"Welcome to my homepage!"

Hello! I am Buggerman. Thankyou for coming to my site! It makes so much not sad when my friends come to see how I am doing. I hope all of you like my new website.

Thank you. Your Happy Internet Cyber Creep friend,

Aug 11 2005

I went extragavant shopping! I bought lots of regal and fine products! But the good fun soon ended when I got home and before I could use my fun things. My house was all empty and not even a couch was left. The pizza boxes under the sink were also not there.

There as also no more cheese or milk or sausages in the fridge. All was left was gross water that smelled very not good. It stunk and smelled sick.

The couch was not around. I looked for it but it was now gone! What is a guy suppose to do! Now I must pack and move to a new house! I cannot live in a cupboard for long.



Oct 11 2004

After much research, I did a study and made a good new chart! I call it the "Gay Furry Chart". It will help you locate gay and stupid furries and you and your friends can have fun throwing feces and garbage at them!
Click Here to see my new chart!!

To learn more about silly furries, click here to read about what they are!

Aug 08 2004

Today I helped clean up the city! I like to work and make money, but people have to give me a job first! I thought I would prove myself and clean up the city by moving heavy signs out of the way

A man in a white truck yelled at me for moving the sign. I told him I was only trying to be a good worker, but he threw handfuls of screws at me. I got very mad and I farted and burped at the mean man. He also got mad and got out of his truck so I ran through an old ladies yard and bushes to get away.

July 11 2004

Hey everyone! I have new hobbies now. Sometimes I get bored and it is good to have fun hobbies to do.
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May 31 2004

I saw a murder and almost was a police man! But the police were not very nice and were mean to buggerman.

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Feb 03 2004

It seems like the houses I live in are getting with the times! Its hard enough for me to sneak around the house with normal motion sensor alarms, but now some people even have cameras and even night vision cameras hidden around their homes.

Will buggerman be spotted on camera sneaking around? Click here!

Jan 28 2004

My new friend Goth Bunny showed me how to smoke weed! It was good fun and it made me eat even more ritz crackers and salmon! I have come to the conclusion that being stoned is was more buggerman-happy than being very drunk!

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Jan 26 2004

Once again, Buggerman made it on Worst Of The! This isnt the first time someone has submitted me to thier webpage. I was put on worst of the web almost 4 years ago too.
... I wonder who it was?


It snowed today! So I went outside to play in the fun snow. It was very cold and I had to dress very warm! I have a very warm suit I like to wear in cold weather. Ithink that I am sexy looking in my warm suit. But some people laugh and point. They say that I look like a Teletubbie.

I got to roll around in the snow, but I got snow down my neck and in my boots. I even got some down my pants and it was awfuly cold on my penis. But I had much fun. I also ate snow too.

I had to go inside when the old mean lady bitch accross the street started beating me with a snow shovel as I was resting in the snow. She told me she would kill me and rip my head off if I rolled in her snow. I do not like mean old ladies.


Today I thought I would make a new change. I wanted to have hair! I felt not happy seeing people that have hair and I did not. Since I was at the beach, I got my own hair for free! I made sure to put it on so that it looked real.
I felt like a new buggerman! I walked around town with me new hair. I was happy. I went to the supermarket to look for empty cardboard boxes when a lady said "Hey. Why do you have sea weed on your head? that looks funny." I said "It is my hair !I feel happy with my new hair." she laughed and told me that I was stupid and dumb. I felt so bad that I left the store with a box over my head. I do not like hair now.


I got a chance to go to a new beach! This was very more fun. There were no bad people and I only saw piss clams and sticks.
The sand was very deep at this beach and I got sand in my shoes and in my socks. I found a lawn mower and I wanted to mow the beach so that it wasnt so deep! I felt very smart. A lady yelled at me and hit me over the head with a big stick. I had to run away from the beach and I cried while hiding under a car.


I went to the beach! I had great fun at the beach. I looked at shells and clams squirted water at me and got my pants wet. There were people on boats laughing at me. I tried to ignore them but they started throwing rocks at me.
A man shot a BB gun at me and I got four bumps on my head. I had to run into the trees and hide from the people in the sailing boat. I found lots of shells and sticks. I had lots of fun. My hat blew off and landed in the water. I had to wear a wet hat and that was not very fun.


