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Wednesday, May 19th 2010

Citizenship on Irish Left Review

Beyond the Classroom - Communities Ep1: Kilbarrack

The first of four community stories which together provide an overview of Community Education in Dublin. Part of DCTV’s Beyond the Classroom project produced in partnership with the Aontas Community Education Network and funded by the BAI.
These four case studies span the last 30 years and provide an insight into what community education is, how [...]

‘All the wrong options have been pursued’

[An open letter to the Government: Signatories are listed below]
THE GOVERNMENT’S economic strategy is failing. The Irish recession has been deeper and longer than almost any other in the industrialised world.
Consumer spending has collapsed while at the same time unemployment and emigration have soared. Crucially, investment has plummeted off the chart. Not only have Government [...]