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Adel Taarabt
Missing in action: Adel Taarabt makes a rare Spurs appearance
Adel Taarabt Adel Taarabt

Adel Taarabt's parting shot to Tottenham: I wish I had joined Arsenal

Julian Bennett

Adel Taarabt regrets signing for Tottenham three years ago — and admits he should have joined north London rivals Arsenal instead.

The Morocco playmaker was hailed as the new Zinedine Zidane' when he moved from French club Lens for £3million in January 2007.

But after failing to make the breakthrough at White Hart Lane, Taarabt has spent the last year on loan at Queens Park Rangers and is now desperate to leave Spurs this summer.

Rather than join Tottenham, the 20-year-old feels he would have been given more of a chance at Emirates Stadium and should have signed for Arsene Wenger rather than following Damien Comolli, who had been Arsenal's European scout before becoming director of football at Spurs.

“I was going to go to Arsenal and Comolli was there with Wenger,” said Taarabt.

“But he went to Tottenham so I went there. That was a big mistake for me. My friends in England — like Armand Traore and Abou Diaby at Arsenal — told me Tottenham were not the right fit for me.

“The big mistake was to sign for Tottenham and not go to another club when I first came over.”

Although Taarabt was happy under his first Spurs boss, Martin Jol, the Dutchman's sacking in October 2007 triggered the beginning of the end for the player.

The Moroccan never felt comfortable during Juande Ramos's year at the club with his frustrations summed up by one match.

He said: “Juande Ramos didn't know me at all and I had one bad performance when we lost 4-1 to Newcastle and after that he never gave me my chance.”

Taarabt only played the last half hour of that game in March 2008 but lost possession for the final goal of the rout and subsequently the faith of the manager, who never picked him again.

In fact, it wasn't until the start of last year that Taarabt appeared for Spurs again but after three brief substitute appearances he was sent out on loan to Loftus Road.

Harry Redknapp told me I was a fantastic player with a big talent but he wanted me to go to the Championship, play some games and then come back to play for him,” said Taarabt. “But I don't want to go back to Tottenham.”

Taarabt has his sights set on Spain and his turbulent spell in England hasn't affected his confidence. Spurs may be dreaming of Champions League football next season but Taarabt is too.

“England is not for me, I think La Liga is the best League for me,” he said. “[I don't like] how they play in England, I like to play football! I look at teams like Bolton, Stoke or Wolves and say: There is just no point for me'. I hate that style of football.

“I have one more year on my contract this season and I hope that Tottenham make a deal in the summer. If not, I will go for free next summer.

“I hope to be playing for one of the top four in Spain next season — Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Sevilla. I have contact with good teams and I know that they want me. Now I just have to hope they can agree a deal with Tottenham.”

For the moment, though, he's focusing on QPR and is determined to sign off from the club in style by keeping them in the Championship after being given added responsibility by new boss Neil Warnock.

“He has said he wants to rely on me and that means a lot,” said the player, who has scored twice during Warnock's four-game reign.

“I am looking to enjoy these last two months and make some good performances so we can avoid relegation.”

Neil Warnock has no fears he'll sort out Adel Taarabt

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Harry Redknapp in a quandary over Pompey date

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Seems Arsenal fans are a bit obsessed with our team!

To talk about the article, Taraabt is a show pony. Even Wenger wouldn't have turned him in to a good player. Arsenal rely on a combo of athletic, well-drilled players and technically, commonsensical players; Taraabt is neither of these.

- Tom, London, UK, 19/03/2010 12:21
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Jim - For the record I actually holiday in LA & Miami(not Spain unfortunately). 5-6 months a year....hmmm, obviously you've fallen out of love with England and have a lot of pre-conceived ideas about the people that remain here.

Gaz - I also know my football having played semi pro throughout my twenties. 35 years following Spurs (home & away), actually attending ten or so cup finals en route. By the way my wife comes from Holloway (Westbourne Road) - not Islington (her quoute). We moved out into the green belt to escape the "council house" mentality of Inner London that exists thesedays.

