May 19 2010 08:51 AM ET

CBS announces fall 2010 schedule

CBS-Alex-Shatner-ForestImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos; Eric Charbonneau/WireiCBS released its fall 2010 schedule in anticipation of its presentation to advertisers this afternoon in New York. CBS ordered four dramas (Hawaii 5-0, Defenders, Blue Bloods, and the Forest Whitaker starrer Criminal Minds 2, which is set for a midseason debut) and two comedies (Mike and Molly, $#*! My Dad Says) for fall and canceled Ghost Whisperer, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, Cold Case, Miami Medical, Accidentally on Purpose, and Numb3rs.

CBS Corp Chairman Leslie Moonves told reporters Wednesday that he was “surprised that you were surprised” about the cancellation of shows like Whisperer and Old Christine.  Ratings for the latter comedy, in fact, were trending downward, Moonves said, and “not headed in the right direction. It’s not the right place to be for the No. 1 network. This is about improving time periods.” Later, CBS’ head of scheduling Kelly Kahl quipped that it was all about the “network circle of life.”

The net execs said it felt like the right time to move to Survivor from Thursdays to Wednesdays given the show’s continued strength, and they reassured reporters that the promos for Sh#* My Dad Says won’t really employ the expletive; the voiceover will say “bleep” (yes, reporters were actually concerned about that). Moonves also said he was glad he didn’t have to sell advertisers on the notion of a “One and a Half Men” comedy since Charlie Sheen closed a new deal to stay with the hit show.

* — denotes new show

8 p.m . How I Met Your Mother
8:30     Rules of Engagement
9:00     Two and a Half Men
9:30     Mike and Molly *
10:00   Hawaii Five-0 *

8 p.m.  NCIS
9:00     NCIS LA
10:00   The Good Wife

8 p.m.  Survivor: Nicaragua
9:00     Criminal Minds
10:00   The Defenders *

8 p.m.  The Big Bang Theory
8:30     $#*! My Dad Says *
9:00     CSI
10:00   The Mentalist

8 p.m.  Medium
9:00     CSI: NY
10:00   Blue Bloods *

8 p.m.  Crimetime Saturday
9:00     Crimetime Saturday
10:00   48 Hours

7 p.m 60 Minutes.
8:00     The Amazing Race
9:00     Undercover Boss
10:00   CSI: Miami

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  • davey

    Survivor is moving to Wednesday? Wow – that’s a mighty change!

    • AK

      My world was just rocked. And not in a good way.

    • Rock Golf

      Definitely the ballsiest moves of the nets in terms of realigning their sched.
      BBT is rewarded with a Thursday sweet spot. The CSI Jrs moved in expectation that they’re on their last legs. Medium moved up to Ghost Whisperer’s old home.
      Survivor is a question mark. Are they trying to avoid the Thanksgiving/March Madness momentum killers or moving it to a less competitive time?
      And are they really titling a show with a word that if actually spoke would get then in FCC trouble? And before 9 pm?!?

    • t.t

      survivor to wednesday SUCKS
      this ruins my whole year
      the best things about thursday nights is sitting in my bed watching survivor and its like this whole atmosphere it does not fit on wednesday! ugh and big bang theory on thursday?!?! sorry but im watching community
      while on monday I would’ve watched it
      I guess only good thing is that rules of engagement is on the whole year not just spring

      • dave

        It’s called a DVD, get one and you can watch it whenever you want

      • Ally

        Actually Dave, it’s called a DVR

        And I agree about it sucking that Survivor is moving to Wednesday nights!

      • Frank Lapidus

        All three of you: get a chill pill.
        However, I agree with Dave; Survivor was’t cancelled, dude. It’s not like it was taken off air. And days don’t have atmospherical qualities to me.

      • Ben

        Frank! You’re alive!

    • Stupid CBS

      As a fan of Lie to Me on FOX, I’m ticked at this move by CBS. This could really hurt the Fox drama’s chances.

    • O

      I don’t get to watch tv on Wednesdays, so I think moving Survivor to that day is GREAT! Now I don’t have to even be aware that it’s on at all!

      • LR

        LOL! Me too!

  • CB

    CSI Miami is moving to Sunday?!?

    • CB

      Big Bang Theory is moving to Thursday? What’s going on CBS?

      • Liz

        My thoughts exactly! Why move BBT away from it’s home? This almost always backfires! I am happy it will be on earlier. I work an early shift at the hospital and I always have trouble staying awake until 9:30 to watch BBT.

      • Kim from Texas

        I predict that ratings on Monday night will go dramatically downhill. Big Bang Theory was the icing on the cake that made me willing to watch all night. Are any of the other comedies really strong enough to make me watch all night?: Unlikely!

      • Shannon

        Moving big bang theory seems like another dumb move by somebody in the back office! It would have made more sense if they moved the entire monday block to thursday.

      • Jack

        moving “Big Bang Theory” to thursday is senseless but in the end I guess now I can watch “Daning with the Stars” in it entire two hours.

