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It’s not often that you receive second chances in WWE, but Kofi Kingston gets just that at Over the Limit.

After defeating Christian on SmackDown – and claiming the vacated Intercontinental Championship – Kingston was elated at winning the prestigious title for the second time in his career. The celebration was short-lived, however.

Fired Superstar and ex-champion Drew McIntyre shocked the WWE Universe – and SmackDown General Manger Theodore Long alike – by sauntering into the ring and delivering a written letter – the contents of which prompted Long to order Kingston to hand over the title. Kingston complied, and Long then begrudgingly gave the title to McIntyre. (WATCH)

Later on SmackDown, it was revealed that Mr. McMahon had written the letter. (WATCH) By the stroke of his mighty pen, The Chairman overruled Long’s recent decision to strip McIntyre of the Intercontinental Title and fire him from WWE. (WATCH Long fire McIntyre) Going a step further, Mr. McMahon also declared in his letter that McIntyre is still the reigning Intercontinental Champion.

As evidenced in his match against Christian, Kofi has already proven he has the fire within to become Intercontinental Champion. Now, can he do the same against the seemingly untouchable Superstar personally signed by Mr. McMahon himself? And if McIntyre were to lose, just how far is The Chairman willing to go to keep McIntyre in the winner’s circle?

Find out at Over the Limit, live Sunday, May 23, only on pay-per-view.