- Mark, Essex, 19/03/2010 10:15
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As a Tootenham fan I am extremely embarassed, firstly for pinching Comolli from Arsenal, then for realising too late how woeful he was & for the way young talents such as Taarabt have been mishandled. We keep watching our illustrious nieghbours down the road bringing through numerous young players, who either end up in their first team or are sold for decent fees & sell on clauses. We sound so bitter, can we not learn from Arsenal's superb model... We desperately need to build a new stadium (not remodel our old one in a depressed area with huge transport problems), Sort out our youth set up (last seasons home loss to eventual winners Arsenal, in the youth cup, showed the huge gulf between the set ups), a new board & manager with the forsight to set up a forward thinking plan. At present we have a grotty 36,000 stadium, a poor youth set up producing, a manager & board satisfied with finishing 5th & having a Carling Cup or F A Cup run, when what we really want is a Champions League place for the first time in our long history & a crack at the Premiership title.. What we would only give to be 2 points off the top of the Premiership & in the last 8 of the Champions League, no wonder we sound such a bitter lot.

- Roobie Hootspurs, South London, 19/03/2010 09:46
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'Tam-Paxton', N17 - what warm welcome? the one you talk about every season?
Deluded Spuds who take more pleasure from us losing than supporting your own second rate lot.
See you at your cup final!!!

- Jem, London N5, 19/03/2010 09:09
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Why did'nt you join arsenal.I wish you had joined arsenal too, and so does every other Spurs fan I know , you are a waste of time, go home to mummy and cry there in her lap.Join Barcelona??you must stop taking the medicine dude, unles you want to be in celebrity big brother soon , a fit show for losers like you,You couldnt join any deent team because you are only suited to schoolboy football.

- Nice Little Earner, Wood Green, 19/03/2010 03:34
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He is a schoolboy footballer no more no less. He beats the same player three times before deciding not to pass to anyone else.He wouldnt fit in anywhere where the ned is to be a team player so that leaves out every team I can think of in any country. He has to realise that he has peaked at QPR and that is his limit , unless he wants to go sideways to a club like West Ham Utd.\\\\they like developing kids for bigger clubs like Spurs.

- Michael Jackass, Enfield, 19/03/2010 03:19
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Hi Jim ex pat, rather than throw insults like a girl how about discussing the comments made by the petulant Taarabt?

- Jim Ex Pat = Twat, Lady Boy Thailand, 19/03/2010 00:37
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Cant wait for the Gooners to visit WHL this year, expect your usual warm welcome

- Paxton, N17, 18/03/2010 20:43
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Klaus Günther - I hope he does prove everyone wrong, but how was he badly treated? He was given chances and always repaid the manager by playing like a schoolboy. Nevrer passes, runs down blind alleys and refuses to tackle back. When he went to QPR, I hoped he would learn and return with an understanding of how to make his talent more effective. He clearly hasn't learned and if he goes to Spain, he'll still have to learn to pass (as he would at Arsenal!).

- Darren Wilkins, Kettering, 18/03/2010 19:36
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He really does take the proverbial biscuit. He always reminded me of the kid in the school team who hogged the ball and refused to pass to anyone else. Loads of skill but no football brain.

- Darren Wilkins, Kettering, 18/03/2010 19:24
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Adel, did you ever hear of the saying "self praise is no praise"?

You are the most talented player I have seen at Loftus Road in years.You are absolutely brilliant to watch. You are still only 20. If you work hard, show a bit of humility and pass the ball to your colleagues,I would love to see you sign for my beloved QPR.

Please consider staying where you are wanted. Good luck.