      • bamalam

        Hey CBS…given the choice between BBT and Community…I pick Community. I love both shows…but when you force me to choose…you lose a viewer. sorry…

      • Diane

        They completely screwed me up. I rarely get home before 8:30. As it is I’m always missing HIMYM. Now TBBT is going out the wind too.

      • Amanda

        It’s seems to me the raunchy Two and a Half Men would be a better lead in for Bleep My Dad Says!

      • elle

        thank goodness for my dvr for thursdays @ 8.

      • LadyJNewYork

        It’s bad enough the time was changed to 9:00 pm. damn!! leave big bang theory, alone!! LOL

      • m.

        I think they have too many comedy shows for one block, so they decided to create another one. Their tuesday is line up is hit, so they didn’t want to mess with it, so it was either VS ABC comedy block on wednesday or NBC comedy block Thursday (Friday is out for hit shows). NBC block’s ratings are worse, so they chose Thursday.

      • Elizabeth

        Not. Happy. (turning my flag upside down)

      • KRG

        They should also have moved ‘How I Met your Mother’ to Thursday. It’s a fun ‘before you go party’ show.

      • Lindsey

        Not liking this move! I already have Community, Bones, and Vampire Diaries (guilty pleasure) at 8 PM on Thursdays, and my DVR will only record two shows at a time. Not happy.

      • Kael

        only reason I watched 2 and a half men last season was because it was sandwhiched between how I met your mother and the big bang theory… not that I don’t like it or it isn’t a good show but I’d lost track of it for a few seasons with other stuff on when it was. With it between two other shows I’d wanted to see it got recorded so I watched it.

      • Go Flyers

        It’s called competition, you morons! Do you really think that CBS cares that their new schedule interferes with you watching their competitors’ tv shows? Get a DVR!

      • kel

        Ugh… both our DVRs are working overtime on Thursdays as it is. Sorry Sheldon, but Community gets priority one.

    • Horatio Caine

      Looks like I’ll…
      (put on sunglasses)
      … be working weekends.

      • Reese

        Thank you for this.

      • The Dude


      • Stacy

        Epic win.

      • gigi

        You’re my “Post D’Jour” winner!!!

      • Gia


      • Roma

        LMAO! thank you for making this stupid schedule a little bit bearable… not really, but thanks anyway. :D

      • Ashley

        LMAO. You win at everything for this. I mean, really.

      • Bethany

        This makes my world complete.

      • Courtney

        That was covered in awesome sauce.

      • Lauren

        you are my hero right now!

      • big guy

        excellent post. also acceptable…guess i’ll have to wear my sunday vest or no sunday prayer classes, just sunday prayer glasses.

    • Jim

      Don’t worry will be back to Monday spot before January. Hawaii five0 will bomb, all remakes do. NBC was smarter and didn’t pick up the Rockford remake.

      • Rock Golf

        I think what you meant was all NBC remakes (Knight Rider, Bionic Woman) bomb. ABC’s Dragnet didn’t do so well either.

      • kev

        Hawaii five0 will bomb, all remakes do
        Battlestar Galactica did pretty good.. so not all fail

    • gigi

      Kiss of death for BBT. Really? Rules of Engagement *cough..lameshow..cough* over BBT. Don’t like it one bit!

      • oderal

        wait how is BBT moving to the star lineup bad

    • Barry

      Sunday night is the kiss of death due to long football games.

    • LR

      in preparation for its demise. all shows set to die off are moved to Sunday at 10pm.

  • Stephanie

    Is a Friday night spot at 9:00 not a kiss of death for CSI: NY??

    • Patrick

      Ordinarily I’d say yes, but CBS tends to have a more stable Friday night lineup than most networks. I’m more curious about the 10pm to 9pm shift. I’m even more curious about CSI Miami’s move out of its Monday night slot. It’s been there for quite a while. I’m guessing a big reason is that Hawaii 5-0 might be a better fit for a comedy lineup, but I wonder how much of it had to do with Castle’s increasing success.

      • Scott

        As an ardent fan of both CSI: Miami and Castle, I got to where I’d watch Castle live and Miami on tape. Castle just keeps improving while Miami is on cruise control. Nothing wrong with that, mind you. But it is curious.

      • JoyBagg

        Nathan Fillion (Castle) v. Alex O’Laughlin (Hawaii 5-0)? I like Alex, but Nathan wins hands down. Guess I’ll record both, since Castle has so much content you catch new bits on the repeated showings. About time there was a surplus of beefcake for us ladies to oogle over. (And I liked the Castle Season II finale, but I guess I’m in the minority.)

      • Bethany

        I’m with Castle all the way. This makes it easier for me–my mom lives CSI: Miami and since I think it’s lame, my happiness is guarenteed ever Monday at 10 PM. Sorry Horatio.

    • ObiHave

      I thought the same thing but it’s a strong show and may pull a big Friday night audience. This may lead to CBS dominating Friday.

      • Hillary

        was surprised at the CSI moves, but in reality I will probably watch NY because Friday is always such a bad night for tv, and now I don’t have to tivo Miami for my husband while I watch Castle. Not too happy about BBT moving to thursday. That is my bones and vampire diaries 8pm slot.

