May 17 2010 03:15 PM ET

Breaking: CBS picks up '$#*! My Dad Says'

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THIS JUST IN: CBS has picked up the Twitter-inspired sitcom $#*! My Dad Says starring William Shatner, sources confirm. The role of Shatner’s son, played in the pilot by Cougar Town‘s Ryan Devlin, is being recast. To recap, CBS has now ordered four dramas (Hawaii 5-0, Defenders, Blue Bloods, and Criminal Minds 2) and two comedies (Mike and Molly, $#*! My Dad Says) for fall.

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  • Johnification

    Had a feeling about this one. Any word on what the “official” title will be?

    • Alan

      I’d put money on it being changed to “stuff”.

  • Ryan O’Brien

    The actual twitter feed is hilarious but this should be on HBO. I can’t think of one thing the real dad said that could be broadcast on CBS

    • AmyK

      I whole heartedly agree! The twitter feed is hilarious because of the foul language. This should be on a pay station so the language doesn’t have to be cleaned up. I don’t see how it could work otherwise.

      • Khristina

        It’s like Cavemen all over again…

        WTH are these people smokg???

      • Joe

        not only that, but do they not realize it’s entirely fake? the guy’s dad might have said one or two of those things, but no way he’s said them all. The guy probably just kept it going with fake stuff

      • Khristina

        Wow- looks like I am the one smoking stuff. LOL I meant “smoking” at the end of that.

    • Laura

      Totally agree. I really don’t see how this is going to work on network TV – won’t be nearly as funny.

      • Juan

        I think maybe, MAYBE it could work if the language is kept as is but have the curses bleeped out much like Arrested Development used to do. That sort of potential/ imagination of the actual curse made the bleep funnier. However, since its a CBS show it will still be dumbed down and not particularly witty or good.

      • Jack Secret

        Unfortunately, being unfunny doesn’t stop most “comedies” from getting on TV.

      • Mike

        Doesn’t stop Will Ferrell from making a fortune from his “comedy” movies, either.

    • Tess

      I was thinking the same thing! There’s so much wisdom in the midst of that dad’s foul language so I was wondering how that would translate in a cleaned-up network TV version of his rants. At least it’s not on NBC, the son would be re-cast with Jay Leno.

  • RK

    I want no part of a “Twitter-inspired sitcom”.

    • Cindy

      I want no part of Shatner.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      I want no part of inspired.

    • bgrass13

      I want no part.

    • Jack Secret

      You’re probably not alone. The network would be better off not mentioning the “inspired by Twitter” part too much.

    • Spike

      “I want no part of a Twitter-inspired sitcom”.

      Thanks for that special message from 1979.

    • Buzz

      i want no part of “will be recast” or Shatner! Double fail, double Opt-out … next !!

      • Alan of Montreal

        I just want no.

  • Jessica

    Are they recasting because Devlin’s character is recurring on Cougar Town?

    • Alan

      His Cougar Town role is so small and infrequent (at least to this point), I don’t see why he couldn’t do both.

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    Are they going to call this show, “Shat My Dad Says”?

    • who cares

      sh*t my shat says

    • Jack Secret

      “Cancelled after five episodes” is probably what they’ll end up with.

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        Or “One Simple Rule For Getting a Sitcom Canceled”.

      • Desiree


  • smokey gets in your eyes

    Shatner rules the universe

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      I liked it better when Andy Richter controlled it.

      • johnny

        you just made my day with that comment.

  • Kelly

    This is the worst example of a network trying to cash in on a pop-culture phenomonon since ABC gave the go-ahead for “Cavemen” a while back. I have a feeling this will quickly meet the same fate.

  • terry

    Just how old is the dad supposed to be? Shatner’s about 80 isn’t he?

    • amy

      The dad is 74, I think.

    • Buzz

      or ‘dead’ in cat years

  • Mike

    Please tell me “Criminal Minds 2″ isn’t the official name of that soon-to-be fiasco?

  • Deborah

    Oh man….whyyyyy?

    • FM

      EXACTLY what I was thinking. So dumb.

    • max

      This is gonna suck and I can’t stand Shatner.

  • gia

    Stuff My Dad Says would be fine by me. I don’t like foul language, but I do like Shatner. So this show probably won’t be as lousy as most other comedies, simply because he’s in it.

  • bob

    if i could, i would retweet this show into my toilet and flush it along with the other $#*! i just dumped out

    • Buzz

      awkwardly trying not to laugh uproariously, while tearing, in a public place due to this post….. !!

  • Lili

    I can’t see this being funny on Net TV. I’d say run it on HBO or Showtime…

  • Ian Scott

    I am hoping that CBS picks up The Adventures of Old Christine… A well written show very funny good charictures…

    • Todd

      They should have rescued Better Off Ted and then rename it CSI Veridian Dynamics. It would be a hit.

  • Rover

    The thing is stupid on twitter and even more stupid they made a show out of it. Does the guy get royalties out of it?

    • Snarkist

      Seriously? Does he get royalties? Do you honestly think CBS could just pick this up without paying him? He’s probaby getting millions.

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