- Eamo The R, Dublin, Ireland, 18/03/2010 18:59
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How many more young careers are spurs going to ruin???????????

young players with ambition who want a good footballing education should never ever join spurs.... they have ruined and stunted many promisng careers

Gareth bale
dos santos
Jermaine defoe

thats just a few players

- Bigphill, london, 18/03/2010 17:47
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Mark, glad to educate you. Holloway Rd runs from Highbury Corner N5 to Archway N19. The section nearest the Emirates Stadium is indeed N7. I do go to home matches but not frequently. But I do know my football. I saw Arsenal lose to both Swindon and Leeds at Wembley in the old league cup, was on the North Bank when Arsenal won the Fairs cup against Anderlect, was at White Hart Lane when Arsenal won the league and at Wembley 4 days later to see them win the Double. I've been to 3 later cup finals and barely missed an Arsenal home game for 30 years. Since the move to the Emirates, I've watched most of Arsenal's success on Sky. Your experience of success? Gulp! Silence! I notice that you didn't (couldn't)answer my question about successful Spurs players. Don't worry kid, I'm sure you'll join us big boys one day. But not yet

- Gaz, n7, 18/03/2010 17:42
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@Reginos Theodotou, London UK

Are you having a laugh?
You describe Messi as "Not selfish"
As fantastic a footballer that he is, he sadly does have one flaw. His total and utter selfishness on the ball.

At times watching him, you feel that he has literally got the ball tied to his boot laces.
Both skill and selfish.

- Whocares?, London, 18/03/2010 17:31
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in response to Mark(spurs fan)obviously your grasp of world geography is limited,living 6000 miles away from London 5-6 months of the year being a full time supporter is impossible,I have got a few bob,but even the most dedicated supporter would struggle to commute home for every game.PL league football is watched worldwide not just in England,maybe you noticed that on your annual two weeks in Magaluf or wherever people like you choose to holiday,and satellites are used to show the games live WORLDWIDE.As for you slating me for using a computer look in front of you what are you using to post your pathetic comments.COME ON YOU GUNNERS.................

- Jim Ex Pat,Islington N1, thailand, 18/03/2010 17:20
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Steven in West London, Very rude telling me to shut up.. When you ask what we have won in the last ten years I agree not much, just the Carling Cup that ols Arsen Whinger thinks is below him...truth is his team are not good enought to win the Prem or C.L. and it is six years since you have won anything so not far off ten is it??? I must say this has caused a real debate !!!

- Davidthe Spur, Kent, England, 18/03/2010 17:17
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well,Jim ex-Pat, don't worry about the spurs fans...infact half of their team has Gooners playing for them, Defoe, Harry (is a Gooner as well) Jenas would have signerd for us,infact most of the first team would run and join us....well let's face it the only thing they've got over us winning the little pot called the League Cup...of most of the spurs fans can cover themselves in glory with be a great club one has to win the league on more than couple of occasions......they used to harp on about the FA cup wins but thats gone as well....most of spurs fans live in a World that is dominated by how Arsenal do rather than their own team...Taarabt is probably telling you spurs fans what reality is and turth always hurts

- Mukesh, London, 18/03/2010 17:07
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Spud fans are so delusional, your own player admits to knowing the better side of North London but you spuddies would rather delude yourself that you're better....forever in our shadow.

Not that we would take a player thats average, below the standard of what we've got and that was being hyped by the same Tott fans as the 'new Zidane'....HAHAHAHA

- Richiegooner, London, UK, 18/03/2010 16:58
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Just wait one or two years and you will see that this guy is really the new Zidane, he is still young but i think next season he will explode, Spurs will surely regret how they treated him.

- Klaus Günther, Frankfurt, Germany, 18/03/2010 16:39
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of course Holloway is an area but like Highbury it doesn't have definable boundries. A poster was implying that somehow "Holloway" was inferior to "Islington". Actually, the Emirates Stadium is at the junction of Benwell Rd and Hornsey Rd...N7.

- Gaz, n7, 18/03/2010 16:35
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Gaz & Rob - At least Jim ex pat has confirmed he's a part time supporter (8-10 games a year....) although his quote "I have the latest computing & satellite equipment" really does sum up the modern day PL football fan. What about yourselves - no comment from either of you suggests my suspicions were correct - you've probably only been to New Highbury for the Emirates Cup competition. Gaz - I was totally unaware that Holloway Road had disappeared from the map. Has the Holloway Odeon been renamed the Islington Odeon ? What about Holloway Prison, the same ? I thought N7 was the postcode for Holloway BTW ha,ha,ha...