      • MDEP

        Hillary, I agree.
        I was thinking about quitting Gossip Girl next season so I can watch BBT instead, but I guess GG got a reprieve. But now that BBT is up against Bones & VD… Of course, we will have to wait for tomorrow and see if the CW has any major schedule shake ups.

      • chad

        Friday was a horrible night for tv. I’m actually looking forward to Friday’s with CSI and Blue Bloods now.

      • will

        I think CSI and Selleck’s show will make Friday nights competive again. About time we have something to watch on Fridays again.


      Scott: I agree. In New York, Time Warner has a dedicated “Prime Time on Demand” station that rebroadcasts about four weeks of recent NBC, CBS, FX and USA shows (ready the day after they air), including the CSIs. I currently watch/DVR Castle and Law & Order, then catch “Miami” on-demand.

      • Vickif

        I live in the Chicago area and I have Comcast which has on-demand also. That’s how I catch up on shows that are on against shows I’d rather watch in real time. I wouldn’t ever miss Castle. Love that show.

  • Entertainment2u

    another dumb network! moving SURVIVOR and BIG BANG THEORY to new nights?! way to reward your audiences that got comfy with those nights. UGGH.

    • Mike

      BBT will kill any show that goes against it, that could be the logic right there. Yes, it is odd, without question, but if Mike and Molly fails, then BBT may move back. Survivor won’t have to delay any episodes w/March Madness either.

      • Jim

        Good thing for DVRs. I still love NBC’s Community.

      • isembard

        Sorry, but no. I love BBT, but I’ll be watching Community and “taping” BBT. Freaking CBS.

      • Grignac

        my problem is now having to choose between BBT, Community, and Bones…..GRRR!

      • Grignac

        Can only dvr 2…. GRRR!

  • Twain

    What? No Survivor on Thursday nights??!!?!? WTF??!?!

  • Crabby

    Ack…Big Bang on Thursdays. Yikes.

  • Mike

    Big Bang moves to Thursday? WTF.

  • Kacey

    No, no, no! Moving Big Bang Theory to Thursday? I love my Monday comedies! Thursday is reserved for 30 Rock, Community, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy. Ugh.

    • kimtravels

      Ugh I know. It’s gonna conflict with my Thursday NBC comedies. I can see how CBS is trying to throw all the big dogs on Thursday but I don’t see how BBT and SMDS meshes well with CSI and the Mentalist. BBT seems to fit so much nicer with the other comedies on Mondays.

      • K_Sull

        My thoughts exactly.

      • dave

        They are going after that SO CALLED Comedy night on NBC… I’m sorry folks I just CAN’T STAND community, Modern Family and the absolute horror of a show 30 something or other

    • Thom

      I know! I love NBC Thursday comedies, their the only things worth watching on that channel! Oh well, guess I’ll watch Big Bang Theory online.

  • othell

    I do not understand keeping RULES OF ENGAGEMENT and cancelling CHRISTINE– such a waste of a funny show! Also- why move BIG BANG THEORY to Thursday? Up against the NBC comedies?

    • Liz

      I personally like Rules of Engagement. Maybe I’m the only one but I have always found it funny. I wonder if this means it finally got a full season pick up?

  • Lorie

    Thank goodness Alex’s new show didn’t get stuck on a Friday or Sunday. Looks like I’ll have to DVR Castle to watch H50 live.

    I can’t wait for my weekly AOL fix. Best of luck, Alex!

    • alavenia

      I will be doing the same, DVR Castle and watch H50 live!! WooHoo Alex is back!!!!!

  • theycallmetater

    I like the move of Survivor. No more interference in the Spring with the NCAA tournament. I’m not so sure about the Big Bang Theory move.

  • AuntieMM

    Not sure the movie for Big Bang Theory is a good one; but, if Mike and Molly fails, I’m sure they’ll move it back.

  • Derek

    What the frak? Why are they moving Big Bang Theory to Thursday night? This puts a big hole in my Monday night viewing schedule. Also, moving Survivor after 20 seasons? I can’t say I think that’s a smart idea. Finally, I am so glad to see CSI:Rediculous Miami) and CSI: Boring & Useless (NY) moved to die quick, overdue deaths on Sunday and Friday.

    • Keith

      They’re actually moving Survivor after 19 seasons. Season 1 was on Wednesdays. ;-)

      I agree, it’s a stupid and pointless move, though.

    • CTU Chief

      Hopefully the move of Survivor will finally kill that piece of crap show.

      • rawr

        OH go cry elsewhere, buddy. A lot of people actually adore that show and I’m taking it you haven’t watched it, because it actually is quality television. and people like you just ruin it. please leave thank you : D

  • Josh

    Survivor to Wednesdays stinks… Dumb move CBS

  • Alexandria

    What are they going to call Sh*t My Dad Says? I’ve heard “Bleep My Dad Says,” and now this, written as “S— My Dad Says”. Very excited about The Shat in the title role, but still wondering how they’re going to make it work.

    • Rock Golf

      Maybe they can call it Shat My Dad Says.

      • oderal


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