Miller, Oxford University Press, 1983.

Psalter of St. Louis, see Scènes de l'Ancien Testament illustrant le Psautier de Saint Louis and Psautier de saint Louis.

091.6F84PS (Main Lib. Stacks)
Psautier de saint Louis. Reproduction réduite des 92 miniatures du manuscrit latin 10525 de la Bibliothèque nationale. Paris: Berthaud frères, Catala frères, successeurs, 1902.

062WAR (Arch. & Art Lib.)
St. Albans Psalter. Commentary by O. Pacht. London, 1960.

745.67C286S (Arch. & Art. Lib.)
Scènes de l'Ancien Testament illustrant le Psautier de Saint Louis
. Reprod. des 78 enluminures à pleine page du Manuscrit latin 10525 de la Bibliothèque nationale de Paris. Introd. et commentaires de Marcel Thomas.Graz, Akadem. Druck- u. Verlagsanst., 1970.

Q.741 Q31 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Queen Mary's Psalter; Miniatures and Drawings by an English Artist of the Fourteenth Century (London, British Museum, MS. Royal 2 B vii). London: British Museum, 1912.

The Tickhill Psalter and Related Manuscripts ; A School of Manuscript Illumination in England during the early Fourteenth Century . Donald Drew Egbert. New York: New York Public Library and the Department of Art and Archaeology of Princeton University, 1940.

745.67 SE65 (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Der Serbische Psalter: Faksimile-Ausgabe des Cod. Slav. 4 der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München. Textband unter Mitarbeit von Suzy Dufrenne ... [et al.] Herausgegeben von Hans Belting. Wiesbaden: L. Reichert Verlag, 1978.

091.6 EG1S (Main Lib. Stacks)
A Sister to the Tickhill Psalter; Psalter of Queen Isabella of England; An English Gothic Manuscript of the Early Fourteenth Century Now in the Bayerische staatsbibliothek at Munich, Cod. gall. 16. Donald Drew Egbert. New York, The New York Public Library, 1935.

264.15 T342 (Arch. & Art Lib. Desk)
Theodore Psalter
--cd-rom version

XQ. 096 C645T (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Two East Anglian Psalters at the Bodleian Library, Oxford: The Ormesby Psalter, Ms. Douce 366. Described by Sydney Carlyle Cockerell. The Bromholm Psalter, Ms. Ashmole 1523. Described by Montague Rhodes James. Oxford: Printed for the Roxburghe Club by J. Johnson, at the University Press, 1926.

745.67094432  (Arch. & Art Lib. Desk)
Utrecht Psalter: Picturing the Psalms of David
--cd-rom version

Q. 091.6 C28I (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Utrecht Psalter. Commentary by E.T. DeWald. Princeton, 1932.

XQ. 242 W491979 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Werdener Psalter: vollständige Faksimile-Ausgabe im Originalformat von Ms. theol. Lat. fol. 358 aus dem Besitz der Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin. Einführung von Hermann Knaus. Graz,  1979. 

Q. 096 W893W (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Winchester Psalter. Commentary by Francis Wormald. Greenwich, 1973

Q.091 Ea76 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Vespasian Psalter (London, British Museum, MS. Cotton Vespasian, A.1). Copenhagen, Rosenkilde and Baager, 1967.

XQ.096 B63Y (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
York Psalter in the Library of the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow (Glasgow. Hunterian Museum. Library MS. U. 3.2). Introduction and notes by Thomas Sherrer Ross Boase.  New York, T. Yoseloff, 1962.

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Berthold Sacramentary, see Ein Buch von Gold und Silber.

264.025C2864D1974 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.) 
Drogo Sacramentar, Ms lat. 9428, Bibliotheque Nationale Paris. 2 Vols. Graz, 1974. 

Q. 745.670943 R835e (Main Lib. Stacks)
"Ein Buch von Gold und Silber" : das Berthold-Sakramentar aus Weingarten (1215-1217) : Einblicke in die schönste Handschrift aus dem Kloster Weingarten (heute MS 710 der Pierpont Morgan Library New York). Von Hans Ulrich Rudolf ; mit Beiträgen von Felix Heinzer, Christine Sauer und Vera Trost. Ravensburg : Oberschwäbische Verlagsanstalt Drexler & Co., 1997

XQ.Q.264.025C2863K (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Karolingisches Sakramentar. Fragment. Codex Vindobonensis 958 der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek. Graz, 1971.

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Saints' Lives

745.670942 B127B (Arch. & Art Lib.)
The Becket Leaves. Janet Backhouse and Christopher de Hamel. London : British Library, 1988.

XQ.841 ES80E1920 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
La Estoire de Seint Aedward le Rei; the Life of St. Edward the confessor, reproduced in facsimile from the unique manuscript (Cambridge university library Ee.3.59) together with some pages of the manuscript of the life of St. Alban at Trinity College, Dublin. Introduction by M. R. James. Oxford, Printed at the University press by F. Hall, 1920.

270.092 K5551988 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Passio Kiliani, Ps. Theotimus, Passio Margaretae, orationes. Commentary by Cynthia J. Hahn. Translation and transcription by Hans Immel. Graz, 1988.

XQ. 096 M15P (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
A Picture Book of the Life of Saint Anthony the Abbot: Reproduced from a Manuscript of the Year 1426 in the Malta Public Library at Valletta, with Supplementary Plates of Related Subjects. Edited and described by Rose Graham. Oxford: Printed for the Roxburghe Club by John Johnson at the University Press, 1937.