- Mark, Gillespie Road, SE18, 18/03/2010 16:25
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How can Adel be so negative towards us, (Wolves) we beat your team fairly and squarely at home AND away!!

Not exactly setting the world alight in the Championship either are you? 24 appearances and only 7 goals.

This man reminds me of Henri Camara. Another dillusional waste who left Wolves citing that he was going to be the next "African Player of the Year" - That was six years ago and he hasn't achieved this great accolade yet, but he's working on it!

Good luck next year in the Champions League.

- Neville, Wolverhampton, UK, 18/03/2010 16:11
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Ibbs, mate, don't seee many Arsenal players going to the World Cup mate? What does Arsenal bring to the premiership to regards English players? Wiltshere, only english player you have named...
Come on who wants a player with a big ego, sounds like he will do well at Arsenal...Hmm, not seen Arsenal in a major final for awhile, its seems like Spurs, will be doing much better than the Moaners of islington..

Gaz, Holloway is an area,Islington is the Borough!!

- Adrian, London, 18/03/2010 16:07
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In respons to Jim the Ex-pat.
Thank you for your thoughts. I agree with you.
Some spurs fans should learn to keep silent. Mr. Adel Taraabt is 100% right. He would probably been given a chance at Arsenal, and he would probably have done really well under the guidance of Arsene Wenger.

We might not support Arsenal, but who can disagree that they play great football, they have an excellent manager, they build teams. They don`t purchase them.

I wish I supported a team like that, but unfortunately I am stuck with Harry and Levy.

- Norway-Spurs, Sandnes, 18/03/2010 16:04
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Please exuse a humble QPR fan intruding on the Spurs-Arsenal love-in, but I thought I could offer a view on how Taraabt has fared during this dismal season at Loftus Road. Flashes of ability, sure - he beats two men and looks flashy doing it. But then he refuses to pass when he runs into trouble and is eventually forced off the ball. One of the most selfish players I've ever seen. There is little to suggest he will be able to curb this selfish urge, although perhaps Mr Warnock will bully it out of him. I would have thought he's a million miles from getting 1st team action at any of Spurs, Arsenal or a decent Spanish side.

- Hertshoops, St Albans, UK, 18/03/2010 15:59
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I've been at the Lane for a couple of Taarabt's rare appearances, as well as numerous showings for the reserves.

This boy doesn't warrant first team football at Spurs or Arsenal.

Putting aside rivalry for a moment, which team really needs a jumped up little princess with more talk than ability and all the end product and enterprise of a lethargic koala. Taarabt infuriated his team mates with acts of cocky showmanship and failed to graft when the going got tough.

Wished you'd joined Arsenal 3 years ago? The feeling is mutual.

- Sean Mckenna, Singapore, 18/03/2010 15:52
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@ Leigh UK
"This Tottenham reject believes he can walk straight in to the Arsenal team.."
If you can read without the help of your carer you would know that this is not what he said, hahaha, he said he wished he went to Arsenal instead of the spuds, however I think he meant to say I wish I went to any team in the world instead of the spuds. Now go back to taking your medication you bell end.

- Bazza, Landan, 18/03/2010 15:51
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Gooners.... Jermain Pennant ring any bells?
Evening Standard....are u being paid by Arsenal for this stuff? Why not find a footballing story there are plenty around you know. Happy to help.

- Coys Switz, switzerland, 18/03/2010 15:40
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mark of new highbury sq; a few facts

The Emirates Stadium is in Islington, near Holloway Rd. Holloway doesn't actually exist. The stadium is bowl shaped and is made of concrete. Name any other modern stadium that is a different shape or made out of anything else. Thought not. Souless? I'd rather not get involved in metaphysical speculation. Under achievement?Name one footballer who has,while playing for Spurs, won a league championship medal, in the last half century? Oh, and by the way, the second division championship doesn't count. You're merde, and you know you are.............

