1990   Snailbait (Albertine)

1992   Burnt Sienna  (Funky Mushroom)

1993   FUMAROLE RISING  (Funky Mushroom)

1994   As "Hail/Snail" How to live with a tiger (Funky Mushroom)

1995   Escape Maker (Garden of Delights/UK)

1995   Blue Danube (Normal/germany)

1996   Deep Motif (Candy Floss)

1996   as "Volume" with Trumans Water Stampone (Choke, Inc.)

1997   Breaker Mortar (Dark Beloved Cloud)

1999   Soft Bloom (DBC)

2000   as "Staff Party" (Detector)

2001   Brazen arrows  (DBC)

2006   Avec Amour (True Classical)

2008   PeTaL MeTaL (Powertool)

...and various singles and compilation tracks