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10. Nachtfieber
3 days ago
9. macro kingdom
3 months ago
8. late autumn garden
5 months ago
7. color
6 months ago
6. sterne am campus
6 months ago
5. abstract war
8 months ago
4. Operation: Toyland
9 months ago
3. room of wax
10 months ago
This was shot with the 5d mark II in Munich (Germany), Innsbruck (Austria) and Lucern (Switzerland).
Music by DJ Cam Quartet
  • Focal Bliss 9 months ago
    This is great! very nice work!
  • Antonio Segura plus 7 months ago
    nice video, greetings from sevilla
  • Dustin Hampton 9 months ago
    the scenes with the boats are my favorite!
  • Guilherme Ferreirinha 9 months ago
  • paramon plus 9 months ago
    love Munich, love 5D, love the video!
  • osman safi 9 months ago
    great work but dof effect weak as some shots, need retouch...
  • bert smith 3 months ago
    dof weak??? This is clearly a brilliant project.
  • Peter Cutts 8 months ago
    Great film...loved it...realised I had a big smile on my face at the end...
  • Dima Moga 8 months ago
    Excellent work man!!
  • Mauro Sodano 8 months ago
    this is very impressive! Good job man!
  • pepe 8 months ago
    wery nıce
  • Muhammad Usman 8 months ago
    The editing by you is great! It almost does look like everything's in toyland.

    DJ Cam did a great job with the mix, it was really fun to listen to the music and watch the video at the same time!
  • paul plut 8 months ago
  • bubersome 8 months ago
    Great shots, I like 5D. What's the len?
  • Luca Pette 8 months ago
    very nice work. I agree with Dustin Hampton. the scene with boats is great.
  • Clemens S 8 months ago
    supernette Idee!
  • Jeff Dougherty 7 months ago
    Awesome! Loved the airport stuff.
  • Renato Dibelčar 7 months ago
    Fantastic video! Tnx for sharing.
  • innvisual 7 months ago
    great work, auf sowas steh ich extrem
  • schön umgesetzt!
  • Mirko Faienza plus 4 months ago
    awesome video.thanks
  • Matt Pringle 4 months ago
    Excellent work, toyland indeed.
  • Greg Harrell plus 3 months ago
    I love videos like this. If you haven't seen the Monster Truck one, it's a must see.
  • Stephen Clarke 3 months ago
    This is just brilliant!!! My favorite of you work!
  • larissa ohori 3 months ago
    loved it!
  • Tom Robinson 3 months ago
    Great TS
  • bert smith 3 months ago
    There is so much insincere and childish applause of the most horrible and juvenile garbage-videos at this place....that I am thrilled when I come across projects like this one, so I can praise something which deserves it. This kid has done a superb job. Tasteful and very well executed. There are some things which cannot be taught, which are far outside of simply learning/mastering FCP, After Effects, or having camera/lens proficiency. This individual seems to have some of them. Keep it up.
  • Vagner S. de Oliveira 3 months ago
    I Like. Great.
  • Christian Wienberg 2 months ago
    Amazing :D! Love it! Was smiling all the way trough the film. But how did you actually do it? Of course you have played with the DOF, in post. But what else? Wide angel lens etc? Hope to hear from you :)
  • jamie ahn 11 days ago
    i thought this was a real toyland in the begining. highest respect!!
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