- Gaz, n7, 18/03/2010 15:33
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Slow news day I take it?

- West Spur, London, 18/03/2010 15:30
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Amazing comment from Adel, really.

To clear things up for the blinkered, he is saying that he wished he went to Arsenal before Spurs, not that he could get in there now.

To compare Spurs to Arsenal is foolish. Spurs have won something in the past 4 years, but they are no-where near Arsenal in terms of stature.

Spurs are like the England football team. Haven't won anything of note since the 60's, but every year we are told that 30 / 40 years of hurt is going to end when they make the Champions League / win the League. They are always promising the World, but delivering Peckham.

- Solomon, Golders Green, 18/03/2010 15:30
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In response to Mark(spurs fan)Having stood on the Clockend for 35 years I dont need to justify commenting on the team that I grew up watching along side the likes of Harry Rednapp who stood on the North Bank with his dad.I am in the fortunate position to spend the winter months hibernating in the tropical heat of Thailand,and yes while I am soaking up the sun I sometimes go and watch Chonburi F.C who play very entertaining football.I also have the latest computer and satellite equipment to keep me in touch with football,boxing,cricket,horseracing etc.When I return to England I always attend at least 8-10 home games per season in Arsenals spectacular stadium which makes WHL look like something out of the dark days of football,personally I dont care if Arsenal dont win a trophy for another 5 as long as we keep playing the sort of football we are playing,but we are in a position that Spurs will take years to emulate and the jealousy,vitriol and bile coming from disgruntled spurs fans like yourself,makes me a very happy man and I will keep the comments coming.

- Jim Ex Pat,Islington N1, thailand, 18/03/2010 15:15
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"I love all the Arsenal fans lording it on the comments.. Take another read boys.. This Tottenham reject believes he can walk straight in to the Arsenal team.. Maybe not quite the compliment you thought it was.."

Leigh, Uk

What are you talking about? He said nothing of the sort! I suggest YOU take another read, Einstein!

He said that his mates, Diaby and Traore, told him Arsenal were a better fit for his style and he wishes he'd listened to them, that's all. He doesn't say anything about walking into the team at all.

Just another delusional Spuds fans, seeing things that aren't there and fantasising about getting one over on the Arsenal fans. Keep dreaming, pal!

I'm just glad Spurs landed this waster instead and made sure he didn't get anywhere near the Arsenal set-up. At last, something to be grateful to the Spuds for. At least they've finally proven themselves useful for something. Thank goodness for small mercies!

- Steven, London, 18/03/2010 15:08
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The problem for Adel is that his ego is much bigger than his talent.

- Talent Watcher, ilford,england, 18/03/2010 14:38
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I hear there is a short term vacancy in the MLS, at least the climate in LA is similar to that in Spain... Failing that, I think I could afford to give you some bus fare to get you across London, one-way fare only, so go now... you ungrateful knob

- Murph In Kent, UK, 18/03/2010 14:36
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It will make no difference where you go,Every time you did get a chance you were pathetic. A showboat with nothing to show. Good riddance.

- Jimmy, London England, 18/03/2010 14:23
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He hasn't even set the world alight in the Championship, and he thinks he is going to get a contract with a top 4 Spanish side? Not a chance.

He has potential, but he has a lot of work to do, and until he realises that he will be a no-body.

I love all the Arsenal fans lording it on the comments.. Take another read boys.. This Tottenham reject believes he can walk straight in to the Arsenal team.. Maybe not quite the compliment you thought it was..

Good riddance Adel.. enjoy mediocrity. It suits you

- Leigh, Uk, 18/03/2010 13:33
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Jime Ex-Pat - May I suggest you stick to watching Thailand FC. At least you can watch them "live & in the flesh" as opposed to your persistant forming of comment via a dodgy satellite feed and what the media say. Actually, along with yourself, I also question whether RobGooner and Gaz attend games at the souless concrete bowl in Holloway (sorry I meant Islington). Oh, and by the way your manager for the last 5 years has beaten his chest in pre-season telling everyone they are going to win league - by his own remit alone that is failure and underachievement.

