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Tuesday Finals: Lost, NCIS Adjusted Up; Good Wife, V, Glee Adjusted Down

Posted on 12 May 2010 by Robert Seidman

Some small 1/10th of an 18-49 ratings point adjustments versus the preliminary numbers.

Tuesday broadcast finals via Travis Yanan:

Dancing with the Stars
- 12.515 million viewers
- 8.1/13 HH
- 2.5/7 A18-49

Lost (62 minutes)
- 10.319 million viewers
- 6.3/10 HH
- 4.1/10 A18-49

V (58 minutes)
- 5.686 million viewers
- 3.6/6 HH
- 2.3/6 A18-49

- 17.226 million viewers
- 10.5/16 HH
- 3.9/11 A18-49

NCIS: Los Angeles
- 16.041 million viewers
- 9.8/15 HH
- 3.3/8 A18-49

The Good Wife
- 12.851 million viewers
- 8.3/14 HH
- 2.4/7 A18-49

The Biggest Loser (120 minutes)
- 8.469 million viewers
- 5.1/8 HH
- 3.4/9 A18-49

- 5.932 million viewers
- 3.9/7 HH
- 2.6/7 A18-49

American Idol
- 19.167 million viewers
- 10.7/17 HH
- 6.8/18 A18-49
- 5.2/16 A18-34
- 6.7/19 W18-34

- 11.569 million viewers
- 6.8/10 HH
- 4.8/12 A18-49
- 4.7/13 A18-34
- 6.1/16 W18-34

- 1.449 million viewers
- 0.9/1 HH
- 0.7/2 A18-49
- 0.9/3 A18-34
- 1.3/4 W18-34

Life Unexpected (R)
- 0.766 million viewers
- 0.5/1 HH
- 0.3/1 A18-49
- 0.4/1 A18-34
- 0.6/1 W18-34

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  • tj73
    I think V is coming back, I've never doubted it. With the big war being set up, I have to think a 2 year deal was probably agreed upon the outset, barring disastrous ratings of course and that hasn't been the case. Plus, even though it's a serialized drama, I imagine the war will change things up enough that new viewers can jump in at that point just fine, and an alien war is an easy thing to market in ads too. So I'm confident it's coming back, but they really need to address some sour points. The bluescreen/greenscreen material needs to be dramatically scaled back. So much of it looks so sterile and dead. It's worse than "The Phantom Menace", and that was over 10 years ago. If it's too much of an investment to do right for TV, just don't do it, or keep it at a minimum. Of course the writing is silly, and has a few holes, but that's pretty much to be expected. I think the reason the show lacks the spunk of the original is the seriously bland, dry acting. Anna is the only interesting character on the whole show. Some characters are downright annoying, such as Ryan the big screwup and Erica's whiny kid. Everyone else is just kind of there, not eliciting any kind of response at all. The show needs to introduce some interesting actors and characters in season two, or else trim the fat. Overall, I think the show is just getting started and could get much better, and probably will. However, if the plan is to continue on the same dry, sterile path, then ending it now is probably the best choice. But I feel very confident it's coming back.
  • marcelrochester
    Interesting; Glee's 18-49 beats its 18-34. So does that mean the audience is starting to skew a bit older?
  • Ryan47
    Yep, for a 2.28 average this spring and a 0.84 on the R/C Index. Probably good enough for renewal with ABC's steadily-lowering standards, but I'd still give it no better than a 25% chance due to how expensive it has to be to make.
  • JR35
    As an FYI, these are 'V's" 18-49 ratings for its run since returning from a four-month hiatus (not counting that recap episode):


    Demo ratings for its four-week run back in November (which have no bearing on renewal prospects, just posting as FYI):
  • That just matters for PR purposes. The only thing that really matters is A18-49
  • chef91
    yeah glee was at least at 7.2+ i think before in the women demo. but considering they only used to get like around 5.0 there in the fall, any upswing is a victory.

    i wish TGW's overnight demo increases would stick! still hope it's not moved to a dangerous slot to die. it's the only star drama on CBS.

    V's borderline ratings make me think it's gonna be renewed
  • rob60990
    Good for Lost, I still think V will be renewed. While a 2.3 aint great, its not cancel worthy either.

    90210 is up a tick in their women demo but those are still awful #s!

    DWTS wont be winning in viewers for the week. It just lost barely.
  • Doug_B
    Although Glee is still pulling good numbers, those W18-34 figures have taken a substantial hit in the last week or two. Wasn't it at an 8.0 rating in that demo for the premiere?
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