Today was a very bad day. Rita is not my girlfriend anymore because she said it was 'uncool' about the popcorn.. and that was our first date! I am sad I will miss Rita. I was very angry with my feelings and I did bad things. me and strongguy threw stale pastries at Ritas house, making her yard and front door very messy. It was wrong, but I am unperfect. It was the only way for me to express myself.
I saw the police come from the bushes. Strongguy was feeling tough because he got a new tattoo and he tried to run from the police. I hid in the bushes because I was used to hiding in and behind things. I hope Strongguy is OK. he is my good friend. Today has been very bad.


Wow! what a fun trip I was on. I got to go on a ferry ride! I was able to get on the ferry by hiding in the back of a mans pickup truck. I hid under dirt and plastic tarps. I had dirt in my mouth and in my socks. But I was on the ferry! I saved enough change from the couch cushions to buy a snickers bar and play video games on the ferry. I got verry mad when "Killah-Clownz" the video game ate 50 cents of my money. I head butted and shook the machine.
A man said "hey you! stop shaking that machine. You cannot do that!" I had a hard time hiding from that man because there were only bolted down chairs and no couches around. The man called the police on the ferry. I had to tie a rope around my ankle and jump into the ocean! I got dragged for almost one whole hour from behind the ferry. i got salt water up my nose.


Moving day! I got caught today in my house so now I have to move to a new couch down the street. I feel very stupid because it was all my fault. durring the night I was eating dinner. (I had cheese crackers and salmon) I found some lysol in the bathroom. being silly, I drank all the lysol and became very drunk.
I passed out on my couch with my favorite teddy bear, "fuzzbuzz". I slept in very late and the owners of the house discovered me! the laughed and pointed and took photographs of me. I was very embarassed.


Good day today! I got a kitten! I feel good because Rita is out of my mind. I have a kitten now to snug and play with! It is a good kitten. Kittens are one of my favorite animals. I feed it salmon sometimes and sometimes I would feed it cheerios. It likes cheerios very much. It has black and white fur and its is fun to pet. I will name her "Ritter".
Ritter still needs to be taught things. It pees in my shoes and makes a very bad mess. I dont like the smell of pee. it makes me feel not happy. I dont know how kittens can pur. I tried it but it is very hard to pur. Kittens are fun animals and they can pur.
I still havent seen Strongguy. maybe he got a kitten too.


I had my first date today! her name was Rita and we went to see the Pokemon movie together. I told her that pikachu was my very favorite pokemon. she liked pikachu too! but it was not fun. I snuck in pastries into the movie and I got filling all over my shirt. I did not share my pastry with Rita and she slapped me because I had pastry in my teeth and on my face. I wanted popcorn but I did not have money to buy popcorn. I asked the boy with many pimples at the counter "May I have free popcorn?" and he said "no. you must pay for the popcorn. why is there pastry on your face? we do not sell pastry here. did you sneak that pastry in here?"
I had to go back and I spent most of the time at the front of the seats picking up popcorn from the ground and eating the popcorn. It was very good and free! Rita did not like the free popcorn.


Today was very hot. My couch was very hot so I went into the town to see things. I got hungry so I went to my bank to get money.I said to the banker. "I would like 2 dollars please" and she said "ok". I went to the bakery to look at all the yummy cakes, pies and pastry. The man said at the counter "are you going to make a purchase?" and I said "yes! I am going to buy Pastry!" The man said "the pastry costs 3 dollars." and I said "but I only have 2 dollars!" then he said "then you cannot buy the pastry."
I was very hungry, so when he turned to wipe the dust off the counter, I ate the pastry with out paying. The man at the counter soon was watching me again and he gave me a funny look. "hey! why is there pastry in your mustache and on your face? did you eat the pastry without paying?" I retorted "why no! thats not pastry on my face." I then ran out of the store and hid on the roof of the local gift store. I felt bad.

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