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Travel Books

Q. 263.0424611 C64C (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Codex Calixtinus de la Catedral de Santiago de Compostela.[Madrid?] : Kaydeda Ediciones, 1993.

FILM 875 D342J microform (Main Lib. Stacks, Microfilm Room)
Marvels of the East: A Full Reproduction of the Three Known Copies (British Library. Ms. Cotton Vitellius A XV, British Library. Ms. Cotton Tiberius, B.V., Bodleian Library. Ms. 614). Introduction and notes by Montague Rhodes James.Oxford: Printed for the Roxburghe club by J. Johnson, at the University Press, 1929.

745.67 T698:E (Arch. & Art Lib.)
Sir John Mandeville. Travels of Sir John Mandeville (London,  British Library, Ms. 24189). Introduction and commentaries on the plates by Josef Krása; translated from the Czech by Peter Kussi.. New York : G. Braziller, 1983.

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411 F334A1985 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Alphabetum romanum: Vat. lat. 6852: aus der Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana. Felice Feliciano. Zürich: Belser Verlag, 1985. 2 Vols.

XQ.096J23B (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Bohun manuscripts, a group of five manuscripts executed in England about 1370 for members of the Bohun family, described by Montague Rhodes James. Introductory note on the group by Eric George Millar. Oxford: Printed for the Roxburghe Club by J. Johnson at the University Press, 1936.[Introductory note.--Exeter College Psalter, ms. 47.--Bodleian ms. Auct. D.4.4.--Vienna. National Library. Cod. 1826*.--Copenhagen. Royal Library. Thotts saml. 547.--Mr. T.H. Riches's Psalter. Note on the miracles of the Virgin.]

XF. 972.014 C64C (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Codex Borbonicus, Bibliothèque de l'Assemblée nationale, Paris (Y 120).Graz : Akadem. Druck- u. Verlagsanst., 1974. Codices selecti phototypice impressi, vol. 44.

Q. 096 M27C (Arch. & Art. Lib.)
La cronaca figurata di Giovanni Villani : ricerche sulla miniatura fiorentina del trecento (Biblioteca apostolica vaticana Mss, Chiasianus L. VIII. 296). Luigi Magnani. Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, 1936.

Q. 745.67094341 D251968 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Der Darmstaedter Hitda-Codex. Berlin, Propylaen Verlag, 1968. (Darmstadt, Landes - v. Hochschul-bibliothek, MS. 1948).

Q. 091 Ea76 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
An eleventh-century Anglo-Saxon illustrated miscellany : British Library Cotton Tiberius B.V. part I : together with leaves from British Library Cotton Nero D.II. Editied by P. McGurk ... [et al.]. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1983.

Q. 096 G798 (Main Library Stacks)
The Great tournament roll of
Westminister; a collotype reproduction of the manuscript, with an historical introduction by Syndey Anglo, and a foreword by Sir Anthony Wagner. Oxford: Clarendon P., 1968.

XQ. 745.6 SCO8J (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
John Scottowe's Alphabet books. Introduction and commentary by Janet Backhouse. Ilkley, Eng.: Printed for the Roxburghe Club at the Scolar Press, 1974.

741.945 M363D (Arch. & Art. Lib.)
Martini, Francesco di Giorgio. Das Skizzenbuch des Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Vat. Urb. lat. 1757. Einführung von Luigi Michelini Tocci; aus dem Italienischen von Katherina Dobai. Zürich : Belser Verlag, 1989.

F. 929.72 W125M (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Medieval Pageant: Writhe's Garter Book: The Ceremony of the Bath and the Earldom of Salisbury Roll. Anthony Wagner, Nicolas Barker, Ann Payne. London: Roxburghe Club, 1993.

F. 881 C791908 (Classics Lib.)
Le miniature della Topografia cristiana di Cosma Indicopleuste, codice vaticano greco 699. Introduzione di monsignor Cosimo Stornajolo.Milano: U. Hoepli, 1908.

F 745.670956 J484M (Arch. & Art. Lib.)
Les miniatures du manuscrit syriaque no. 559 de la Bibliotheque Vaticane (Vatiean, Biblioteca Apostolica. MS. Syriaque 559). Guillaume de JerphanionCitta del Vaticano, Biblioteca, Apostiolica, 1940.

XQ. 091.0942 M679 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Mirroure of the world: Ms Bodley 283 (England c. 1470-1480): The Physical Composition, Decoration and Illustration. Introduction by Kathleen L. Scott. Oxford: Printed for the Roxburghe Club, 1980.

XQ. 096 P141 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
The Pageants of Richard Beauchamp, earl of Warwick, reproduced in facsimile from the Cottonian ms. Julius E. IV, in the British museum. Introduction by William, earl of Carysfort, K.P. Oxford: Priv. print. for presentation to the members of the Roxburghe club, 1908.

B.M433 DO1984 (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Vita der Mathilde von Canossa: Codex Vaticanus latinus 4922. Zürich: Belser Verlag, c1984. 2 Vols.

Q. 745.67 C146A (Main Lib. Stacks)
Cames, Gerard. Allegories et symboles dans l'Hortus deliciarum.
Leiden: Brill, 1971.  

X 741 L553COM (Rare Books & Spec. Coll. Lib.)
Leonardo Da Vinci. The Madrid codices. New York, McGraw-Hill [1974]. 5 Vols.

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