- Mark, New Highbury Square, SE18, 18/03/2010 13:12
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Football is a game of eleven players, not just one, as Adell probaply thinks. Anyone who watched Barcelona's game last night, would know what i mean.Players like Messi, so skillfull, yet a team player, not a selfish one.Adell is a skillfull player,but he needs to start playing with the other members of his team, and not trying to win a match by himsef.I am sure when he does that, he will play at a higher level.I would agree with him about the style of play of some of the teams in the premiershipthough.They don't deserve to be playing at this level.

- Reginos Theodotou, London UK, 18/03/2010 13:07
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Now he knows exactly how it feels to be a Tootenham fan!

- Rob Gooner, North London, 18/03/2010 13:05
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you call arsenal a bunch of under achievers? what has tottenham won in the past ten years ? nil!!! arsenal? 4 shut up and accept that your club would never ever come close to arsenal in a million years!!

- Steven, west london

You bell end!! Spurs have won more than Arsenal in the last 4 years! Get your facts right before making idiotic comments....

- Jason Sinden, Folkestone, Kent. England., 18/03/2010 12:50
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The new Zidane??

Nasri anyone?
Wilshere anyone?
Ramsey anyone?
Merida anyone?


- Ibbs, london, 18/03/2010 12:21
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Although they would never admit it I reckon most of the Tottenham team including the manager wished they had joined Arsenal.

- Jim Ex Pat,Islington N1, thailand, 18/03/2010 12:14
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He would have had more success at Spurs if he wasn't so selfish on the ball. - R Hursey, London, UK

Two words you don't see in the same sentence often/ever? Hahahaha, no please stop it now, my sides are aching!!

- Bazza, Landan, 18/03/2010 12:08
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What a complete moron, just goes to show why he wasn't in the first team. He is an arrogant and selfish individual who obviously did not apply himself properly. We need to get rid ASAP.

- Clay, Fulham, London, 18/03/2010 12:08
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Perhaps Mr Taarabt The Arsenal didn't like the look of You.
It's a shame, he obviously has talent but he's the only one who can see it, Oh and Mr Camolli!

Bye Bye.

- Glennda, Berkhamsted UK, 18/03/2010 11:41
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reply: david in kent!

you call arsenal a bunch of under achievers? what has tottenham won in the past ten years ? nil!!! arsenal? 4 shut up and accept that your club would never ever come close to arsenal in a million years!!

- Steven, west london, 18/03/2010 11:38
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"I would love to see him go to Arsenal and he could be another under achiever with the rest of them.

- Davidthe Spur, Kent, England

YOu couldn't make it up. We are always in the hunt for SERIOUS silverware and never drop out of the top 4. Spurs goal at the start of EVERY season is just to end up 4th, a target they haven't yet managed - so who are the underachievers exactly?

- Rob, london, 18/03/2010 11:38
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This is the biggest laught I have had in ages, I can just imagine Gooners all over the world laughting at the spuds (again) and their bitter comments, keep em coming girls:
"I would love to see him go to Arsenal and he could be another under achiever with the rest of them.
COYS" davidthe spud & "friends in England — like Armand Traore and Abou Diaby at Arsenal " Oh yes they have had lots of chances at Arsenal .... Anon London

- Bazza, Landan, 18/03/2010 11:37
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- David, London, 18/03/2010 11:23
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He would have had more success at Spurs if he wasn't so selfish on the ball

- R Hursey, London, UK, 18/03/2010 11:13
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If Spurs beat Fulham, and go onto an FA cup semi-final, does the home game against Arsenal go back to the last match of the season? If it does and the title and 4th place rest on it, it will be the most important local derby of all time. Pass the vallium!

- Gaz, n7, 18/03/2010 11:09
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"I would love to see him go to Arsenal and he could be another under achiever with the rest of them.

