Candidate for Governor of the State of Wisconsin in 2010

James James

Uncommon Name, Common Sense Leadership

Welcome to James James - 2010

James James

Welcome to the starting point for a return to common sense in Wisconsin political leadership and to a government of the people and for the people.

Please feel free to look around and send me any questions or comments you have. Also please sign up for my free email update list, so you can know instantly about site updates and campaign events.

WE can take our state back, but it will take the one thing I know citizens of this state know how to do: WORK HARD!

"We The People......"

See the rest of what my campaign is going to be based on here: HERE..

Election Countown

There are only 170 days until the upcoming election on November 2, 2010.

Its Simple

by James James

Lower Taxes

Less Government Spending

More Rights to the Individuals and the States

More opportunities to care for your family

Basic things but very important. Over the next several weeks we will unveil how we can make this all happen come November.

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