I Love Katamari

i Love Katamari is here!

The King of All Cosmos has accidentally knocked all the stars out of the sky during a crazy night out. It is up to the pint-sized Prince to put the twinkle back in the heavens in i Love Katamari. i Love Katamari delivers an experience only possible on the iPhone.


I Love Katamari1
I Love Katamari2
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i Love Katamari Fun Facts

  • In Japanese, Katamari means "clump" or "clod".
  • When the King Of All Cosmos speaks he uses the royal "we".
  • The idea for Katamari Damacy (the first game in the Katamari Series) resulted from a school project from the Namco Digital Hollywood Game Laboratory.

Katamari Time Line:

  • 2004 - Katamari Damacy Playstation 2.
  • 2005 - We Love Katamari Playstation 2.
  • 2006 -  Me & My Katamari PSP.
  • 2007 - Beautiful Katamari XBOX 360.
  • 2008 - Rolling with Katamari Mobile.
  • 2008 - i Love Katamari iPhone.

How to Play

The gameplay is simple! Tilt your iPhone to roll your katamari with precision. Roll the katamari ball over various objects in each stage. As more and more objects are rolled up, your katamari will increase in size and it becomes possible to roll-up larger and larger objects. Join the Prince in this addictive ball-rolling adventure.


Features a range of fun-filled modes, such as "Story mode" (make a katamari as large as possible within the time limit), "Exact Size Challenge Mode" (roll up to the exact target size), and "Eternal Mode" (roll at your own pace without any time or size limit). Join the Prince in this addictive ball-rolling adventure!