- Davidthe Spur, Kent, England

What, as opposed to being an abject failure with the rest of them at Spurs?!

- Steven, London, 18/03/2010 11:00
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Great player and Spurs fans love him??? I don't think so...

- Michael H, Willesden Greeen, London, 18/03/2010 10:49
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"friends in England — like Armand Traore and Abou Diaby at Arsenal "

Oh yes they have had lots of chances at Arsenal ....

- Anon, London, 18/03/2010 10:47
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- Bob, SAWBRIDGEWORTH, 18/03/2010 10:23
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You know what, I wish he had gone to Arseanl as well!

- Simon, Roydon, England, 18/03/2010 10:23
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He is what used to be known in the school playground as a ball hog ! He had his chance under 3 managers at Spurs and non of them fancied him maybe that should tell him something.
I would love to see him go to Arsenal and he could be another under achiever with the rest of them.

- Davidthe Spur, Kent, England, 18/03/2010 10:16
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Arsene Wenger wouldn't take your bull pat. You're selfish, abrasive and your attitude stinks.

You'll never be as good as Zidane... You won't ever be half as good, you muppet.

- Darren, Cape Town, 18/03/2010 10:12
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If winning football matches was simply about the number of stepovers you could perform, Taarabt would be world class. Sadly it isn't - and he isn't.

I've seen every one of his games for Spurs and would be amazed if he has a successful career in a top league. He has no awareness of other players and no understanding of what it means to play in a team.

"I hope to be playing for one of the top four in Spain next season — Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Sevilla. I have contact with good teams and I know that they want me."

He's clearly delusional as well.

- James, London, UK, 18/03/2010 10:07
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This guy has a habit of loosing the ball in his own half and he cannot defend to save his life. He also has a habit of falling out with managers because of his attitude. Why he thinks he would have had a better chance with another club, just goes to prove that, even with all the coaching and advice he's had from honest managers and coaches, his head is still up his Jumper. Zinedine Zedane, Oh What! he reminds me more on the Hassam Ghaly's and the Mido's of football. I hope he makes it at a high level but I fear he will be still complaining when he turns 30.

- Kevin, London, 18/03/2010 10:01
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A typical piece of Standard (God how your name fits) reporting. We've got used to the Arsenal bias over the years but this is a bit low, even for you.

For a start, to say that he 'Admits' that he should have joined Arsenal is to imply that the proper course of action was to join Arsenal. While all Arsenal fans would contend that, there are many thousand Spurs fans that would beg to differ.

Can you train your writers to write impartially if you're going to market yourself as 'London's' paper? Remember, London is for all of us.

- Mes, London, 18/03/2010 09:52
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another little kid who beleives all the hype around him, and reckons he's better than he actually is!!

adios Adel!!!
enjoy lower league football... u muppet!!

- Ants, london, 18/03/2010 09:50
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And thats why you play in the Championship you just dont cut the mustard

- Paul, Enfield, 18/03/2010 09:48
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Its funny how you never get an arsenal player saying " I wish I had joined spurs"


- Andy, Sussex, 18/03/2010 09:47
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Getting rid of Martin Jol was the worse thing Spurs ever did.

- Blackmambamedia, London, 18/03/2010 09:37
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Do well at QPR Adel, and maybe a transfer to Sunderland or even Birmingham will be on the cards.

- Coys Switz, switzerland, 18/03/2010 09:35
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- Jd, BELFAST N . IRELAND, 18/03/2010 09:34
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And so he proves everything taht Harry feared - no bottle. Redknapp wanted him to play well at QPR (which he wasn't) and show why he shold be in the Spurs team.

Instead he moans and whinges and demands to leave and does interviews.

He's a great player, but with little ethic. Lot's of head down running with little result. Spurs fans love him, but he simply hasn't knuckled down and developed.

what he fails to realise is taht even Zidane laboured away in the lower leagues until his big chance with Bordeaux at 21.

- Pete, UK, 18/03/2010 09:28
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